Love Notes: Week Aug 25-Sept 1, 2023

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: This is a fertile week to give birth to a creation–child, idea, project, endeavor, or relationship by connecting to the feminine within. Perhaps events play out through your role as mother, wife, artist or the focus is centered on an important woman in your life. Whatever the pursuit, with continued resolve and practical effort you’re very close to reaching a desired objective. As you assimilate the wisdom of experience, you also conceive a new version of yourself secure in the knowledge that your life is ripe with the possibility to manifest. While you have the ability to nurture, improve communication and enhance your connections, you should also take into account your own health, happiness, and well-being. A review allows you to rid your life of any chaos and drama by becoming aware of people and situations that negatively impact your circumstances.


  • Clarity concerning issues of abundance; hidden revealed
  • Gratitude for increased awareness; greater understanding of need for gratitude
  • Abundant clarity–gaining greater truth concerning relationship; coming to a clear understanding
  • Light bulb moment about reaping the fruits of efforts
  • Connection to nature brings clarity
  • Shift in scarcity consciousness–something about interactions brings important issues to light


  • Looking behind the curtain in bedroom or intimate environment
  • Taking a closer look at bedroom or romantic getaway
  • Magic that happens in the bedroom, honeymoon, getaway
  • Creating a magical or sacred space
  • A need to notice everyday magic (may be special occurrences during early morning or bedtime hours)
  • Where the magic happens–relationship deepening in ways that may lead to greater physical or emotional intimacy


  • Revelations from hidden sources concerning new love (yours/others)
  • Spirit messengers connect you to new love–person, pursuit, interest
  • Self awareness in courtship; beginning stages of relationship
  • Need for contemplation, inner listening surrounding meeting a new potential partner (business, social, romantic)
  • Covert messaging to/from new love; new love is in the works or on its way; new relationship on the immediate horizon


  • Rejection based on attractiveness (you/other); relationship will not move forward romantically due lack of mutual feeling; incompatibility
  • Disinterest; for whatever reason, love in this relationship has withered away
  • A focus on inner beauty rather than external; rejecting indulgence
  • Reveling in attraction to someone who may be highly attractive but relationship likely to remain platonic; unrequited love
  • Pampering yourself to deal with rejection; wrong love choice
  • A need to recognize inner beauty–one person investing more time and energy without a return


  • Dancing with the devil–may involve issues that center on alcohol, age, or parenting; giving up alcohol
  • Someone waiting in the wings–sugar daddy/cougar relationship; fears or illusions concerning the nature of relationship
  • A need to acknowledge fears of being manipulated in a relationship involving differences in age or status
  • Fears or concerns related to parents or age
  • Hidden aspect of self or a situation–married but living separate lives; fear or illusions about whether relationship will improve
  • Not sure if you’re the parent or if you’re being manipulated into becoming a parent
  • Remaining in a dead relationship because of the financial or social status it affords
  • Generational or status differences create negative impact


  • Making peace with the past–may connect to ancestors, family karma, those on the other side
  • Meeting or reunion in remembrance of those who have passed; working out issues or terms–may relate to funeral arrangements, legacies, wills, estate planning
  • Spirit messengers–messages from loved ones you’ve lost
  • Difficult situations that cause you to make peace with partner to reconcile past hurts; reconnecting with someone you previously separated from
  • Someone, something passing (before or after a reconciliation)
  • Mourning the lost opportunity to reconcile
  • Relationship counseling or therapy to deal with grief
  • Make up after breakup; falling love again in relationship you thought was dead


  • Long road ahead that may have to do with recovery–exercise, movement, relaxation, letting hair down
  • Celebrating getting on the road; road trip for a celebration; open road
  • Good news concerning long range plans; looking ahead
  • Making plans for the future–travel, purchase of vehicle
  • Open doors that influence the future; planning a future together as a couple
  • Relationship is in the distant future


  • Guidance to or concerning children
  • Exploring the psyche–may involve childhood memories, patterns, or experiences
  • Open to inner voice–children are impacting the relationship; guidance about decision to have a child
  • Spirit guides and connection to inner child
  • Dating someone younger; may need to remember the childlike exuberance of romance; playful interactions and exchanges
  • Need to seek direction about starting something new
  • Awareness that you need to lighten up
  • May be involved with someone from your childhood


  • Luxuriating in beautiful surroundings
  • Using money to pamper yourself; investing in self–wardrobe, beauty, experiences; looking “like a million bucks”
  • A need to recognize splendor of inner beauty rather than the trappings of wealth or status
  • Finances are affecting the relationship (positive/negative)
  • Work affair with colleague, client, coworker, superior; relationship that begins in work setting
  • Reveling in connection to wealthy or attractive individuals
  • Shared financial goals; family business
  • Workaholic; career and work may take priority over the relationship
  • You/partner may be involved in financial industry–banking, investments, real estate, etc.


  • Considering the inevitability of death; waiting for surgery; transformation as a result of surgery (you/others)
  • Lack of change–dead quiet, nothing going on
  • Change that ties to reproductive issues, organs of elimination, sexuality
  • Waiting in vain for large sum of money or inheritance; changes to a will or insurance
  • An ending or transformation that results in completely different circumstances
  • Facing the truth concerning profound and unsettling changes; transitions through intense situations, crisis, or emergency
  • Dealings with Scorpio persons (sun, moon, or rising sign)
  • Release from troubling circumstances


  • Discernment about an agreement
  • Taking a closer look at ring or jewelry; trying to figure out if someone is wearing a ring
  • Wearing a mask or hiding emotion concerning proposal or engagement to be married
  • Game face as strategy when negotiating agreement, contract, or legally binding union
  • Seeing deeper truth in commitment, obligation or undertaking
  • A need to look under surface for the truth about a promise or offer
  • Hiding true self at social engagement or party; trying to find out who will be there (social situation)


  • Friends or acquaintances (may reside in or connect to residence–apartment, town homes, community living, etc)
  • Kinship that ties to personal history or shared heritage; kindred spirits with shared traditional values
  • Rubbing shoulders with conservatives, wealthy, powerful or influential individuals; celebratory event held at large estate, historic property, hotel, or public building
  • Friendships with those who are well-connected; you/partner may come from family with a great deal of wealth, power, and influence; staying within perceived elevated social status when socializing, dating, or marrying (you/others)
  • Collaborations/partnerships that may yield far into the future; old money, generational wealth–inheritance, investments, assets, royalties

Decks: Romantic Love Oracle, Love is a Garden Affirmation Deck, In Color, The Alchemist Astrologer; The Good Tarot, Collette Baron-Reid; Mystical Healing, Inna Segal

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