Daily Tarot: Ten of Cups

“Success based on anything but internal fulfillment is bound to be empty.” Dr. Martha Friedman

Life feels pretty good right now in large part because of your emotional connection with others, particularly those that are closest to you.  You may be celebrating a happy occasion or experiencing joy through spending time with family. Perhaps you are traveling or have made the decision to get married. You may feel fulfillment because of receiving good news or through realizing an important goal. In all instances, you wish to share this bounty of prosperity with friends, family, and people who are most important to you. Even difficult relations improve because you are willing to take the initiative to begin the healing process.

However, relationships can be fraught with difficulty given the intimacy of those connections.  Challenging situations may manifest through personality conflicts, demands from family members, issues of rebellion concerning children or other problems in the home. Events that are characterized by passive-aggressive or manipulative behaviors can escalate to the point of estrangement. You may feel increasingly pessimistic about situations where loved ones are in opposition to what you thought were mutual objectives. As a result, happy situations can be marred with disagreements, conflicts or cancellations.  Be sure that your emotions are not driving you to fill your own personal void by attempting to “fix” everything.

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