Daily Tarot: Four of Wands

“Every moment of your life is either a test or a celebration.” David Deida

This card augurs well for good fortune in laying the foundation for a project, endeavor or relationship. It is likely that you feel a sense of peace, joy, and contentment due to reaching a monumental stage of development with regard to a pursuit that provides more security.  You may be taking a vacation break or taking stock of your progress and the blessings bestowed upon you. You may be socializing or gathering with others for an event in celebration of an achievement or to commemorate a historic event such as a wedding, christening or graduation. This day also signifies the importance of your alliances and solidifying your commitment to a business partnership or marriage. You will have the opportunity to create changes that are much to your liking with the added bonus of benefiting all parties involved. Perhaps you are purchasing property, setting up house, redecorating or making the decision to move in with a partner.  You may play an active role in bringing closure to a pursuit or at least the advancement of an important project you have been working on. You can move things forward by strategically using your skills of diplomacy to mitigate any mistakes or help you deal with difficult people. In fact, your interactions with others may shed light on how to reverse or prevent a negative situation.

However, there could be problems that either disrupt or delay your success. As a result, you may have to work a lot harder than you had anticipated in order to reap any reward. Contributing factors could be poor planning, poor service, or difficulty in executing your agenda due to an obstacle that must first be overcome. Perhaps excessive self-interest or perfectionism makes it all but impossible to please you. Rush judgment can cause you to inadequately deal with the facts of a situation. If this is the case, you’ll need to rethink a situation in order to protect yourself from any loss or threat to your security.

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(Deck:  Golden Tarot by KatBlack|U.S. Games Systems, Inc.)

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