3rd Quarter Moon in Gemini

Changes occur in schedules, personnel, routine tasks, and job duties. Interest in health matters and concern for those in need of help.

September 6, 2023 | 3:20 pm (PST) | Keyword: Restlessness

Although the Moon is slow, the pace of daily life is operating at warp speed with a frenetic tempo that brings greater involvement with those in your immediate environment as well as neighbors, acquaintances, young people, and close relatives. The emphasis is on taking care of business, work, status, and public reputation. The sun as significator of destiny heralds success, albeit through a route that teaches that hard work and failure are a part of success. Masculine figures may play a significant role in events in the immediate future and situations during this cycle are likely to include persons with strong Gemini in the natal chart (sun, moon, rising sign) and those with significant Capricorn placements.

Your ability to repair, mend, improve or reform can be fueled by an intense desire to serve others on a material level. In both scholarly and practical pursuits you can initiate new ideas and improve on old ones. A boost to this concept comes courtesy of Rigel sitting at the midheaven shining a light on a life spent seeking to bring order to chaos with words or actions. To that end, some will become more deeply engaged with others through work in a healing profession or simply through a greater emotional connection to co-workers. It’s possible that during this period you undertake a personal project or new venture with resulting success.

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However, powerlessness to control the flow of events because of the hectic momentum can feel rather stressful. As a result, it may be hard to complete projects or live up to commitments due to frequent changes of mood and focus, although the influence may push you to follow through. You may be easily confused and distracted making it a challenge to deal with the mundane aspects of life. Your thoughts may repeatedly pull you away from the task at hand to engage in idle thought or contemplate new or abstract concepts.

The days in this cycle are consumed with practicalities–errands, calls, plans, correspondence and paperwork–leaving little time, if any, for emotional considerations. Routine work changes could include minor but necessary adjustments that may or may not be beneficial. Due to the influx of mental activity, you’ll need to be especially conscious in your communication with others in order to avoid confusion and misunderstandings.

Aside from changes occurring in your working conditions, you might also consider dietary habits or intellectual, emotional or physical health. If you’re a worrier, you can experience tension and digestive difficulties. In fact, health can be a constant fixation that forces you to adjust your daily schedule and reassess priorities. Perhaps this is attributed to minor physical changes related to puberty, pregnancy, breast-feeding, aging, fitness, hormonal imbalance, weight gain or loss.

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If so, your body’s response to exercise and diet may inspire a more health-conscious lifestyle. You now have the opportunity to reshape aspects of your personality toward the goal of self-improvement. As a result, you can make a concerted effort to lose weight, quit smoking or drinking, or limit any excessive behavior or indulgence. A regenerative energy gives you the resolve to transform any detrimental habits you participate in when you begin to realize the negative consequences of such behavior on your health and in those of others. Your assessment may also take into account the impact of work habits and relationships that affect your health. Unresolved emotions surrounding conflict can manifest in the form of accident or illness, and in rare cases, surgery may be required. Conversely, it can be other people’s health that concerns you, particularly a woman that’s close to you.

The domestic environment can also undergo a transition motivated by an increased need for peace and security. This may prompt you to purchase real estate, a new home, or to beautify your current living space. The focus is on aesthetics and projects could be expensive but minimally disruptive.

Alternatively, there may be an increase in the number of people living with you or your domestic responsibilities may lessen regarding care-related duties. Children living at home can be more independent, unpredictable or disruptive. Older children may insist on more freedom and adult children may decide to move out or move away at this time. Your children may be going through stages of growth that continually challenge you to adapt, and their development or activities will require that you pay close attention to remain conscious of what’s happening to them. Behavioral problems, minor illnesses or unusual learning characteristics could require your consideration.

For some, the focus on living quarters is due to a recent separation. Depending on age, you may have to contend with the complicated prospect of retirement, mortgages, refinancing or insurance. Consequently, you may be worried about securing financial backing or borrowing money. You may have to live on less, either because you want to or because you have to. If you’ve overspent in the past or poorly planned for a major expense you’re facing, you’ll be forced to take action by tightening your budget.

However, it could be that you have certain priorities that supersede financial limitation such as a conscious decision which will result in a decrease in salary. Long-term goals, humanitarian ideals, and personal satisfaction may be more important to you than short-term compensation. In this case, you likely have the ability to cope with any necessary adjustments. Whatever the case, this is the time to make changes in your home and prioritize financial planning that will ensure stability in your domestic situation presently and in the future.

You may be actively involved in discussions or negotiations concerning jointly held finances or property and reviewing a payment plan for debts or planning for future expenditures. In the positive, money may easily come through your spouse, business partner, bank or other financial institution. If you share resources, a partner may receive a pay increase or bonus or funds could arrive through an inheritance, insurance, settlement, legal action or joint financial venture. Payments may be from profit sharing, retirement funds, royalties, or disability.

But this isn’t necessarily the best time to seek a loan or make an investment. Negatively, money intended for your use may not be given freely or at all provoking arguments, conflict, or the possibility for a legal dispute. If you’re financially vulnerable, money may be used as a tool for control with strings attached. Despite the pretense that everything’s fine, repressing your emotions can cause you to be hypercritical or resentful whereby you resort to gossip or passive-aggressive behaviors with the intent to make others feel guilty. Complex situations center on control issues and a struggle over power, money or sex where the tactics used for confrontation can be fear, intimidation, jealousy, or manipulation.

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Circumstances suggest the need to take a stand and confront an issue. Power situations allow you to recognize the ability or inability to assert personal needs and rights when interacting with others. A sense of injustice concerning past violations of trust can push you to take the offensive regarding similar issues, events or relationships this time around by eliminating the possibility for a repeat altogether. The manner in which you deal with anger determines whether you handle difficult situations more effectively than in the past. You’ll need to make conscious rather than reactionary decisions, and may discover that anger is no longer the best resort.

In fact, increased intuitive powers enhance your ability to perceive the hidden motivation in others, hidden aspects of yourself, making subtle shifts in power and power plays more readily apparent. Training, education or the study of psychology or metaphysics may contribute to this new understanding.

Other major transitions may come through an intense love relationship or a sudden infatuation that breaks up an existing relationship. On-again, off-again episodes in new or uncommitted relationships may occur, sexual issues may arise, or sexual urges may increase or decline. The tendency is to be drawn to certain individuals and potential lovers that are very different from those in your past for reasons you may not clearly understand. One relationship could be particularly intriguing and the powerful experience that ensues will give you the opportunity to face your fears, insecurities and psychological complexes. The personality traits that you attract are the ones that you yourself are trying to come to terms with. But the energy of this love and its power is not to be trifled with nor underestimated in its potential to turn from attraction to repulsion.

The relationship axis for this moon chart sits at the Aries Point indicating persons previously unknown involved in your affairs. It also means that events will tend to touch upon various aspects of life, which in this case, are the self, personal action and independence; home, family, property and finalization; relationships, partnerships and agreements (court cases); and career, status, parental roles, and matters in public view.

Personal changes will help you gain greater control over the ways in which you project your personality to others and have the potential to establish more rewarding relationships. Regardless of the situation, you’ll encounter the opportunity to empower yourself in some way. The power you gain to control yourself can ultimately be used to guide others to personal power.

The keyword for this cycle is restlessness and speaks to the tempo and temperament of events and the persons involved. Adversely, it denotes those of a martial and impulsive nature. Although the imagination is fertile, these persons are apt to run in the wrong direction and down useless pathways. Energy is best used as assertion rather than aggression and best served toward high achievement supported by self-restraint and mental training.

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