Tete-a-Tete|Keep the Change|Oct 17, 2023

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But what about the money? You could be considering the next move with regard to financing or how money is affecting your relationship. Perhaps you’ve been relieved of the stress surrounding money or relieved of your duties due to a layoff. You may want to take a much needed break from the workaholic focus on the material and concentrate on recovery or care from an illness despite its effect on income. For some, the decision may be to go on strike for more money. Alternatively, you could be thinking about working harder to pay for a pricey vacation, invest in a shared financial goal, or build a family business. Maybe you haven’t heard a word concerning a financial matter or you’re in a relationship where you simply don’t discuss money. Whatever the scenario at the moment, not much is going on while you regroup. If you’re at peace with your level of prosperity, that’s fine. But if options are limited with too much hanging in limbo, you’ll come to regret the pretense that a problem doesn’t exist.

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Image: Casting out the Money Changers, Carl Bloch

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