Daily Tarot: The Hermit

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”  Socrates

As the title of the card suggests, you may prefer your own company, perhaps to attend to mental, physical or emotional health. Patience will be called for in directing energy toward a research project, gathering information, or dealing with a few details necessary in order to wrap up something you’ve been putting off. Although stressful, if you are willing to listen, the return on your investment will be greater knowledge, self-awareness, and a new understanding of your circumstances. This may be easier said than done as part of the spiritual lesson of the day centers on humility and recognizing when you may not possess all of the answers.  This could manifest as a confrontation revolving around the insistence on being right. Likewise, observe whether others are walking their talk–they may not keep their word. If you can’t find wise counsel, relying on your own common sense may provide the better guidance for making decisions that are right for you.

(Tarot Deck: Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black|Kunati Inc.)

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