New Moon in Virgo

Changes occur in important relationships, engagement, marriage, or cooperation with the public. Possible break up of relationship or confrontation with open enemies.

September 14, 2023| 6:39 pm (PST) | Keyword: Seduction

The Moon merges with the Sun in the sign of Virgo and presages a new beginning of some sort in connection to partnership. Despite the analytical characteristics of Virgo and concentration on practical matters, intuition and emotion plays a larger role in exchanges which may prompt a new romance (perhaps with a coworker), creative endeavor, or a confrontation over money. The focus is also on persons who possess an acute awareness of the lifestyles of others. This would be someone with a natural ability to recognize the patterns of life and the complexity of one’s world and/or whose life is spent seeking to bring order to chaos with words or actions. Those with strong Virgo in the natal chart (sun, moon, or rising sign) are likely to have a hand in upcoming events followed by those with Pisces placements.

Events may bring to the fore the historian, librarian, or a profession concerned with organizing, collecting, and even guarding information. In the broader mundane, this may be an effort to collect, decipher, and organize facts pertaining to national secrets, spies, and security matters. Fated situations also mean that you’re expected to use practical insights to discover flaws. The requirement may be to provide service, compile material for practical use, and supply work details. The objective is to develop discriminating faculties, develop conscientious habits and the ability to accept criticism.

The result of applying your efforts toward these goals is the positive outcome of a belief in your own self-worth, regardless of the opinions of others, as you function at your most efficient level knowing that your life has meaning. Things will get better and growth has begun through faith in self and the resilience to stand up again after facing adversity.

More personally, if you’re particularly fond of good food, clothing, and creature comforts, this cycle can stimulate lavish attention to family and home motivated by the concern for your family’s health, diet and status. You may feel destined to help and heal and drawn to those whose needs, compassion and spiritual insights motivate you to find practical answers and healing methods to address life’s dilemmas.

This might suggest strong obligations that can’t be avoided, especially if you’re responsible for someone less fortunate, family members in need of care, friends who may be in trouble, or someone who needs to be saved from a difficult situation. You may take care of someone you love or work in groups with others for people who need help. Perhaps you advocate for another through the legal profession, counselling, speaking out for the oppressed, or helping others to find their lives worthwhile. It’s not essential that you personally receive a return on your assistance–you’re required to practice selflessness and what you do may require an unselfish act of love.

A heightened sense of beauty and refinement is also highlighted and influences the preference for harmonious surroundings in the work area. Your self-esteem can put you in charge of others or bring you before the public and attract prominent people thereby making you a person of importance. With greater attention to detail in your role, you may be impeccably dressed in order to impress clients and gain an aura of reliability and status. If so, objects that represent status give a sense of security and importance. Confidence in your talents and acting on your abilities will easily attract money to you, and these situations for earning money or being successful, ethical or fulfilled provide validation, greater confidence and a sense of self-worth.

Those who possess strong practical business sense can be good managers, accountants, and sales people, especially in areas related to art, music, luxury items, clothing, gourmet foods, health, and beauty. You’re exploring ways in which to improve daily operations and especially concerned about using the best techniques available. If you hold a position of authority, you may be able to reorganize the office or hours to provide greater efficiency.

However, it’s quite likely that your job will grow more tedious, detail-oriented and involve more paperwork. Due to a concern for perfection, you can be hypersensitive or critical of coworkers or colleagues, but Venus is there to help you enjoy good relationships with both superiors and employees. As an authority figure you’ll try to find pleasant ways to motivate your staff and resolve any difficulties that may arise. Regardless of position, you’re highly motivated by the spirit of competition to do your best and sensitivity to criticism can spur you to prove yourself through achievement.

In fact, relationships take priority, both personal and business, under an influence that encourages alliances. This is a time of negotiation, diplomacy and compromise and you may seek those in an advisory capacity or consult experts in the field of expertise you’re involved in. Exchanges tend to underscore that one of you has more knowledge, expertise, status, power or control.

