New Moon in Scorpio

Changes occur through busy period of communication, multiple projects, and activities related to transportation, shopping, possible move, and involvement with siblings and community.

November 13, 2023| 1:27 am (PST) | Keyword: Forcing

The Moon aligns with the Sun in the sign of Scorpio at slow pace emphasizing a focus on the sluggish development of situations dependent on communication. Exchanges with others are characterized by an emotional intensity that may not always rely on fact, but rather subjective experience. The influence of the past and responses based in habit can cause one to react without fully registering the appropriateness of comments given the circumstance of the moment. Reactions can be motivated by strong patriotism and feelings connected to political and religious philosophy, sometimes to the point of fanaticism.

This may be largely due to subconscious attitudes based on family conditioning, early childhood experiences, or even previous incarnations. This new moon brings to prominence an attraction to real estate, farming and business related to food commodities as a means of providing for the future security of home and family. The energy also underscores those who’re highly sensitive and may possess considerable occult abilities. In metaphysical terms, family conditions may originate through karmic causes or because of the necessity for evolutionary development. The events that unfold during this cycle will include persons with strong Scorpio (sun, moon, or rising sign) as well as those with significant Virgo placements in the natal chart.

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Situations will tend to highlight the need for adjustment in thinking as you begin to recognize the discrepancies in your own thoughts or because of circumstances that don’t align with your old views. Insights can come in the form of new information, rude awakenings, challenges by others or through a slow transition in a series of tests. What occurs shakes up your mundane, spiritual, religious or philosophical beliefs and pushes them toward a state of evolution or turmoil causing you to question your beliefs about yourself, your abilities and other people. Your views are subject to challenge, especially by one person in particular and you must be prepared to defend them. If you’ve identified yourself with a particular point of view, you’ll feel threatened and resistant to new understanding. If open to new experiences, perceptions and ways of looking at the world with the willingness to change your views, this can be an extremely constructive time.

Perhaps the demand is to develop an awareness of other cultures if you plan to deal with foreigners or someone from a different ethnic background. Practices and beliefs of your own may not be readily accepted and may need to be explained or defended. Ignoring the differences of others makes it difficult to establish trust and understanding. (Note that President Biden is a Scorpio and currently grappling with issues related to the Israel/Palestine conflict. Likewise, King Charles (a Scorpio) and Prince Harris (a Virgo) are struggling with concerns surrounding racial diversity that plague both their relationship and the royal establishment.)

Although communication plays an integral role during this cycle, brutal honesty may not always serve in the best interest. Reactions tend to distort perception and opinionated bluntness and frank expression can irritate others. Emotional discussions can be difficult if you’re receiving mixed messages or are conflicted yourself on issues. A power struggle may ensue over your self-identity and self-expression or unconscious influences can be working to mold you into someone else’s version of who you should be. Major disclosures, realizations and resurfacing memories can have major ramifications. Perhaps there are inconsistencies in what you’re told and what you know on a gut-level to be true. In some cases, you may be lied to and information you receive or have received in the past is false. The more objective you can be increases the possibility for meaningful dialogue between you and others, but you’ll need to assess what is truth.

Unfortunately, you’re likely to experience poor communication, misunderstandings and misrepresentations in all the one-to-one encounters in your life. This includes your spouse or lover, business partnerships, conflicts with others and relations with people whom you consult such as lawyers, physicians or counselors. Relationships tend to lack definition and this is not the time to expect firm commitments in your involvements, whether good or bad. In some cases, issues center on an affair or uncertainty about where a relationship is heading even if you’ve been together a number of years. Your partner may say one thing and do something entirely different creating confusion and misunderstandings. If this is the case, you must learn to rely on various sources for information, rather than just verbal messages. Ultimately, you must trust your own judgment rather than the influence of others. While the possibility exists you’ll be lied to or deceived by an intimate partner, you may unwittingly contribute to your own problems through some form of self-deception or misunderstanding.

Your personal ability to balance emotions and rational thought can be challenged under the duress of negative emotions, obsessions, compulsions, phobias and extreme anger which may defy rational control causing you to overstate your position and create pointless arguments. You strongly identify with your own ideas and aggressive speech can lead to arguments, especially if you’re angry over past events or presently involved in a dispute. If so, negotiations may be characterized with a “take no prisoners” attitude, but the tendency to lose your temper or refusal to compromise can prolong conflict. The urge for freedom, to act independently, or the lack or adaptability can provoke sudden events in friendship, marriage, or the parental home resulting in shared upsets, sudden conflicts, or the separation of partners. Depression, stress or anxiety can also negatively influence your thinking. For some, you may have legal problems or dealings with lawyers, and these encounters may not turn out the way you want forcing you to cope with peculiarities in the justice system.

Some situations force you to face ethical questions related to sexual morality in order to help you to define your own personal moral code. This can prompt a review of sexual freedom, preference and practices against previously conceived ideas. The Scorpio moon assures that the intensity of sexual and monetary situations you become engaged in provides the opportunity to explore the inner motivations of others. The work is to reconcile messages from others that play on your unconscious (possibly fear) about what you’re “meant to be” and the push for conformity against your desire for the freedom to be your own person. Often an intense relationship will bring out the hidden facets of your personality subject to control, but you’re controlled externally only to the extent that you respond to the psychological forces exerted by another person. Others play on your own fears and insecurities about personal inadequacy through the eventual emergence of excessive demands on the part of the person seeking to control you. These messages may be from lovers, children or anyone you respond to an an unconscious level. If you have difficulty reconciling the conflict between expectation and self-identity, you may participate in secretive behavior rather than deal with necessary confrontation.

