Solar Eclipse Moon in Libra

Changes occur through groups, organizations, friends, and associates. Resources, benefits, or connections to influential persons as a result of career.

October 14, 2023| 10:54 am (PST) | Keyword: Thoughtlessness

The pivotal moment has arrived as the Moon glides between the earth and the Sun, and depending on location, eclipses the solar light. This annular solar eclipse will cross North, Central, and South America, and will be visible in parts of the United States, Mexico, and many countries in South and Central America. The effects of its visibility are likely to have impact on these parts of the world.

Historically, eclipses have been considered a powerful indicator of notable events. When occurring within three degrees of the Sun, Moon, or Midheaven of a leader, they were regarded to presage significant occurrences reflecting destined events. This eclipse is no exception as it makes its presence known with an entrance just days after the Hamas attack on Israel. Sitting at 21 degrees Libra, it is only 2 degrees away from the natal Sun of Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel. This segment of the sign of Libra espouses progressive movements, independence, strong individuality, and rebellion against restrictions and centralized conservatism.

By dignity, the Sun is in fall in Libra but suggests a present subjection to misfortune holds hope for recovery. Currently the Sun (and the Moon) runs parallel to Rigel bringing the desire for reform but also to impose one’s will on a situation to change the natural outcome. This can emphasize persons who wish to help others by imposing their idea of order. Likewise, the government may decide to reform a situation.

With the eclipse falling in the house of the chart ruling groups and long held wishes, major undertakings that involve personal commitment to a project, cause, idea or belief are in focus, particularly goals that are shared in common with a whole group. In response, sudden change in affiliations and dynamic new associations are likely to occur.

The usual buoyancy of Sagittarius rising is overshadowed in the eclipse chart by a retrograde Jupiter and its connection to foreign influences, belief systems, cultural, political, philosophical and religious differences, a lack of ethics or sense of justice. The Israeli conflict is further agitated by the star Marfik in angular position prompting the natural urge to engage in challenge and highlighting persons who triumph by being aggressive. With the asteroid Knight regressing in Aries in anaretic degree and contraparallel to Saturn, the “mission” has gone rogue in opposition to government, the old order, authority and restriction.

Mars, planet of war, is also active in a place of strength and paired with another stellar influence that champions the non-mainstream cause where actions are designed to shock and the motivation to work for alternative causes falls within or outside of the law. In fact, this Mars is a pivotal player because of the tense square to Pluto giving way to immense power, anger and force stoking an obsession with revenge by those who’ve experienced mistreatment. A literal interpretation might be a fight (Mars) to the death (Pluto), bleeding or burned to death, and police or military investigations reflecting war. The energy brings the death of someone close–family member or friend–as many throughout the Middle East region have just experienced.

This aspect also stimulates serious trouble with regard to financial affairs, inheritance, and property of the dead. It may suggest opportunities that arise to make or spend money and risky investments motivated by a strong optimism that could be misplaced. Concerns may be related to burning through an inheritance or large sums of money. For some, the danger is theft, fire or damage to the home, car or possessions.

Aside from the worst case scenarios, you’re undergoing a transformation that affects both your personal possessions and sense of values. You may experience dramatic changes in your financial situation which can manifest as either an increase or decrease in income or a decision to enter or leave the job market. If you own a business, circumstances beyond your control might lessen your volume of business or situations may provoke a change in the source of your income. However, losses may be planned and do not necessarily indicate any difficulty. While you may receive an unexpected salary cutback, generally you’ve initiated any changes that affect your personal income.

Your objective is to manage your own money and spending practices which means learning to handle money responsibly with careful consideration of your expenses. This need for personal control over your finances may cause an issue with your spouse, significant other, parent or simply a need for adjustment. There can be financial struggles regarding debts and expenses if you’ve failed to carefully manage in the past. Perhaps you need to spend less or save in order to accomplish a future goal or large expenditure. You may realize that you need to become debt-free in order to freely pursue an objective. In order to do this, you’ll most likely have to stockpile your funds and learn to live on less. On the other hand, your attitude toward property and material possession could change completely as other values become more important than seeking to gain materially.

Negatively, it may be the total lack of financial control that dominates your life. Impulse spending and large expenses may drain your capital resulting in serious disruption to your circumstances. If you equate money with self-worth, you may reinforce psychological tendencies toward conditional love. If this is the case, the lesson is self-love and appreciation regardless of earning power.

