Daily Tarot: Death

“In the process of letting go you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself.” Deepak Chopra

Something profound is occurring in your life that requires you to surrender to the process. You may be faced with an ending or conclusion, yet the greater meaning of circumstances lies in the opportunity for a new beginning. The Death card has ties to Pluto and as such, situations are likely to feel rather fated and will cause your survival instincts to kick into gear. The desire for greater security motivates your decisions as you undergo a major life transformation. You may be wrapping up unfinished business, purging or shedding, renewing or revitalizing, but change is inevitable. This transition may initially bring grief through some loss or change in status. However, by shifting your attitude you’ll come to realize the purpose is to liberate and empower you.

Change is never easy and you may decide to resist due to fears about the future, or because of stubbornness or stagnation. This approach is likely to fail and you may be forced to give up what you would not give up voluntarily. Should you choose to remain stuck in denial, you’ll also remain stuck in limbo. You are coming to terms with issues of power and what is both under and beyond your control. It’s possible that the agent of change will appear in the shadows thereby subjecting you to the darker side of humanity in the form of obsessions, compulsions, underhanded tactics and manipulation. You may be dealing with intense life issues that run the gamut from debts or shared resources,  life-threatening situations such as illness or surgery, sexuality, or psychological breakthroughs. The ability to reinvent yourself in order to overcome challenges is being put to the test. Are you willing to do whatever is necessary or will you end up dead on arrival?

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(Deck:  Tarot of the Delphi|J.D. Hildegard Hinkel|Aello Publishing)

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