Neptune Retrogrades: Illusion, Delusion, Confusion

Neptune turns retrograde and will rewind itself for approximately the next five months. Neptune, the higher octave of Venus, operates at a high vibrational frequency that is difficult for ego consciousness to assimilate. As a result of the retrograde, your fantasy world will operate on a deeper dimension during this period. Your perception of self and others is likely to be greatly distorted and relationships, while difficult to form or maintain now, serve as a mirror for your own internal structure. Positively, this will manifest as powerful empathy and compassion for others as reflective of your own desire for security and a deep need to address feelings of powerlessness. A desire to serve may be fueled by a “Christ-consciousness” or greater awareness of something inexplicably larger than the self.  Boundaries tend to dissolve creating difficulty in recognizing where you end and another person begins. This can leave you vulnerable to exploitation or being taken advantage of by unscrupulous people. The problem lies in self-deception or being overly influenced by others because of a weakened grip on reality. Addiction to any form of escapism can become prominent–narcotics, alcohol, spirituality, transcendent sex, an ideology or whatever your drug of choice. By the end of this dream state experience, your perception about what is possible will have shifted to a new reality.

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