In the positive, this provides a boost and brings the expectation of a good financial situation or improvement in conditions. The axis that emphasizes issues of resources and ownership, values and possessions, both personal and shared, sits in degree at the powerful master number of manifestation and creation known for the transformative power that can turn desires and dreams into reality. Success arrives through professional endeavors, increased earning power from your own efforts or a second job. If you’re not working, you may seek employment at this time. If you work in sales, on commission or an incentive basis, you may land a big account or have the opportunity for a significant increase. For some, you’ll receive a lump sum of money from a grant, sale of a home or business, retirement funds, advances or royalties. Although the emphasis is on money-making, it may also be necessary for you to spend money in order to make more.

While your main interest lies in harmonious relations, some encounters may take the form of conflict in order to force you to examine your own position. This suggests that you’ll accomplish with the assistance of others or in direct competition. You may have highly specific goals and ambitions that you’re pursuing where collaboration enables you to initiate or complete a project or joint endeavor. Someone may be the catalyst for encouraging you to accomplish a task you wouldn’t ordinarily pursue on your own. This might be a woman or women in your life, or a woman who is the heart of your family and acts as the stimulus for finding the emotional life you want.

However, it’s critical that you accurately evaluate your choice of associates because persons that don’t have your best interests in mind can create harmful circumstances. You’ll realize that motivations are rarely totally altruistic and will need to determine the real reason certain events occur. In the worst case scenario, failure to properly judge your connections could even lead to criminal involvement. Those not on a spiritual path of enlightenment can be prone to evasive behaviors, deceiving and lying under pressure. Hopefully, principles are important in your decisions about what you do to earn money and you’re not likely to compromise your ethics.

Although the new moon is generally meant for new beginnings, circumstances will compel you to complete any unfinished business, address unconscious blockages that have held you back, and acknowledge how you may self sabotage. It could be a history where you keenly remember feeling the lack of a father’s love; the inability to feel complete or fulfilled unless and until you truly feel loved; questions of self love; or the concern that you’ll never find love at issue. Perhaps you feel you’re “not okay” unless you sacrifice for or save others in some way. Ultimately, you may find greater happiness in accepting, transforming or dissolving your karma to complete a cycle of experience where the achievements become the seeds or foundation of a new cycle.

The issue which acts as a catalyst for this evolution may be ill-founded yet supported by heightened vulnerability or self-defeatist attitudes. The tendency is for long-standing existing relationships to experience a shift where one of you will need more support emotionally, financially or physically. You may be waiting for another person to make a move or decision and this contributes to a sense of uncertainty. Conflict that’s present and reinforced through an inequity of power can motivate fear about walking away from a relationship where you’re dependent.

However, it might actually be that your own fears prevent you from taking the necessary risks needed for growth. You may be overwhelmed with fear or guilt and breaking free will involve great anxiety. You may harbor fears of being loved or rejected; fear of inadequacy that drives the need for constant reassurance; fear concerning sexual performance or orientation; fear of losing control or being overpowered.

Another contributing factor could be guilt that operates as an unconscious restriction that prevents you from doing certain things. Perhaps you feel responsible and subsequently guilty for everything that goes wrong. To overcompensate for any real or imagined shortcomings, you have difficulty delegating and try to do everything perfectly yourself.

Contrarily, you should also avoid allowing people to become improperly dependent on you, particularly persons in constant need. You’ll need to use discernment in situations in which you may not be qualified to assist such as drug or alcohol addiction or draining circumstances where your help isn’t accepted, appreciated or effective. It’s important to maintain your own welfare or you’ll enter or remain in situations which are personally and perpetually difficult with no easy ending or way out.

In strained connections, you may feel unacknowledged when you try to express your feelings or your exchanges end in confrontation. If this is the case, you’ll be learning to deal with anger through people and situations. Someone may be telling you what to do, wear or who to be and conflict may be rooted in excessive jealousy, possessiveness, or lack of trust. The friction may be ongoing and the frustration regarding this struggle may affect other areas of your life. In some cases, you’re more susceptible to the manipulation of your feelings or overly influenced by negative relationships in your past history. Whatever the scenario, you’ll be forced to analyze your situation, behavior and actions while at your most vulnerable. Disputes can range from minor irritation and general dislike to legal battles, personal vendettas, sexual harassment or aggression. You may need to defend your personal rights by asserting yourself or you may need to simply disengage.

