Daily Tarot: Two of Pentacles

“My mother’s menu consisted of two choices:  Take it or leave it.” Buddy Hackett

It’s all hands on deck because skillful manipulation of circumstances is called for to juggle the responsibilities at hand. You recognize the top priorities and may be going over budgets and plans that impact your long-range future. You’ll need to carefully weigh options and make decisions that could involve travel or changes to your job or environment. It’s possible that any restructuring you’re forced to make is due to the fact you’ve stretched yourself too thinly, whether financially or because you’ve bitten off more than you can chew in some area of life. Resources could be in an endless state of flux–money coming in, money going out. This is also the card of the wheeler-dealer so this may simply be the reflection of a steady flow of business through exchanges where you offer up your goods or services. In fact, notice the treasure chest in the card–good news or a gift could bring about a sea change. Fluctuating conditions demand your flexibility; the more adaptable you are, the better you’re able to deal with upsets to your routine.

Unfortunately, robbing Peter to pay Paul may end as most pyramid schemes do. You could be traversing through murky waters because of some mishandling of finances, either through poor decisions or because your partner is holding too tightly to joint resources. Although restless in your quest to set sail, ambitions might be met with red tape, delays or cancellations. You may feel overwhelmed by the complexity of your situation, in which case, you may just decide to hide out and avoid people or circumstances you’d rather not face. Today, make choices that work to your credit, not against your credit score. Chart your course so things don’t end in shipwreck.



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