Lunar Eclipse Moon in Taurus

Changes occur through busy period of communication, multiple projects, and activities related to transportation, shopping, possible move, and involvement with siblings and community.

October 28, 2023| 1:23 pm (PST) | Keyword: Illumination

The second eclipse of the season arrives with the Moon exalted in the sign of Taurus placing the emotional need for material security above all. The wish for financial and emotional well-being is motivated by the desire to provide a safe, secure and luxurious environment as this influence stimulates a very strong orientation toward home and family.

Events are marked by assertiveness and holding focus on money, power or military force. With the rising degree in the number of the master builder and in the sign of Capricorn, those in power win the day. The emphasis on power is channeled through a stellium of energy flowing through the career sector, a marked accent on changes in the professional life or public status supported by activities involving intellect, travel and communication. Presentation plays a major role in the dissemination of your ideas to a wider audience and may take the form of teaching, writing or public speaking. For some, this expansion of reach can create the opportunity to become a public personality in a field of expertise, especially if you’re a writer, psychologist, artist, or counselor. Key players are likely to be those with strong Taurus (sun, moon or rising sign) in the natal chart and persons with significant Capricorn placements.

However, with the Moon in opposition to Mercury you may struggle with doubt caused by head and heart conflicts that underscore the need to carefully consider your words before speaking. Even casual conversations tend to take on a deeper emotional depth. The feeling of overwhelm can cause you to inadvertently say things that are better left unsaid.

With an opposition to Mars, it’s possible that attempts to assert yourself will end in conflict. If you believe you were wronged in the past, you’ll tend to take the offensive regarding similar issues, events or relationships. The reaction is to aggressively seek to correct past situations or eliminate the possibility of recurrence altogether. Under certain circumstances this can involve legal difficulties. These situations will cause you to review the the use of anger and adjust your behavior for more productive results than in the past, especially if you realize that anger is no longer the best resort. While the fortunate conjunction to Jupiter makes it easy to forgive or give yourself a needed pep talk to overcome negativity, it can also make you very opinionated and prone to offering unwanted advice. The strong advocacy for a cause you believe in can become a self-righteous stance that closes your mind to the perspective of others.

An interception indicates blockages and delays that may connect to persons with strong Aquarius or Leo in the natal chart. The need to be noticed or take center stage is denied because people view you as nurturing and are more likely to come to you for emotional support instead of giving you the attention you inwardly crave. A drive to be original and different might be suppressed by a cautious, conservative nature concerned with public image until the stoic veneer collapses into rebellious acts that may be extreme and inappropriate. The problem becomes one of presentation where personality and personal freedoms polarize with the letter of the law and social obligations.

Woman at a Mirror, Gerard ter Borch

Events will make you acutely aware of your personal power, or lack thereof, and every experience will correspond to a personal need or lack. You may want to control everything and everyone around you making relationships with others tremendously difficult. This may be an attempt to avoid your own issues or because you don’t like yourself very much. If so, you’ll need to address unresolved psychological issues, conflicts or current personality patterns that have continually blocked your success. If you don’t manage to understand yourself and the factors that hold you back from potential, you’ll become a negative force in the world.

Your entire belief system is being challenged in order to bring awareness to a major misconception you hold that probably includes a prejudice, bias, or intolerance to opposing views. Situations will compel you to confront your deepest self, particularly through power situations that allow you to recognize the ability or inability to assert personal needs and rights when interacting with others. In order to gain insight into past patterns of inappropriate responses to difficult situations, you may face a repeat of a crisis in order to successfully undo the complex. A past trauma will be reactivated by a present day situation, and those involved will know your exact trigger points and may set them off in order to gain power over you.

The refusal to face your difficulties will cause you to experience increased psychological pressure. You may withdraw because of fears and inhibitions that block you from opportunities or to avoid situations that are reminiscent of your past. If you’re operating from a stance of avoidance, you’ll be forced to avoid certain people and situations to avoid what you fear the most. However, conquering fears will allow you to gain more control over your life and destiny.

Events that occur will profoundly affect you and may cause a permanent personality transition to new levels of self-awareness about your own psychological make-up and self-defeating behaviors. To free yourself from the bondage of others calls for making conscious rather than reactionary decisions. This may still require that you make a stand in confrontation with others because only power confrontations and intense experiences will bring about the necessary transformation and process of mutual healing.

