Tete-a-Tete|Works Like Magic|Nov 9, 2023

Daily Love & Life Advice – Your Guide to Navigating Relationships

Balance, creation, and manifestation are key to events of the day. For some, the goal is restoring health through a better balance of diet, exercise and treatment. If so, you may be in contact with doctors, medical technicians or specialists. For others, the focus may be on renovation, repair or artistry. This might mean involvement with craftsmen, builders, repair persons, and the use of tools or parts. Perhaps you’re a creative concerned with color, line, harmony or reliance on technology. Alternatively, opportunities or challenges might involve superiors, resources, contracts, exchanges or legal matters. Whatever your situation, the ability to solve a problem, use special skills, communicate or self-promote is critical to advancement. To maintain the proper equilibrium, you’ll need to effectively discern the difference between those who’re truly capable versus those who’re merely pretending for personal gain.

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Image: The Battle Painter Jorgen Sonne in His Studio, Ditlev Blunck

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