Tete-a-Tete|Hidden in Plain Sight |Sept 29, 2023

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Frustration, grief, heartbreak, betrayal, third party interference–how can you expect to see things clearly when clearly so much is going on? Oddly enough, whether bad news, disappointment, or unexpected outcomes are part of the picture, it may be resignation to the fact that your estimation was off about a certain situation or others that finally provides relief. Depending on the view, there’s either been a distortion of the facts and magnification of the flaws or the inability to see the truth driven by the wish to only see what’s desired rather than what is. Of course, with any extreme there’s a lack of true perspective. Perhaps the good that comes from a breakdown in negotiations or communication is the outlook it offers to come to better terms with yourself and the chance for a new plan of action–one that doesn’t include self-sabotage and misappropriation of time, talent, energy, emotion or money.

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Image: Portrait of a Lady with Opera Glasses, Anna Bilinska-Bohdanowicz

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