Queen of the Moon Oracle, Stacey Demarco

If highly motivated, you’ll make sweeping changes toward controlling your own behavior and taking charge of your life through reshaping aspects of your personality with the goal of self-improvement. You may decide to lose weight or quit smoking or drinking and the current energy gives the resolve to transform any detrimental habits. If the goal was to chase an impossible and fleeting ideal, the focus should now be on real beauty that has less to do with youth and physical appearance and more about developing spirit and the essence of self. You’re getting in touch with yourself in order to overcome any subconsciously directed urges, compulsions or irrational impulses. These personal changes may also lead to a shift in career or success in other areas. As you more effectively manage the ways in which you project your personality to others, your relationships become more rewarding. In fact, you may find that your strong magnetism attracts people to you.

In some cases, your awareness expands through education or travel. The need is high for exposure to beauty as a stimulus, especially for creatives and artists. This can be an extremely favorable time to undertake a new course of study whether alone or with others because you’re enthusiastic about intellectual pursuits and new experiences. Perhaps you receive the opportunity for advanced training in a field of study that could be useful or you may be doing creative intellectual work in order to share your experiences. You might be developing plans or writing for some type of publication, and if involved in a writing project, this may be a good time to approach a publisher or agent.

Travel can also offer a greater understanding, especially if it involves some type of learning or exposure to a differing lifestyle. If it’s not possible to travel, you’re still likely to have some contact with different ethnic groups or cultures. The goal is to step outside of your normal experience and expertise in order to push the boundaries that open you to new possibilities. However, trips may or may not necessarily be pleasurable when dealing with anxiety producing situations such as weather, delays, connections or accommodations and you should be cautious around water. Your enjoyment of these experiences will often depend on how you respond to frustration.

This will become clear through an increase in contacts within the immediate environment with daily life running at rapid pace. Practical considerations of everyday living tend to interfere with your focus on the larger task at hand. As a result, you’re mentally stressed by all you must do and recall, particularly the retention of information. If you have too many things to do, the inability to tackle all of your activities can lead to a state of crisis management. One specific task may dominate your time, attention or thoughts due to a deluge of related activities. Over-scheduling can be a problem, and you’ll need to prioritize and delegate responsibilities.

Perhaps you experience unsettled home conditions including changes in your relationship to family members. This can manifest as a sudden disruptive change in your home environment, a complete change of residence, and even moving repeatedly or trying to move. This might include a major relocation that involves making preparations or arrangements that drag on for months. If you’re not moving, you may decide to make major renovations or rearrange your home, and there could be upsetting or surprising circumstances surrounding repairs. On the other hand, you may have changes in the number of persons living with you because of people moving in or out, either temporarily or permanently.

Alternatively, you may be restless and spending very little time at home. Perhaps you travel or live with others while feeling a sense of rootlessness. Domestic upheaval directly correlates to any emotional disruptions. You may not trust others with your feelings due to fears that your expectations will not be met or you vacillate in your own ability to commit.

Smith-Waite Tarot Deck, U.S. Games Systems Inc.

For some, these situations involve questioning the loyalty of siblings, instances of sibling rivalry, or having a favorite sibling with the tendency to criticize or reject the others. Rejecting those who are “out of hand” because of the way they think or talk can lead to tension and disagreements that result in ties with the past being broken. Particular instances may involve cars and personal rejection, instances of favoritism in connection to cars, phone calls, announcements or invitations, or vehicles used for trysts. Alternatively, there may be conversations about love triangles or “the one that got away.” Whatever the scenario, some form of jealousy connects to groups, associations and what you’re trying to achieve in life. The sense is that others are being deceptive or protecting their own sensitivities while putting your interests second in the process. Your response may be to distance yourself from those you live with, and friends, family and lovers may see you as emotionally unreliable and unpredictable.

Asteroid Karma joins its lord Saturn, ruler of this eclipse chart, in the house of self. Its retrograde motion directs you to focus on the past before moving forward to determine whether your objectives for the future are actually built on a solid foundation. You cannot depend on others to accomplish what you must do. Though capable of great self-reliance, Saturn pushes you to further consider the responsibilities you’ve taken on, whether you can improve upon the organization of a project or if the better choice is to simply back out of a commitment. The resulting decision can be provoked by heavy burdens, restrictions, and in some cases, selfishness or a lack of respect for authority. The main point is to assess limitation and the need for clear boundaries. Structures lacking stability are very likely to collapse during this period, but an earth trine gives strength and highlights persons who are stable, grounded, practical and good at manifesting and bringing ideas to life.

