Jupiter turns Retrograde in Taurus

Sept 5-Dec 30, 2023

What had potential that was never realized? Where did you fail to gain the truth, knowledge or justice you sought? Jupiter retrograde provides the opportunity to revisit these kinds of situations largely affecting education, legalities, political, religious or philosophical differences, foreign influences and questions surrounding ethics. Until matters are sorted, continuing growth and expansion are restrained. Reward related to the affairs of the transit house are suppressed and seem to stagnate (or more positively, percolate). The purpose is to (re)connect you with your personal sense of justice and what is apropos to maintaining your integral balance and health. When Jupiter goes direct, opportunities will once again begin to animate bringing the finishing touches for a venture and the arrival of the long-range picture.

Conjoined with Menkar as it has been for some time now, Jupiter’s influence over situations largely depends on the whims of public support. There’s either the potential to achieve something for the collective or the vulnerability of becoming a victim of the collective. Because Jupiter presides over belief systems, it’s a cycle where you may need to review any belief that encourages you to remain in unhealthy or abusive situations as these beliefs tend to attract your expectations.

In the larger context, you can visibly see the current political sphere taking shape within this period of regress. Add the recent turn of Uranus and you have a volatile setting for stoking the urge for freedom, individuality, rebellion against confinement and acting against (Uranus) the law (Jupiter) in an unconditional pursuit of one’s own convictions.

More personally you may be involved with a legal matter, the legal system, or have need of consultation with a lawyer. Others are returning to school, taking a course, or teaching. For some, travel either to foreign lands or within the country is the focus, but for others it’s the commute for work. New friends from a foreign country or with a different background may enter your life, but be mindful that any lack of awareness concerning other cultures or differences can make it challenging to establish trust and understanding. Practices and beliefs of your own may not be readily accepted and may need to be explained or defended.

Mercury’s about-face will bring news or communication that alters your original plans, especially those involving vehicles, transportation, contracts, and agreements. While travel or a change of residence can revolutionize your life in some way, traveling more than usual feels unsettling; quick trips are hectic rather than leisurely and overseas trips are stressful. With regard to legal matters, it’s possible that encounters won’t turn out as hoped forcing you to cope with quirks in the justice system. If enrolled in school, education can be disrupted by unexpected events and self-study may prove to be more rewarding than a structured environment. If teaching, changes in schedules or location present the problem.

A contributing factor is the tense square between the two benefics, Jupiter and Venus, inciting undesirable conditions that create costly travel, romantic partners becoming involved in legal battles, close family subjected to financial problems, and social connections you’d rather avoid or that create impositions on your time.

Jupiter Rebuked by Venus | Abraham Janssens I

Additionally, this combo at odds reflects a tendency to be indulgent, extravagant and self-centered; enjoying the fun but losing interest and seeking greener pastures when things become difficult. The habit is to squander opportunity or act careless in meeting responsibilities. You or others may be generous when it serves an ulterior motive or agenda, but the expectation is there for reciprocity.

Whatever you’re doing, you’re spending a lot of time doing it behind the scenes. You’re likely to keep opinions, thoughts, feelings, or even secrets to yourself to avoid certain issues from the past. If so, you may not reveal your true thoughts and if caught in a lie, may not disclose the truth. Perhaps you fear that what you say will be held against you or the attempt is to preserve peace by remaining quiet. If you’re involved in a power struggle over self-identity and self-expression, it may be that you don’t even know your own thoughts or how to express them. This conflict between the rational and emotional self can also result from receiving inaccurate information or being lied to or purposely misled. A close connection may say one thing and do something entirely different creating confusion and misunderstandings. The lesson is to rely on various sources for information rather than just verbal messages. Trust your own judgment over the influence of others, and make sure that you don’t unwittingly contribute to your own problems through some form of self-deception.

Neptune’s nebulous influence over alliances (and open enemies) is to blame for the poor communications, misunderstandings and misrepresentations in all the one-to-one encounters in your life, including doctors, lawyers and anyone else who may represent you in any way. This is not the time to expect firm commitments in your involvements, whether good or bad. Perhaps you’re unsure of the direction of your relationship, or a partner is making personal or career changes that affect you directly or indirectly without any guarantees of return or success, or you’re being asked to sacrifice your own needs for your partner.

