Romantic Love Oracle Deck

The Romantic Love Oracle is a 55-card deck that explores relationship through the symbolism of romantic objets d’art. Aside from the lush imagery and rich sepia-toned backgrounds that make these cards worthy of any deck collection, the messages are insightful and reflective of modern-day concerns surrounding love, romance, and evolving relationships. The cards clearly reveal issues related to fidelity, attraction, responsibility, or points of contention within your most intimate connections. Create your own love spreads with this deck or use it to gain greater clarity as a clarifier with your favorite tarot deck.

Cards are standard tarot-size of 2.75 x 4.75″ and printed on 330 mg, extra-smooth German stock creating visual contrast, vivid colors and long-lasting wear. Cards contain an inner black core that prevents see-through, while flexibility ensures robust durability over time. They arrive shrink-wrapped and boxed for convenient storage. Visit the shop to purchase your deck.

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