The decisions you face are those involving major life-commitments and the choices may be limited in consideration of the present circumstances. Perhaps you’re facing moral or ethical dilemmas that deal with sexuality, questions of loyalty, spirituality or abortion. Pseudo beliefs and principles will fail to improve your circumstances and only add additional stress when they prove unrealistic for your life.

The choice to restrict yourself or your behavior can be for various reasons. Perhaps you’re trying to complete a long-term task that requires a great deal of concentration or perseverance. If so, you’ll limit social activities in order to focus. If you’re not working on a major project you might assume extra responsibility that goes beyond normal expectations and possibly for another person.

Some of your considerations may be motivated by health concerns. You may endure minor illnesses, especially teeth, bones or back issues as well as colds. These indicate that you need to pay particular attention to your health and well-being which may be taxed by the extra burdens you’ve assumed. The more anxious you are about facing your fears, the greater the chance that illness will develop into something more serious.

Another possibility is a change in the health and/or independence of a family member. You may need to provide assistance because of illness, or parents or children may be unable to function for reasons other than illness. Various scenarios can include surprise pregnancies, motherhood, unemployment or job relocation that impacts independence.

The Universe Has Your Back, Gabrielle Bernstein

However, the most powerful planet in the eclipse chart is Neptune, which as the final dispositor, is the only autonomous planet in its own sign and the influence upon which all the other planets are relying. Notice that the tarot card designated to this Moon’s degree is the 5 of Pentacles, a strong indication of perceived poverty, illness, rejection, lack of faith, those in need of help, or excessive focus on the material with a dearth in the spiritual as compared to the message of the oracle. Neptune, despite its suggestion of deception and loss, is also a symbol of dreams, creativity, compassion, spirituality and faith. Linked in with the Part of Profession, the Part of Inheritance, and the Asteroid Lova, events will tend to bring a strong reality check concerning vocation and romantic involvements. In some cases, this signifies the opportunity to stop merely dreaming and start doing. In other instances, misinformation and inaccuracies are revealed that connect to disappointment.

This can also mean you’ll have to undergo a fundamental change in attitude toward your material possessions to align with a change in values. It might be the experience of monetary uncertainty that comes with opening a new business or pushing a product or service for which the demand and success of has yet to be realized. If you can cope with the uncertainty, you may be very successful later. Concerns, realized or not, may be surrounding the possibility for layoffs, pay cuts or delays in promised raises. Funded positions may be in flux or part-time hours may be subject to changing schedules. Seasonal fluctuations may dictate the number of hours worked. The degree of uncertainty may not be reflected in any actual loss, yet still compels a sense of anxiety.

On the other hand, decisions you make may also lead to fiscal uncertainty. Perhaps you take a leave of absence, travel, study, or spend more time with your children. You may be involved in a long-term project which offers no guarantee of financial success or you may choose to volunteer your services. You may not be very concerned with the fluctuations, and if the tendency is to be very free with money, a strict savings program is unlikely. But you can deplete funds unwittingly or through helping others, especially if you sacrifice your own financial security to assist those in need. The lack of concern about finances may or may not be to your advantage, but if the present lack of financial accountability limits your progress or threatens your security, it’s time for you to explore more structured options and alternatives.

An appraisal of self-worth is also called for if you consistently remain in situations where you’re unappreciated or undervalued. The failure to value yourself and your abilities may be mirrored in the choice to stay in a low paying job or an unfulfilling high salaried position. This suggests you equate your worth to the money you bring in, rather than your spiritual purpose.

Alternatively, personal satisfaction and fulfillment could take priority and become more meaningful to you. You may need to trust that you can live on less, take risks and still survive while furthering new opportunities. Fortunately, this period allows you to receive blessings, good fortune and support. The indication is positive in questions concerning wealth, prosperity and career, as well as full flowering in art, beauty and creativity. The only caution is overindulgence, literally or metaphorically, in the desire for the material.

The keyword for this cycle is illumination which suggests gaining clarity, matters coming to light, and receiving spiritual or intellectual enlightenment. The degree of this moon is related to the occultist, the healer and the hermit. During this period, some whose ambition it is to give instruction or secure the advancement of worthy people of wit, talent, and inspiration will rise to a position of importance. In doing so, efforts will reflect their own glory just as the Moon reflects the brightness of the Sun.

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