Daily Tarot: Judgment

“Judge not before you judge yourself. Judge not if you’re not ready for judgment.”  Bob Marley

The lyrics to John Mayer’s classic song, “I Don’t Trust Myself” are playing in my head. Are you second guessing yourself? Today, situations bring your judgment, or that of others, into question. You may be backpedaling on some recent choices wondering if they were, indeed, the best. Patience is required in facing a test, challenge or authority figure where evaluation is part of a process. The sound of the trumpet in this card incites you to awaken and take action. The angel can help only if you realize the need to make a crucial adjustment. The game and/or the players have changed due to new information or old issues coming back to life. A successful strategy depends on the ability to remain fact-focused, rather than emotional. This new game is a bit like action chess (a game where each player only has 30 minutes to make all of the moves). Deciding to do nothing could end in checkmate. Starting over depends on whether you learn how to play by the rules and accept accountability for circumstances. It’s your call.

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