1st Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

Changes occur on personal level with new initiatives and possible shift in vocation or location. May be overly influenced or involved in confrontation.

September 22, 2023 | 12:31 pm (PST) | Keyword: Supremacy

The Moon is quickly advancing through the sign of Sagittarius while accelerating developments. With emotional needs tied to belief systems and the desire to stimulate the minds of others, the gift of eloquence may be of benefit. It’s a cycle where those concerned with reform and improvement of institutions step to the foreground, particularly persons who’re prone to stir conditions in order to bring awareness to corruption and inefficiency. The cycle emphasizes the win for the underdog; victory to the little people. In some cases, this means pursuing an alternative life style or seeking a life on the edge of society. This might be a loner or someone drawn to alternative groups.

Unfortunately, the staunch conviction and ruthless defense of principles can often lead to the kind of fanaticism that endangers the very principles themselves. There’s a natural desire to engage in challenge and triumph by being aggressive. These situations are likely to center on persons with strong Sagittarius in the natal chart (sun, moon, or rising sign).

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The hope for improvement can stem from experiencing, dealing with, or creating hardships or because of a loved one who is suffering difficulties. The sign of Sagittarius supports maintaining an optimistic attitude. Sensitive to the moods and emotions of other people, you’re quick to give emotionally, especially to your immediate family. As a result, you tend to attract people who need your nurturing or assistance and may work hard at efforts to make a difference.

But the moon at anaretic degree suggests emotions that run rampant in either direction and being very susceptible to the influence of your surroundings. Day to day issues can make you irritated and stressed and the little things bother you and are troublesome. This may connect to some sort of day-to-day drama in relation to having either an excess or lack of household items. Simple chores and events seem to require complex maneuvering, extra effort or time. Additionally, you may have problems relating to siblings with issues that need to be handled which they finally face at this time. However, if a sibling refuses to address problems, you may act on his/her behalf or completely withdraw from the situation. Children may also be important to activities as you become aware of future child-related expenditures or opportunities they encounter that place them in position for recognition or advancement.

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Opportunities arise to either make or spend money and the tendency is to act on risky investments because of overconfidence or excessive optimism. Some will be drawn into rash ventures and forced to work hard to save what’s owned. The inclination is to be too dependent on a strength which is overtaxed or on resources which are overextended. In some cases, this may highlight promoters of corporate financial enterprises or those who work with the business affairs of institutions in some way. You may be consulting with a financial advisor or you may help others with financial problems.

Additionally, impulsiveness can stimulate you to take risks where love, fun and romance are concerned. You may be attracted to youth or those who are free and can help you to become free in new areas. The desire to liberate yourself of inhibitions may or may not include sexual involvement, but still involve issues of monogamy or loyalty to one person. If you’re in a restrictive relationship, you’re more apt to look for a way out and someone to assist in that escape.

Your need for mental freedom may express through intellectual pursuits. If you’re working on a writing project, this may be a good time to approach a publisher or agent. You may benefit through your studies materially, intellectually and/or emotionally. Perhaps you’re teaching or involved in an intense learning situation either formally or through self-study. Your education may offer insight that directly relates to your present circumstances and the assimilation of new information can help you to solve these issues.

For others, travel will be interesting, especially exposure to a lifestyle different from yours. This is a good time to travel overseas and profitable foreign business interests or romance with a foreigner are possible. The attraction is toward new persons unlike your past experience. If travel isn’t feasible, you should engage in activities that challenge your preconceived ideas about culture and beauty.

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However, for some a far-from-home or self-seeking journey has ended bringing with it the end of a spiritual cycle as well. The result may be to release old belief systems and philosophies that no longer serve a purpose or that leave too much to be desired. The need is to develop self-tolerance in order to stop judging others and learn to trust that all is in order despite appearances.

Ambitions are also significant, both the immediate career goals and future oriented, long term developments motivated by the realization that you’ll have to work harder to get or stay ahead. You may be involved in a major project that requires concentration, discipline, organization, persistence and numerous hours of hard work. Fortunately, you can work extremely hard on any project you identify with to bring it to completion. These projects may be artistic or creative pursuits that require originality, the use of new tools, techniques, or media. The experimentation allows you to produce work that is more expressive of you and may yield more money than usual. Although you may be in direct competition with others, working on commission or targeting new clients, you’re more likely to be competing with yourself. Public recognition and social achievement are very important to you and this is a period of great opportunity for those with a well-prepared foundation.

Alternatively, you may be in conflict or dealing with unreasonable or difficult authority figures. This may be due to frustration with your present employer or career responsibilities. Stressful situations are likely to develop between you and upper management for any number of reasons or an overwhelming workload may become the driving force for workaholic tendencies. If you’re currently dissatisfied with your job, this is the time to investigate other options.

Changes related to work can be self-initiated or beyond your control. You may transfer to another department, location or different company, altogether. Transitions in an existing job can include relocation of the office, travel-related obligations, new procedures, techniques or equipment. This can create complications, mini crises or disruptions to the normal routine. On the other hand, you may participate in a flexible schedule or have the ability to set your own hours. You may decide to work on an independent project at work or become self-employed.

Of utmost importance is the awareness of physical and emotional well-being and its direct correlation to your level of stress on the job. You may find yourself entangled in situations of self sacrifice where you discount your own needs to help others. Work demands can disrupt your health routine or inconsistent health habits can contribute to periodic health issues. If you don’t consciously make changes, your body may force you to make them. You’ll need to learn to manage stressful situations and practice moderation.

Aside from career, you could be making other important decisions at this time concerning the ability to go on in life alone. You may be in the midst of a divorce or separation and functioning independently while pursuing a course of action. You may be uncertain about where you’ll be living in the future or who’ll be living with you, especially if relocation or a job-related move is under consideration, or family members are coming and going periodically. For those building a home, construction may be delayed or you may decide to look for a new residence even if you don’t know when or even if you’ll move.

In essence, much of the activity of this cycle is surrounding closure where you’ll have to accept that certain paths have ended or that you’re playing an end game. As painful as it may be, it’s time to cut losses and make way for the new. The Universe is opening a window and your task is to find it.

The keyword for this cycle is supremacy which is defined as the state or condition of being superior to all others in authority, power, or status. Where normally that might be positive, given the current conditions, the context can and should be questioned.

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