Daily Tarot: Messenger of Earth

“Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be.” Kahlil Gibran

Rome wasn’t built in a day as notably illustrated by the childhood fable, in which the tortoise actually won the race, rather than the hare. This is a day for slow and steady progress fueled by hard work and diligence. This may involve pursuits that require methodical effort–craftsmanship, design, engineering, cultivation and anything earthy like nature, animals or land. Issues of loyalty and devotion also come to the fore whether through relationships or endeavors. How committed are you? For some, this question ignites a secret love affair or at least the potential for better romantic or social opportunities. Whatever the interest, the focus is on security for the long-term. This may mean looking at the financial picture and dealing with those who have an influence over monetary concerns. Today, you’ll have the patience needed to work out details that impact your future while reassessing any habits that perpetually keep your potential in the red. For the lucky, previous hard work could pay off in the form of unexpected income or a bonus.

(Tarot Deck:  The Good Tarot|Colette Baron-Reid|Hay House, Inc.)

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