Love Notes: Week Aug 18-25, 2023

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: This week connects you to a strong, charismatic individual or you become one. Situations require that you use the brilliance of your mind and the passion of your heart to be a powerful leader who inspires and empowers others. Author Leroy Eimes wrote, “A leader is one who sees more than others see, who sees farther than others see and who sees before others see.” Right now your sights are only on a tiny part of the picture and this limited view is keeping you stuck in a place you’d rather not be. True confidence in your abilities means relinquishing rigidity and releasing fear to view life from a perspective of faith. If you find yourself in a constant state of anxiety, worry, or stress it’s an indication that you haven’t yet taken full responsibility for creating your reality. The onus is on you to focus only on what you actually wish to experience, allow yourself to receive it, and let the Universe take care of how the magic will appear.


  • Giving advice, moral support, or sending positive message
  • Love letter, card, or sentiment
  • A need to take a leadership role where correspondence or messaging is concerned
  • Illumination given, received, or about communication
  • Awareness of message, invitation, wedding announcement
  • Written invitation, text, email, phone call
  • Illumination through hearing from someone; initiating matters by making contact
  • You’ll soon send or receive a love message


  • Ego surrounding a fortune or the future
  • Awareness of ego triggers before they occur
  • Need for clarity when dealing with difficult individuals–self righteousness or refusal to compromise; relationship hindered by arrogance, selfishness, or ego
  • Relationship needs mending (may center on issues of generosity)
  • Ego has bearing on the future–pride prevents one from taking action
  • Ego tied to status (you/others)–someone behaving with a big head and small heart
  • Possibilities–healthy ego fuels big expectations; manifesting with thoughts
  • Ego boost as a result of good fortune


  • Joking or playfulness as a means of coping with matters that are unclear; illusion of “just joking”
  • Illusion of enjoying self (you/others)
  • Enjoyment of activities that focus on appearance (i.e. getting ready to go out, cosmetic procedures); playfulness/joking about appearance (yours/others); luck in the looks department (you/other)
  • Playing around with how something looks
  • Time out from illusions–a need to take a closer look; not taking situations seriously–refusal to see the truth
  • Projections onto others (you/other); behavior reflected back
  • Letting loose (positive/negative–i.e. with words, emotions, pushing boundaries, going too far) because of or concerning illusions; some aspect of self, relationship, or partner may not be exactly as it appears on the surface
  • Excessive preoccupation with appearances–to “appear” happy, successful, financially stable, intellectual, capable, attractive, etc.; superficial relationship concerned predominantly with looks
  • “Image” of lightheartedness (true or false); letting loose–a need for recreation and down time


  • Decisions concerning transportation, travel, vehicles, or getting a ride
  • Coming up with ideas about entertainment or amusement; the decision to have some fun
  • Decision about whether a relationship is serious or friends with benefits
  • Decisions that are thrill-seeking in nature
  • Relationship is a mutual fun ride but may/may not develop into something deeper
  • Sheer excitement and pleasure of someone’s company


  • Transformation that may involve surgery; facing the inevitability of death
  • Changes that may tie to funeral arrangements, end of life, wills, estate planning
  • An ending or transformation that results in completely different circumstances
  • Matters that pertain to shared assets, taxes, insurance, or large sums of money
  • Profound and unsettling changes–intense psychological issues
  • Facing the truth concerning stressful or crisis-oriented situation
  • Waiting in vain–may be for release of funds, inheritance, yield on investment, answers, etc.
  • Lack of change–dead situation, nothing going on, malaise, couch potato
  • Change that connects to Scorpio persons (sun, moon, rising)
  • Transformation of a situation that appeared to be dead or where there was lack of movement


  • In la-la land about what is ideal–person, place, situation; a need to sort out fiction from reality–not sure if this (whatever this is) is “the one”
  • The perfect “high”; drug (substance or otherwise) of choice
  • Heightened imagination produces ideal situation; believing in your dreams
  • Fantasizing, dreams or vision about what you consider “perfect”; conjuring up the quintessential partner with all the traits, values, and attributes you desire
  • Feeling light/lucky because of partner worth spending a lifetime together; marriage material
  • High magnetism and powers of attraction (you/other); being in the spotlight
  • Magical reality–may be receiving gifts, good fortune, recognition


  • Need to release self-repression–not a serious relationship; friends with benefits
  • Discussions that center on transportation, travel, or vehicle
  • Having fun doing what you love
  • Vitality that may connect to thrill-seeking (to feel alive); taking a risk that may impact health
  • Positive expression–sheer excitement and pleasure in the company of another; this relationship is a mutual fund ride that may/may not develop into anything deeper
  • Expressing joy because of amusement or entertainment; need to release self-repression and have some fun


  • Revelations from hidden sources about or concerning family
  • Spirit messenger (may be from ancestors or family members on the other side)
  • Self-awareness due to family involvement; shared family values are important to the relationship
  • A need for contemplation or inner listening (may be concerning a family member or the desire to start a family)
  • Subliminal messaging to or from family
  • In the dark concerning family matters–searching for answers; family coming out of the shadows; stepping out of the shadow of family
  • Creating family traditions; family celebration; dealing with extended family


  • A need for clarity concerning an opportunity
  • An opportunity that has a bearing on the future or will arrive in the future
  • An opportunity to make a fortune
  • The foresight to spot opportunity before it arrives
  • The good fortune to receive an opportunity
  • Manifesting with thoughts to create opportunity
  • An opportunity offers possibilities
  • An opportunity will present for you to create beneficial changes provided that you take the initiative


  • An underlying tone or unspoken message concerning shared chemistry; you share strong attraction
  • Revelations from hidden sources surrounding a physical attraction or sexual encounter
  • Awareness of fragrance or scent
  • Spirit messengers connect you to desires; desire to connect with spirit messengers
  • A need for contemplation, inner thinking where attraction and chemistry are concerned
  • Magnetism and the power to convey a message with passion (you/others)


  • The strength of privacy; privacy wall; protecting your privacy
  • The power of negotiations behind closed doors
  • Keeping matters private concerning children, creativity, health, or romance; a need for discretion
  • Private matters that may connect to a Leo person (sun, moon, rising)
  • The strength of quality time–you and your partner may need to spend time alone together
  • Fearlessly taking action behind the scenes
  • High self esteem related to private or privileged access
  • Encounter with individual who is difficult to know, access or very private


  • Past influences affect relationship; reveling in the past concerning issues of loyalty or infidelity
  • Role of mistress (you/other); looking for satisfaction outside the primary relationship (you/other)
  • Risky sexual behavior; one night stand; sexual conquest is driving the relationship
  • Memories triggered by inappropriate or unwanted advances
  • Memories that connect to issues of jealousy or unfaithfulness
  • Someone is interfering in your relationship (may be family members)
  • The “other” (yours/theirs)
  • You/partner may be secretly tempted by another person
  • Nostalgia for an old lover; difficulty moving on from an affair

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