Daily Tarot: 7 of Cups

“Fantasy mirrors desire. Imagination reshapes it.”  Mason Cooley

Wishful thinking or pure delusion? Are you creative? Ideas and inspiration may flow like water. Thinking of forking over big bucks for an expensive bauble? Finding something or someone irresistably seductive? Think twice (and once more for that matter)–everything that glitters is not gold. Be mindful of your emotions running away with you today. Cloudy thinking could leave you with a sense of overwhelm, confusion or depression that leads to some form of escapism. In fact, disappearing acts and things that don’t last very long might be a theme. Get clear about what really matters and where to apply your energy, otherwise your day could dissipate away like the clouds with very little accomplished once the fog clears. You’re likely to be distracted by too many choices and attempts at achieving too much.   Prioritize. Today a list is your best friend.

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