Full Moon in Capricorn

Full Moons signify a time of reaping the reward for previous efforts. Matters will come to a head and you will generally experience some form of emotional tension, particularly with regard to relationships. This is not the time for new endeavors, but rather receiving the benefit of the seeds planted at the last New Moon. Your harvest is a direct result of this, positively or negatively. This Moon is in the sign of governmental Capricorn and connects to the tenth house of ambition, career, public standing and dealing with authority figures. As a result, you may have to address unwanted changes related to your profession. In fact, you may lose a job or experience other upsetting circumstances in your career. It is imperative that you handle work details to completion as carelessness could leave you vulnerable to competitors. Business ventures or projects are likely to undergo difficulties related to complications surrounding environmental conditions.

You will also become acutely aware of the need for balance between your personal and career life. Be careful of being preoccupied with worldly concerns to the degree that you neglect issues that may be looming on the horizon in your domestic circle. There may be pressing demands related to parents, or home and family obligations. Family members may be critical of your decisions. Positively, healing energy may bring the end of an illness and the onset of recovery.

This Capricorn moon encourages you to act quickly to escape an intolerable constraint and address situations that no longer serve your highest good. While the initial changes may feel uncomfortable or distressing, you will eventually realize the freedom you have gained.


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