When conditions are conducive to damage, the Mars and Pluto pairing stirs underground activity involving gangs, criminals and murder. Females in particular should be cautious in choice of location and companionship due to the possibility for rape, stabbing or serious injury. With implications for health and sexuality, the influence may induce the need for prostate surgery, hysterectomy, abortion, miscarriage, or issues with the sexual and reproductive organs.

More positively, your creative expression is expanding. Being free to express yourself naturally is paramount in artistic and creative pursuits that allow you to produce work more representative of you. In fact, a new approach to work means you’ll seek out opportunities that free you from the excessive demands of others. This is also the time to experiment with new technique and media, and it’s possible that you’ll make more money than usual with your art or craft. The eclipse highlights intellectual and literary ability and a talent for graphic art, a lover of books, or one who seeks a mentor. This may bring to the fore persons who’re excellent writers or speakers on artistic or musical subjects or especially good at writing poetry and stories, or doing other creative literary work. Likely to have pleasant speech and a charming manner, there’s tremendous curiosity about human relationships, psychology and personal exchanges, although it may be expressed as the tendency for gossip. The energy also accentuates the metaphysician and those drawn to alternative, or hidden wisdom and a loved teacher, wise man or woman.

Friends and other relationships are important to you now and you’re examining the role they play in your life through increased socializing and interaction. Your friends become family and you’re more apt to confide in them, and they in turn are more likely to assist you in any endeavors. Engaging in group activities and working with others provides insight through exchanges that offer you an effective way to accomplish your aims. You could be collaborating on a project, group activity or working with friends, and in these instances, you may be taking on a leadership role and motivating others. Because of this, you may draw closer to friends while detaching from family, especially if your family is not supportive of your goals or life direction.

Many of the decisions made at this time will influence the direction of your life over the next few years affecting both the immediate and distant future. These decisions may be career-related but may also relate to other major life transitions such as marriage, leaving home, moving to another country or making a total lifestyle change.

Professionally, this is a good time to undertake new studies or training that may help to advance your career, and the knowledge you gain may be critical to the goals you’ve set for the future. Perhaps you’re involved in a major project that requires concentration, discipline, organization, persistence and numerous hours of hard work. You may be writing, studying for exams or consulting with others for new information, and it could be to your advantage to network and make business connections now in order to plan for future career developments. Creative ideas that offer improvement may be crucial and communication with superiors can help you move forward. In some cases, you may receive greater responsibility or be asked to play a greater role in the decision-making process in your work environment.

Changes may be self-initiated or beyond your control. If currently dissatisfied with your job, this is the time to investigate other options. If you can’t make changes that improve efficiency, work may become more tedious, detail-oriented or repetitive and involve more paperwork. You may decide to work on an independent project, become self-employed or participate in a flexible schedule with the ability to set your own hours. Factors for a shift may be due to a temporary position or break in employment. Changes in an existing job can include transfers to another department, relocation of the office, travel-related obligations, new procedures, techniques or equipment, or working at a different company altogether. The transition can create complications, mini-crises or disruptions to the normal routine. If unable to make any changes at all, you can become bored and restless signaling that it’s time to look for new responsibilities that offer you stimulating and different challenges.

Some of the changes are critical to managing stress level on the job in consideration of physical and emotional well-being. Without conscious effort to make changes, your body may force you to make them. At issue may be work demands that disrupt your health routine. In fact, health habits will tend to be inconsistent and you may suffer periodic health issues, or experience weight loss or gain due to variations in your dietary habits. You’ll need to learn to manage stressful situations and practice moderation.

Alternatively, the link to the South Node can create learning difficulties, memory problems or ideas that are out of sync with current trends. You may be resentful of the demands of group pressure, but indiscretion and anti-social behavior can lead to setbacks or disturbances in relationships. This can manifest as separation through siblings, conflicts with friends by working at cross-purposes, or difficulty in collaborating with others in your profession. Little things and day to day issues can make you irritated and stressed when even simple chores and events seem to require complex maneuvering, extra effort or time. Problems relating to siblings can be rooted in issues that need to be handled which they finally face at this time. However, if a sibling refuses to address problems, you may either act on his/her behalf or completely withdraw from the situation.

But the past is the catalyst for the future as the South Node is also conjoined with stars that compel one to forge new paths for family, tribe or society. The need for strong leadership is revealed and may underscore the person who wants to make life better for all. Personally, you may be drawn to new ideas, new fashions or connect to a new popular invention or object. It may mean that your career is somehow intertwined with the new.

