Venus enters Leo: Luck be a Lady

Venus enters Leo and amusement takes center stage. Any activities that operate through the pleasure principle become the focus and gaining satisfaction and enjoying yourself move up on the list of priorities. If it feels good, you want in.  As a result, you’re willing to take a risk and it can prove to be quite a challenge not to give in to temptation, excess or overindulgence. It may be harder to focus on responsibilities and the drudgery of life. Nevertheless, planetary influences are supporting a greater lightness of being and encouraging you to seek more fun and entertainment. You gain a great deal of fulfillment by getting in touch with your own inner child and this, in turn, can improve the relationship you have with your children. Gratification could also arrive in the form of a new romance or through a long-standing love relationship. Whatever the alliance, a sense of ease in your connections grants the ability to get along without feeling compromised.

Additionally, you may develop greater self-expression during this period or discover latent talents. If you are the creative type, you could delve into other genres or mediums or enroll in a class to learn a new skill or craft. On the other hand, you may simply choose to visit venues that serve as a source for creative inspiration.

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