Lunar Moon Phases |Sept 2023

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

Gemini Third Quarter Moon 3:20 PM (PST)

Changes occur in schedules, personnel, routine tasks, and job duties. Interest in health matters and concern for those in need of help.

New Moon in Virgo 6:39 PM (PST)

Changes occur in important relationships, engagement, marriage, or cooperation with the public. Possible break up of relationship or confrontation with open enemies.

Sagittarius First Quarter Moon 12:31 PM (PST)

Changes occur on personal level with new initiatives and possible shift in vocation or location. May be overly influenced or involved in confrontation.

Aries Full Moon 2:57 am (PST)

Changes occur through a move, travel or visits from relatives. Alliances at a distance may be important or involvement with educational or religious activities. Possible focus on legal matters or ceremonies.

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