Daily Tarot: Artisan of Swords

“The secret of being boring is to say everything.”  Voltaire

While there is a correlation between last Monday’s Knight of Swords and this Artisan that continues the tie to communication, travel and intellectual pursuits, this card differs in execution (no pun intended). An artisan spends a great deal of time honing skills and developing expertise in a targeted field of study. Likewise, this day finds you carefully “crafting” your words. You have a distinct awareness that what you say holds a power that can make a critical difference in how circumstances unfold. No, this is not the impulsive knight rushing to judgment. You are deliberate in thinking and measured in speech because you are seeking maximum impact with the least effort.

(Tarot Deck: Tarot of the Delphi|J.D. Hildegard Hinkel)

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