Daily Tarot: Chariot

“Do you wish to take control of your life? Begin by focusing on steering the storm, rather than where the lightning strikes.”  Gary Hopkins

Historically, chariots were used for military purposes and later as a fast means of travel. Both of these points are important, as you may be dealing with military persons, or at war, either with self or others. The invention of the wheel provided the critical component for speed. As to the latter point, use restraint when driving–there’s a high probability for a speeding ticket or a need to purchase new wheels for your vehicle. Beyond the mundane, how you feel, think and engage has a tremendous impact on the environment, especially if you are taking an obsessive or determined approach toward people or situations. A disciplined focus is key, and just as a charioteer needs great skill in controlling two horses in tandem, you’ll also need to navigate lessons in self-mastery, anger management and working with others. Fortunately, greater intuition allows you to instinctively know when to take the reins as a leader, or when to let others make the decisions. Regardless of who’s in charge, you’ll need to make adjustments to your schedule or changes in strategy to accommodate unusual circumstances related to transportation, communication or romance.

However, if control is a problem, you might get a little hot under the collar when faced with delays, miscommunication or mechanical breakdowns. The wrong call on your part or a lack of power could mean that things don’t move forward as rapidly as you’d like. Ultimately, events play out in ways that raise awareness to the fact that all roads lead to self. You were never in control as much as you thought–make peace with self and master the impulses that leave you on the track to nowhere.

(Tarot Deck:  Golden Tarot by Kat Black| U.S. Games Systems, Inc.)



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