In fact, new information can specifically contradict what you previously believed. These insights may come in the form of rude awakenings, challenges by others or through slow transition occurring in a series of tests. The situations will cause you to question beliefs about yourself, your abilities, and other people and require that you re-evaluate your position on a number of issues and make necessary adjustments. Your views are subject to challenge, especially by one person in particular and you must be ready to defend them. If you’ve strongly identified with a particular point of view, you’ll be threatened and resistant to new understanding.

In some cases, you’re reviewing the level of reward and fulfillment you receive from work, the impact of excessive demands, criticism from superiors, discontent with working conditions and colleagues, or issues of unemployment. A retrograde Saturn in the dual work and health zone emphasizes heavy burdens, discernment about limitations, determining boundaries and where you should be saying no, and a general resentment of authority.

Perhaps you find it necessary to support the demands of others and responsibilities are increasingly heavy with regard to family members or those in need of care. While your compassionate nature is aroused, this can also leave you vulnerable to exploitation and to avoid victimization you may be forced to offer tough love.

On the other hand, anger can be an issue if you feel angry about having to meet the needs of others or a selfish preoccupation leads to conflict. Others play on your own fears about personal inadequacy with the eventual emergence of excessive demands on the part of the person seeking to control you. You’ll need to learn to defend your rights without alienating others or becoming your own worst enemy because anger will ultimately undermine the ability to accomplish the objectives you’ve set for yourself.

Jupiter’s connection to medical concerns can also mean that job-related stress and health are highlighted with chronic health issues emerging as a direct result from your involvement in certain circumstances. You run the risk of overtaxing yourself through conflict or too many diverse interests, especially if you overdo things in work or pursue an objective to the point that it puts a strain on the nervous system.

In these instances, you need to re-evaluate your professional position, responsibilities or relationships in order to make constructive changes. If you enjoy your work, workaholic tendencies should be moderated to avoid physical exhaustion and the severe toll on your body. On the contrary, you may receive a promotion that puts you in line to take on greater responsibility.

With your emotional state so closely tied to the retrograde Uranus, you can experience emotional tension, nervousness, fear, or anxiety rooted in strong ambitious desires. The moon also sits squarely atop the dreaded star Algol invoking melancholy, sadness and loss in response to being plagued by personal tragedies, your own or others.

Other reasons for social withdrawal may be for quiet and peaceful reflection. However, a lack of structure could mean accomplishing very little either externally or internally. Without a focus, you can be prone to jealousy, compulsion, obsession and anxiety.

In the positive, the sacrifice for special aims serves the attainment of sudden success or a change in circumstance. An exalted moon combined with the passionate power of Algol might endow you with a strong social conscience and/or some form of financial wealth. For some, increased sensitivity and mutual understanding within a relationship might possibly establish a more spiritual union.

Perhaps you’re working toward aspirations of a grand scale whereby the help and assistance of friends prompts a lucky hand in enterprises. Involvement with a large project will probably hold an expectation for completion at a later date into the future. Ultimately, the accomplishments may improve your career and lead to greater recognition in your field. The goal is to unite practical information with emotional insights to provide accurate perceptions while organizing it for greater understanding and accessibility. The task will be less difficult if you integrate what you know, rather than trying to absorb new and foreign concepts. The inward energy of a retrograde can make it a productive time for a writer, artist or anyone beginning a long-term project that involves a great deal of contemplation, study or research. During this period, creativity can evolve, especially if you’re involved in projects where psychological or emotional issues such as conflict, power, or intense love can be introduced into your work.

With Jupiter, the planet of expansion touring the sign of Taurus, the motivation is gain through material values. Issues of generosity come to the fore to underscore the idea that giving is as important as receiving. The retrograde prompts you to review where status and financial benefit fall on your list of priorities once you take into consideration health, well-being, and relationships.

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