Daily Tarot: Ace of Wands

“The beginning is always today.”  Mary Wollstonecraft

Feeling excited? This day holds the seed of new beginnings and fresh starts and you may be ready for action. This could also apply to the bedroom! Otherwise, some new project, venture or relationship is on the horizon. You suddenly see the big picture in high definition which enables you to greet the future in better ways than expected.  Change motivates you to engage with others in order to drive your aspirations forward. Perhaps a financial boost strengthens your confidence as well as your personal bonds.

On the other hand, you may get a little too enthusiastic and either begin something that doesn’t stand a chance at success or end something unexpectedly. A relationship or enterprise could crack under the pressure of false starts or empty promises. This fire has to be stoked or it will burn out. Will someone or something light your fire? Will you burn a bridge? Will everything go up in smoke? Wave your wand and decide.

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