New Moon in Leo

August 16, 2023| 2:37 am (PST) | Keyword: Renunciation

The Moon heralds a new beginning in matters related to communication, transportation, education, and multiple projects that will slowly take form. The characteristics of Leo also emphasize an attraction to art, music, entertainment and theater. The need is to connect with others to express ideas to the widest audience possible, and in the mundane, coincides with the ongoing presidential campaigns of various candidates. Notable events will involve persons with prominent Leo in the natal chart (sun, moon, rising) as well as persons with significant Cancer placements.

For some, there’s greater involvement within the community, or with siblings, neighbors, or acquaintances. Perhaps you’re making decisions regarding your parents, family member, or a family project that requires you to communicate with relatives. There may be increased activity where you live while you assess the domestic situation and do a great deal of planning to analyze a space, redecorate, or carefully consider a neighborhood if purchasing a home. This can unfold as do-it-yourself redecoration or renovation projects that require more work than usual. Minor repairs will tend to develop into major jobs that are more time consuming and demanding than anticipated. If you don’t own a home, you may devise a plan to purchase one.

Alternatively, you may decide to set up a home office or ease your workload by bringing work home from the office. Maybe you’re entering into a secondary business with family members. Situations require you to confront adjustments or conflicts concerning dividing your time between home and professional life. Additionally, division of labor around the home may be an issue causing you to renegotiate responsibilities and household chores because of life changing situations.

Those with a strong business sense and prone to financial speculation can be quite competitive in their chosen field. Saturn is underscoring productivity and the power to make things happen and highlights those who can bring to fruition their dreams or higher ideals. With Saturn as a signifier for both government and leaders, it also suggests the personal philosophies of a leader that can become political policies.

For anyone in general whose role is to spread information through teaching, writing, or public speaking, presentation plays a significant factor in creating the desired lasting impression. The emphasis is on learning, writing, studying and thinking, but not necessarily applying or testing the information acquired.

However, an interception in the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius signals delays and obstacles specific to communication. Some may experience a degree of uncertainty with regard to the professional situation and goals. The influence creates conditions for drowning in trivial information attributed to difficulty discriminating between facts of importance and the insignificant. Without a creative pursuit or something stimulating to concentrate on, you can worry or become anxious. Other problematic factors are the tendency to be closed minded toward anything that can’t be readily proven or the suppression of ideas that could prove embarrassing.

Given the challenge of expressing opinions, either without sound support of your assertions or because of sounding too dogmatic, others are likely to reject your views. Communication can be especially difficult if emotional exchanges are required, but suppressed emotions can lead to obsessive thoughts, irrational feelings and anxiety attacks. Either you’ll experience mental difficulty or you’ll successfully integrate your conscious and unconscious perspective.

On the whole, a measured response is needed in situations that require you to analyze details for correctness and then step back to consider the message of the broader picture. But Mars is prodding the championing of the non-mainstream cause, within or outside of the law which can prompt actions designed to shock. It denotes one of pugnacious nature who forces his demands and ideas by sheer power of mind; possibly a man of compelling will and magnetic force who stops at nothing to carry out his ambitions. (I’d like to point out here that candidate Donald Trump is a Gemini with a Sagittarius moon and Leo rising. His Mercury, Venus, and Saturn are all in Cancer.)

Events probably won’t play out as planned due to unanticipated and disruptive situations that call for flexibility and alterations, but for some, the changes may be advantageous in the long run. In fact, your own actions can be the catalyst to find the courage to tackle powerful issues that lead to a complete transformation. The shift happens through contact with friends and groups with whom you’re destined to have a powerful and sometimes strenuous association. Your involvement can test the ability for unconditional love, and at times, to forgive and let go of the past.

The new moon’s conjunction with Venus would normally endow a pleasing and charismatic persona which highlights beauty, artistic talent, and a sense of good taste. Through her influence, the inclination is to avoid confrontation in favor of harmony with others.

But this Venus is retrograde which can push you to forego peaceful tendencies as you reevaluate the true value and worth of people and things in your life. This examination brings heightened awareness concerning problems, differences, and unresolved issues you have with others. In some cases, these concerns may focus on feeling unloved, being alone, isolated, secretive, or ill. It shows potential problems with work, relations with co-workers and subordinates, and services that you provide. Additionally, mental and physical health, and overall well-being plays a role, and specifically how you tend to undermine your success through self-sabotaging behaviors.

These concerns may connect to children, lovers, entertainment, creativity and self-expression. Both the desire principle and the sex drive are intensified and dilemmas might involve jealousy and possessiveness in romance or marriage. It also suggests monetary matters related to bankruptcy, pulling out of debt, real estate or excessive tax or inheritance burdens.

With emotions running high, conflict can erupt with family members or those you live with in the domestic environment as a result of anger that resurfaces from past events or present situations. Circumstances that echo the past may trigger old feelings of resentment and hurt, but this will be the time to air these feelings in order to constructively move forward. The desire to protect yourself from future uncomfortable situations can heighten awareness to determine whether you’re being taken advantage of or staying in an unhealthy situation. The point is to examine past conditioning and behaviors, particularly from childhood, that continue to wield a negative influence over your life. It’s important to gain greater understanding of the family dynamics which have led you to the present point and to take the initiative to handle emotional conflicts.

Much of this may link to a family or cultural background with a chaotic history that appears to be part of the personal journey. Because of this, you may have resignedly accepted the instability of life. Self-improvement occurs through conflict once you comprehend that you’re externalizing the problems within and projecting them onto people and situations in the outer world. The challenge is to take responsibility for your actions rather than disown your demons. In doing so, it’s possible to feel a greater sense of freedom in the aftermath of heavy emotional work.

The keyword for this cycle is renunciation which is the formal rejection of something, typically a belief, claim, or course of action. During this period, you may willingly give up something or may be forced to do so by circumstance. Confrontation may the vehicle for which illogical thinking, unsound ideas, or incorrect or outmoded beliefs are renounced. Perhaps the choice is to practice ascetic self-denial in service of a larger purpose or the refusal to acknowledge, recognize, or be bound by a contract or obligation. For some, this period brings the profound realization that the fight to gain ascendancy in the world is a struggle of illusion and that one is better served by retiring to a life of peace and simplicity.

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