Daily Tarot: Death

“Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily.”  Napoleon Bonaparte

As the image on the card deftly illustrates, today’s influence is all about cutting away the unnecessary and stripping to the bare bones of a situation. Events will require a release of the old in order to embrace the new. That means casting aside old belief systems or habits and allowing deep transformation and healing to occur. Release any grievances or excuses you’re holding on to that support stagnancy by keeping you at war with self and others. You have the ability to regenerate some aspect of your life into new form. If you are clinging to a past that no longer serves or struggling with a fear of change, you might as well surrender. The death card is a profound force of energy associated with power-puncher Pluto.  It’s in your best interest to accommodate the unpredictable changes that may arise. In some cases, you may find yourself in a power struggle where all points of reference have been removed. Like it or not, the agent of change has arrived to trigger your survival instincts. You may be dealing with intense life issues that revolve around intimacy, financial holdings, or health and that affect you deeply on a material, emotional, physical or psychological level. Keep in mind Darwin’s misunderstood evolutionary theory where “survival of the fittest” doesn’t refer to the most physically fit specimen, but rather the one “better designed for an immediate, local environment.” The power lies in the ability to adapt to your changing world.

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(Deck:  Ancient Italian Tarot|Lo Scarabeo, Torino)

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