Full Moon in Pisces

August 30, 2023| 6:35 pm (PST) | Keyword: Responsibilities

The Moon is jetting through the sign of Pisces stimulating the nurturing urge to offer help to those in need of assistance. Personal relationships that don’t receive adequate focus will flounder, but care should be taken not to spend all of your time and money on humanitarian ideals or travel. You like to help people but need to learn the boundaries of what should be reasonably expected. Nevertheless, you’ll grow spiritually through your inclination to help others whether neighbors, friends or family. Events bring matters to climax through some form of closure and will involve persons with strong Pisces in the natal chart (sun, moon, or rising sign) and those with significant Aquarius placements.

Alternatively, you may be emotionally demanding and lacking in objectivity. The changes you initiate are the result of heightened sensitivities to the moods and emotions of others or because of your own overriding considerations. However, purely personal needs tend to get sidetracked before completion due to the necessity for concessions to the more pressing needs of others.

The tendency is toward vacillation or indecision due to emotional overwhelm or scattering the energies in too many directions caused by over-scheduling. Daily life runs at a rapid pace with too many things to do requiring that you prioritize and delegate responsibilities before situations lead to a state of crisis management. The stress can provoke temperamental outbursts causing you to say things you later regret. You may overwork because of a belief that only you can do something right, but you need to learn to work more efficiently with less effort.

Your health and well-being can also be taxed by the extra burdens you’ve assumed. A retrograde Venus attempts to bring beneficial change to your health or improvement in illness, but also stimulates overindulgence, especially in sweet or fattening foods. As a result, you may be dealing with weight gain, alcoholism or skin problems. You might also have issues related to female organs or the reproductive system. You should develop a strategy to focus on diet, exercise, and healthy practices that help you maintain quality of living. Minor illnesses, especially teeth, bones, or back issues as well as colds, are an indication to pay particular attention to your health. The more anxious you are about facing your fears, the greater the chance that illness will develop into something more serious. Drugs, alcohol or peculiarities may add to the confusion or weaken your vitality.

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The circumstances of this cycle bring karmic lessons in the proper use of the mind highlighting persons who possess great imagination, psychic abilities, or connection to psychic realms and this can be a period of original thinking and great insight. If pure in heart and mind, you may serve as a universal receptor, receiving information that needs to be disseminated to the world at large. Perhaps the talent is for inspirational writing, poetry, or other forms of literary expression. Thought processes are not organized and you may experience creativity in bursts as you experiment with ideas and concepts. However, the emphasis on practical matters tends to interfere with larger goals that draw the focus away from fantasy and on to the real world. It will be good for you to find a way to document your creative flow, especially if you’re interrupted.

You may be mentally stressed by all you must do and recall, particularly the retention of information. Despite the flurry of activity, this can be an excellent period for learning and expanding your mind. Perhaps this comes as the opportunity for advanced training in a field of study that might prove useful to you. You may be formally enrolled in school, doing self study, developing plans, or writing for some type of publication. Activities such as reading, writing, teaching or learning are underscored with an enhanced ability to communicate effectively.

However, the highly imaginative can experience difficulty in adapting to ordinary academic disciplines. As a result, they may be misunderstood or regarded as problem students by their teachers. Additionally, when ideas are not put into action, talent is likely to decline. Discipline must be self directed from within and is not easily imposed by external forces. Although distracted by subliminal environmental disturbances and subconscious mental or emotional processes, once clear about the direction and purpose in life, these persons are highly capable and self aware.

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For some, self-imposed restrictions allow for the completion of a long-term task or major responsibility. There’s a need to detach from usual convention and do your own thing, and the choice to limit social activities serves to give you space to devote yourself to tasks that require a great deal of concentration and perseverance to complete.

On the other hand, you may be socially withdrawn, quiet, moody or suffering from depression as you recover from an emotional trauma. Perhaps you’re angry or resentful over past situations or current circumstances that keep you deadlocked in a never-ending battle due to a refusal to compromise. You or your opponent may be using guilt or manipulation, but until you master your anger, it will be difficult for you to gain control over your destiny. This is a period to get in touch with emotions you’ve suppressed as you review certain events in order to heal old wounds. If you attune to these feelings, this can be a time of great emotional growth as you learn to protect yourself from emotionally damaging situations by making better decisions.

You may withdraw because of fears and inhibitions that block you from opportunities or decide to limit activities simply because of the refusal to face your fears and move beyond the current boundaries. This response may be an attempt to avoid situations that are reminiscent of your past, but conquering these fears allows you to gain more control over your life. If you’re operating from a stance of avoidance, you’ll be forced to avoid certain people and situations to avoid that which you fear the most.

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With the sun shining a light on partnerships, negotiation, cooperation and compromise are key factors for strengthening bonds that provide emotional fulfillment. For the purpose of harmony, the natural inclination is to adjust to the demands of others or surrender your power to a significant other, lover or business partner. You may be facing moral or ethical dilemmas that deal with sexuality, questions of loyalty, spirituality or abortion. Pseudo beliefs, concepts and principles will fail to improve your circumstances and add additional stress when they prove unrealistic for your life. Perhaps you allow others to dominate your thoughts with their opinions, but the excessive willingness to accept advice from others can indicate a lack of conviction in your own mental competence with the consequent outcome of making you dependent on the decision-making ability of others.

However, you can be lied to during this period and information you receive may not be accurate or helpful. Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to evaluate information and make your own decisions. This is a good time to clarify issues and counseling may be necessary to improve or restore your relationship. You need to maintain your own welfare and can enter or remain in situations which are personally difficult for you with no easy ending or way out.

Alternatively, you may be unable to see how you contribute to your own problems. If you’re not on a spiritual path of enlightenment, you may be prone to evasive behaviors, deceiving and lying under pressure. You’re given the opportunity to examine the hidden side of your nature and to understand and control it as well as the hidden side of external elements of your life that you’ve failed to face.

In some cases, you’ll spend a great deal of time in discussions or negotiations which require you to explain or even argue your position. This is especially true if you have an issue that needs to be handled and matters will not be easily finalized or you’re working on a major project that requires lots of communication in order to reach completion.

Negatively, some encounters take the form of conflict. You may have strong disagreements concerning the management of jointly held resources or concern over debts, spending practices, and who’s responsible for paying what. Perhaps you’re separated or divorced and disputing alimony or child support through litigation or battling over a contested will or inheritance. Whatever the case, situations will force you to re-examine and modify your position. Disputes involving personal or business matters may require lengthy negotiations before an agreement can be reached. If so, you may seek those in an advisory capacity or consult experts in the field of expertise in which you’re involved. In fact, it may be in your best interest to allow this person to handle certain matters for you while you oversee the decisions being made.

This isn’t the best period for travel, investments or loans. The closing of this cycle brings a paradox involving winning versus losing. Mindful that the receipt of payment or goods means that someone else must give for you to receive, it ‘s wise to remain cognizant that your gain may be another’s loss. Likewise, you must consider that what initially appears to be beneficial may not be so upon deeper examination.

The keyword for this cycle is responsibilities and illuminates one destined to have power over others who may be forced by circumstances to obey the will of stronger forces. This may be a time where you bear the burden of greater responsibility or rely on others to do so.

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