Tete-a-Tete|Under Fire|Oct 31, 2023

Daily Love & Life Advice – Your Guide to Navigating Relationships

Your intuition is running at peak performance and exchanges with others provide the not so subtle clues about the level of competition you’re facing. These encounters are pushing you to recognize that not everyone is a team player and that ego-driven power plays are driving petty squabbles that threaten to challenge your ambitions to build something as a group. What’s presented as the reason for an argument is only a guise for the real root cause of a disagreement. As a result of the discord, you’re starting to wonder if the goal is even worth the effort given the hassle of it all. Trust your instincts about whether you should move forward with this relationship. In some cases, the choice might be to rise above it all and go beyond what should be expected. But if you’re struggling with any self-doubt or inner conflict, the battle has just begun. The spark of fire you just extinguished is beginning to blaze elsewhere in a no-win situation.

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Image: The Gambling Dispute and Challenge, Benjamin-Eugene Fichel

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