1st Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

August 24, 2023 | 2:57 am (PST) | Keyword: Mutiny

The Moon is moving at a languid pace through the sign of Sagittarius as matters slowly unfold that assist you in attending to family security needs. With a focus on higher ideals, you’ll seek to gain greater understanding of life and engage in activities that have meaning. This might include a grand vision and big plans motivated by unfaltering faith and optimism whether well-founded or not. You’ll respond to the changes in habits, environment, job, or health with great adaptability and flexibility of movement. The ability to draw on many valuable lessons of the past and incorporate them into action is boosted by your intuitive abilities and capacity for insight into the future. The events that take place in this cycle will highlight persons with strong Sagittarius in the natal chart (sun, moon, rising sign) and involve those with significant placements in Cancer.

With the influence of Sagittarius behind events, the focus is on those who have a love of philosophy, higher education, travel, or sports. Hobbies, sports, games and all kinds of activities that bring pleasure are notable. You may decide to enroll in a class or a family member may be taking up new studies or going off to college. Children and their training may be an important means of defining your activities and you may be involved with children more than usual and especially concerned with their well-being. Perhaps your children are more emotional and require extra love and attention from you, particularly if your relationship or home environment is changing. For some, long distance trips might involve a member of the household or a family trip may be significant. Events can bring increased involvement with in-laws or dealings with matters at a distance.

You’ll project yourself more emotionally in your relationships with others due to a need to share ideas, beliefs, needs, and desires and this can stimulate an appetite for taking risks, especially in relation to love, fun and romance. The strong need to relate emotionally may manifest in any number of intense personal situations.

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In fact, this can be a busy social period marked by parties and pleasurable activities with friends and acquaintances. Unexpected events are likely to change your plans or course of action, often to advantage. For some, the strong possibility exists to begin a new romantic relationship that may be significant in some way. If you become involved, you’ll experience greater emotional depth and intensity of feeling that may be difficult to hide or keep secret. Whether already coupled or not, you’ll feel a deep and compelling emotional connection to a new person. As your need for emotional fulfillment and intimacy deepens, a sexual connection may also develop prompting value conflicts such as extra-marital affairs. How the relationship unfolds and how often you see each other can hold sway over your emotions. There may be sexual issues or questions concerning the actual nature of your relationship.

Creativity is also pronounced. You may choose an artistic or creative means of emotional expression such as painting or writing and make exceptional progress in the arts. However, the mode of expression can be either financially lucrative or expensive to maintain.

The Moon is linked to fated events where a woman or women in your life may be the catalyst for finding the emotional life you want or you may be seen as a nurturer. If this occurs within the family, you may be expected to be the heart of your family helping others to find their lives worthwhile.

But the interception in this chart reflects difficulty in achieving and sustaining a balanced relationship. The tendency is for you or others to be viewed as a servant or supplier of all the “answers” and consequently being forced to take on unwanted responsibilities. This is compounded by the tendency to avoid confrontation and a lack assertiveness that eventually manifests as inappropriate emotional outbursts due to the building pressure. It can be easier to daydream rather than take action until circumstances compel you to dive into matters without full consideration.

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For some, these conditions denote the end of an employment cycle, especially if the feeling is that you’re not getting enough out of your job, and you may decide to draw unemployment. Alternatively, your domestic environment could be in a state of flux with an unclear picture of what lies ahead. The influence could also signify a change in employment. The challenge is to create a peaceful and nurturing home environment while balancing career ambitions and responsibilities where the desire is to have it all. Father and mother archetypes can pose blockages that are hard to understand or restlessness exacerbates a feeling of rootlessness.

The events create situations where instability or hypersensitivities prevent loving interactions or the sense of exploitation for being too accepting of those who may be ill, confused, sensitive, artistic, or “different.” In some cases, love is used as a cover for sympathy or pity or it’s the absence of trust or reliability that interferes with love. The strongest impact is likely to be on parent-daughter relationships.

The star Scheat sits at the highest point of this chart emphasizing the prominent love of intellect and search for truth befitting of the sign of Sagittarius. While a new life cycle is on the horizon, that for some, may include the release from a physical prison or subconscious guilt, Scheat’s Piscean placement is also an indication of misfortune on public display. This might imply the loss of a parent or grandmother. For others, it’s releasing career drive, a loss of social status, or redirecting energy toward a more creative, therapeutic, or spiritual field.

The close proximity of asteroid Fortuna, the goddess of fortune and the personification of luck, both good and bad, reflects life’s capriciousness running through the current events. Like Lady Justice, Fortuna is often depicted blindfolded, but her lack of balance portends the possibility of chance. The idea is that events are closely tied to virtue and those who lack virtue bring ill fortune on themselves.

You must be steady and assertive to attain your goals, and may need to be confrontational. While this influence signals the onset of arguments and conflict, it’s also a warning of behavior that’s too aggressive. Despite feelings of loss and sadness, the need is to accept the impending fluctuations with the understanding that it serves a purpose and order.

The keyword for this cycle is mutiny which is open rebellion, refusal to obey orders, or attempts to take control from persons in authority. This is likely to reflect in political events but also in personal relationships, particularly those with an imbalance of power. The tendency is to do many regrettable things and one may be drawn into litigation, quarrels of various kinds, or tempted to aggressive action and threatening attitude. It’s possible that eventually the higher side of character is corrupted.

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