The very same energy that sets the wheels in motion on the world stage also affects you as an individual causing you to question traditions, rules or beliefs that you previously held and whether they’re now relevant to your current circumstances. Given such, there’s a personal need to either accept or reject all the rules, regulations, norms and restrictions that you’ve had to live by. You don’t want your goals to be dominated, restricted or controlled by others and will protect your rights to move forward in any personal or professional endeavor. This strong desire for freedom is reinforced by diminishing inhibitions that push you to make changes. In some instances this is merely a mental exercise with little external disruption. Regardless of how it manifests, the decision is to open yourself to new experiences through a reassessment that encourages you to make goals for the future that lead to change. Perhaps you decide to develop skills and talents that have been suppressed or dormant for years or revive old dreams that previous circumstances had not allowed.

Actively pursuing your dreams helps you to become independent and self-actualized. However, this can be challenging if you struggle to express your true self due to fear that you may offend or hurt others. If so, empathy for the pain of others can stand in the way of stepping out on your own. As a result, you may become obsessed with caring for a wounded partner while casting aside opportunities to live your own life.

For some, you may be making decisions for yourself and/or another, yet needs may conflict making it necessary for you to explore various options. One relative in particular may depend on you for encouragement and support. You may have a family member in need of physical, emotional or financial assistance or concerns for someone older in your life. Your parents may begin to have difficulties that affect your own sense of well-being and security. These situations lend an air of indecisiveness or require a wait-and-see attitude toward the course of action related to care. Uncertainty means that you’re unable to form a clear personal direction since you don’t know how much assistance he/she will need.

An inability to find solutions may result in depression, isolation or the refusal to discuss problems which, in your mind, appear to be hopeless. As a result, you can be resentful and critical making communication with others increasingly difficult.

On the other hand, your goals may be very self-oriented, self-serving or selfish and in keeping with your own personal needs and abilities. Friends and loved ones may be surprised by your new-found independence with valid cause for concern if the lack of cooperation is considered out of control and threatening. If you act in your own personal interest within the group, power struggles could develop. Negatively, you may be insensitive and making impulsive decisions without consulting others or without critical information or research.

However, in support of personal growth the Universe will deliver a consciousness-expanding experience that tests your beliefs regarding intimate relationships as you attempt to establish moral guidelines consistent with your experiences and needs. One relationship in particular is under scrutiny to determine whether the association is still valid. You probably have experienced some level of difficulty with this relationship motivated by unrealistic expectations. An assessment of the past and why you came together in the first place will either reaffirm this commitment or bring the stark realization that the relationship is falling short of your desires. The catalyst could be the perception of threat–internal or external–to the relationship. An example, would be the real or imagined belief that you or your partner are no longer satisfied or are interested in someone else.

The planet of relationships, Venus, is now separating from an opposition to Saturn as you seek to move away from a depressing situation that held no apparent solution. This restrictive influence may have been one of heavy burdens, unwanted compromises, or feelings of being overworked or unloved. A sense that everything was working against your interests could have resulted in the loss of a job or a separation. Some of the experience may be attributed to a pessimistic outlook with the expectation of a negative outcome or emotional frustration because you tend to underestimate self-worth or lack the ability to properly judge the worth of others and end up enduring painful experiences of submission.

Moving forward, the possibility for love may arrive through the attraction to youth or persons who are free and uninhibited and can help you to become more so as well. This may or may not include sexual involvement, but you’ll be dealing with issues of monogamy or loyalty to one person nonetheless. If you’re involved in a restrictive relationship, you’re more apt to look for a way out with someone else viewed as the exit ramp. However, this time period is not particularly auspicious for pursuing romantic encounters or travel.

Instead, the climate is superb for merchants, trade and business and indicates a positive answer to questions concerning wealth and prosperity. Careful assessment and planning promises business success and monetary gain. In fact, business opportunity may be on the horizon or you may be offered a raise or a lucrative investment. However, you must be careful not to allow the receipt of wealth to blind you to the consequences of unbridled pursuit. The reminder is to exercise moderation and maintain balance even in the midst of abundance.

In summary, you’ll feel that the pace of events is moving at great speed. Huge obstacles will suddenly and easily clear or, on the negative side, a pending potential crisis will suddenly manifest and move through the life very rapidly.

The keyword for this cycle is thoughtlessness which suggests a lack of concern for others and inconsiderate or tactless remarks. For some, the tendency is to waste time which, if the mind and senses were fully used, would be saved. If so, while fairly favored by fortune there’s also a danger of negligence and lack of caution which will come back to roost in hurtful ways if allowed.

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