Positively, this can be a time to clear the air to resolve disputes or problems. Some discussions may center on money, art or values. Venus is linked with Juno and working to keep the peace or help you make compromises. This could encourage appreciation of the partner and the relationship by recognizing its good points and strengths. However, if it’s impossible to find solutions, remove yourself from situations that are negative to your personal growth and emotional well-being.

For some, it’s the lack of true emotional investment that causes you to bide your time in a non-productive relationship unlikely to progress or offer any real potential. The development of intimacy firmly depends on emotional reciprocity and unmet expectations can lead to a relationship that is emotionally draining and difficult.

These experiences can also manifest through friends or one friend in particular. Power struggles may erupt due to expectations equated with loyalty, but you need to avoid friends who’ll guide your life into paths you do not wish to take. However, it’s possible that you’ll meet someone who can actually act as a real guide and teacher to send you in a direction that’ll help you grow.

Self-expression is a theme for this new moon’s influence which can shine a light that puts the alternative person on center stage. For some, it emphasizes the desire to be independent and do things in one’s own way or represents the struggle for a different kind of lifestyle, especially for those who view self as different from the norm of society. This may be a reflection of the political atmosphere and response to the complicated situations with no answers that arise. Your needs versus those of the whole become more apparent making group power struggles likely causing the need to fight for your beliefs or withdraw entirely.

However, total independence in the extreme can eventually lead to isolation with no one to share the trials and triumphs of life. While you do need periods of solitude and a sanctuary that you can call your own, the more important emphasis is on becoming an individual on your own terms and recognizing that power is inherent and no struggle is actually needed to establish your identity.

Likewise, to live solely for and through relationships can cause you to feel resentful about sacrificing personal self-development and individuation. From this perspective, you may perceive romantic interest as a distraction or it seems to preclude the ability to adapt and cope with daily life. The concern is to find the balance between autonomy and compromise while maintaining respect for both self and the other. The dilemma is in achieving personal goals while also finding fulfillment in relationships. This cycle can be a financially difficult period if you focus on gaining material wealth at the expense of your emotional considerations. Your joy is derived from a loving relationship with your inner self and experiencing unity with all.

For those whose personal satisfaction is more important than material possessions, you may decide to rid yourself of useless items and may not have much interest in making purchases. Your own self-centered needs and egotism are diminished in the context of a larger spiritual process. If you feel encumbered by your possessions, they may be taken away. However, if you need a resource to grow further, it may very well come into your life. Unless your financial situation is critical, money will not matter, but your relationship to resources will be altered so that you can continue to grow as an individual.

The desire for well being may extend to an interest in learning about health, more particularly, the relationship between the mind and the body and concern about diet and exercise. As your mind is directly related to health, nerves can cause health difficulties, especially when you become too overwhelmed with details or let excessive worry lead to hypochondria. Given such, you may realize that changes are necessary in order to establish better health. The result may be a beneficial shift, and if you’ve been ill, your condition may improve.

However, unless you avoid overindulgence, especially in sweet or fattening foods, you could have problems with weight gain, alcoholism or skin problems. If you’re a woman, you may be be concerned with issues related to your female organs or reproductive system. Additionally, drugs, alcohol or peculiarities may add to confusion or a weakened vitality. Providence in play requires you to love and respect your body and care well for your environment. If you care for yourself, others will love you. When you don’t, others tend to treat you with disrespect.

It’s been said that there’s a thin line between love and hate. While the current influence may be auspicious for romantic love, it might just as well signify conflict. Consequently, you must be cautious of the impulse to fight with those whose temperament is opposite to your own. The better approach is to remove yourself from the futility of an uncomfortable situation that goes against your nature. Generally, the indication is positive if you wish to end a relationship or leave a job and is fortunate for moving house.

The keyword for this cycle is seduction and may suggest the temptation or allure toward someone or something. It also signifies the artistic and sensuous who may be misled by passion and desire. While a true friend to others, the possibility exists for persons of this nature to place their trust in the hands of those unworthy, and the awakening to this truth brings suffering.

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