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The tendency is to overreact in situations that make you feel overpowered. Examples might include a birth that requires you as a parent to maintain a sense of self-identity while also meeting the demands of your child. Older children may rebel against your authority or adult children may choose lifestyles which you consider stressful. There may be tension or power struggles with your children if you attempt to apply too much pressure on them or vice versa. You’ll realize that there’s little you can do to actually control their behavior until you address your own psychological responses.

However, a Libra Venus is prompting a great desire to relate to others and the willingness to make personal compromises if necessary. Your main objective might be to avoid conflict altogether because of a desire to escape from a situation you find difficult to control or to develop a situation you wish to create. If you’re unwilling to defend your personal rights, others can make excessive demands on your time. Someone may be exerting pressure on you to perform in a particular manner which may or may not be in your best interest. You’ll need to learn to balance your need for personal expression to protect yourself from the demands, intrusions and opinions of others. This can mean withdrawing from superficial or unnecessary contacts in a decision to spend more time alone to work on a creative project or to pursue your own interests and needs.

If in fact your retreat is for creative purposes, this is a good time for any vigorous mental work and you may find it easier to work longer than usual at intellectual tasks. The moon is in good position for a writer, psychologist, artist, counselor or any task that calls for uniting the conscious with the unconscious mind. You may spend a lot of time reading, writing or studying, and you could be gathering information related to a project or particular field of interest. Through your efforts, creativity may evolve, especially if involved in projects where psychological or emotional issues such as conflict, power or intense love can be introduced into your work. These artistic creations may exhibit more depth of expression or major stylistic changes. In fact, without a creative pursuit or mental stimulation, you can worry or become anxious.

For some, mental expansion takes the form of group discussions and conversations, and as a result, you’ll meet new people, possibly travel more and engage more with relatives and immediate neighbors. However, with the increased tempo of life also comes continual distractions that may prevent you from grasping anything more than superficial information, especially in learning situations that are tedious and involve the memorization of numerous details. If a student, your education may be disrupted by distractions or unexpected events. Self-study may prove to be more rewarding than a structured environment. If you’re teaching, your schedule may change or you may be forced to shift from one place to another which requires that you suspend teaching for a period of time.

Alternatively, you may have many grandiose ideas but lack the patience to carry them out. You can be impulsive in making decisions without gathering the necessary information in situations where quick-fire thoughts sacrifice accuracy.

While travel or a change of residence have the potential to revolutionize your life in some way, the need to do more traveling than usual can be unsettling. Trips are likely to be quick and hectic rather than leisurely, and traveling overseas for business can be stressful. Travel intended for pleasure can become more annoying than fun.

Positively, there can be increased sensitivity within a relationship where mutual understanding establishes a more spiritual union. Alternatively, you may feel greater freedom after heavy emotional work where self-awareness enables you to conform to positive experiences as well as refuse to conform to those which seriously jeopardize your self-identity. This may coincide with living alone for the first time or being separated for one reason or another from a loved one.

Love relationships in particular offer the intensity necessary for transformation. The overwhelming emotions and compulsive nature of a love relationship will force you to redefine the boundaries of self-identity. If you become involved in a sexual attraction or love affair, the draw will be exceptional and the sexual attraction powerful. The person you’re attracted to and the relationship itself will tend to bring out the best and worst in you through the acute awareness of when you are and are not in control. Intensity of emotion will often times leave you irrational because of unconscious messages, fears and expectations that surface during everyday interactions that make it clear that you’re not at liberty to control your own life, your involvement with this person or your commitment to him/her. It’s possible that through a love relationship you’ll discover a great deal about yourself and the ability to give and receive sexual pleasure. However, if not free to pursue a love affair, the relationship will be both conflicting and compelling underscoring the need to address unconscious complexes.

And finally, health issues can be the result of overtaxing your body making you prone to colds and sore throats. Most illnesses will occur as a consequence of long-term abuse, chronic problems, work-related stress or dietary deficiencies, but chronic health issues can be a direct result of certain circumstances. You may be on a strict health regimen or a diet that leads to poor or unbalanced eating habits. You may be particularly sensitive to stomach ailments and issues of digestion. Perhaps the goal is to lose weight, but you jeopardize your health in the process. Other scenarios may be stress-related conditions connected to coworkers or working conditions. You may hate your present job or find the workload overwhelming. Even if you enjoy your work, workaholic tendencies need to be moderated or the habit of working to the point of physical exhaustion can take a severe toll on your body. A variety of situations ranging from an office love affair, employee conflicts, or even unemployment can undermine your well-being.

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This suggests a need to re-evaluate your professional position, responsibilities or relationships in order to make constructive changes. This is not the time to ignore health needs or indulge to excess. You’re encouraged to start a healthy diet or exercise routine, and schedule medical appointments and procedures.

The keyword for this cycle is forcing and may indicate being forced to do something, forcing an issue, or the use of force. You’ll be distinctly aware of the duality of your own nature and that of others when trying to press home beliefs with all the certainty of proven facts and with all the vehemence of a powerful nature.

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