3rd Quarter Moon in Taurus

August 8, 2023 | 3:28 am (PST) | Keyword: Good Living

The Moon is moving at a slow pace and matters are slow to develop. Well placed in Taurus, this moon emphasizes the emotional need for material security and bringing form to your ideas, and manifestation may connect to a strong sense of purpose or alignment with a mission. Creative, resourceful and clever, you can be very determined to achieve practical results. To do so, you’ll focus on financial issues that involve ways to manage, budget, save and invest as you examine your relationship to resources. The goal is to have a greater control over your life through the things you value. Events that occur are likely to include persons with strong Taurus in the natal chart (sun, moon, rising) and involvement with those who have Cancer as a dominant influence.

Although the danger of indulgence is ever present for a Taurus moon, you may have developed and integrated certain aspects of your personality that grant a sense of self-worth that makes you comfortable with moderation. This sense of completeness assists in limiting overindulgence by eliminating the unnecessary, materially and otherwise, through clear and conscious choices.

Despite the fixed nature of Taurus, this cycle also marks an emotionally sensitive time where tempers can flare because of unpredictability caused by unusual or unexpected behavior on your part or that of others. Additionally, family security needs have to be addressed and resolved and the actions of another person may influence financial decisions.

Emotions will run high with the general public as well, especially when legal, safety, or security systems fail. As a result, the emphasis is on persons who’re emotionally committed or responsive to the needs of the collective. Strong figures will protect or nurture people or ideas and possess the ability to resist force. But success or failure is based on the whims of popular support or because of a popular cause. While it’s possible for the talented long shot to take center stage, it can also bring to the fore persons of wit; the trickster with a sleight of hand approach to life.

The moon is fueled by a stellium of energy that connects to friendships and associations that highlight shared dreams, hopes, and aspirations with the potential to bring reward or satisfaction. Some benefits come through career channels, alliances with persons of influence, or previous creative projects that begin to yield an increase in financial revenue. The moon’s link with Jupiter provides confidence and optimism, but may also bring advantage through universities and other places of education. You could spend a lot of time reading, writing or studying in intellectual activities. If continuing your education, you may experience a minor impediment or delay in order to handle outside issues before devoting yourself fully to studies.

The axis involved with expression and outreach connects to a master number of manifestation with the power to turn desires and dreams into reality. There’s the belief, possibly instilled by a parent or authority figure, in the value of persistent work and commitment and a need to see the results of effort. Some will willingly take the long hard path in order to achieve personal goals.

In fact, this cycle is one of major undertakings that require a great deal of personal commitment and research in order to make a decision or choice. It may be the consideration of a vocation that guides your life or the comparison between present and future goals to determine if they’re reflective of the needs and desires that equate to emotional fulfillment in work and health. An endeavor of interest may be a project, cause, idea or belief that receives opposition from family or those closest. In order to fulfill your goals, you’ll have to fight for freedom with regard to the daily routine, career, or social status and these issues will be crucial. It may be ambiguity surrounding the stability of your job or the contemplation of a career change. If you’re frustrated, you’ll experience tremendous pressure, especially if you fear what others think. Your response to situations may be a negative form of rebellion rather than a positive pursuit of independence.

Even so, the lack of support might actually spur your conviction prompting you to take action to realize the goal. A multitude of factors will need to be settled before you can pursue concrete plans, but this is a good time to go with the flow of uncertainty.

Without the backing of family you might become closer to friends who’re more supportive of your goals or life direction and willing to assist. Career changes are focused on bringing you greater satisfaction and fulfillment in your profession and spiritual beliefs must manifest through your career options to fit your spiritual intent. Belief in self is paramount and if you lack clarity in what you want, you’ll spend the time rejecting jobs you don’t want. Fulfillment is more important than money, status or recognition, and if clear on your desires, you’ll move steadily toward a new professional endeavor.

A boost of energy directs increased activity related to communication and transport and the need to express ideas in some form. Consequently, you may meet new people or travel. As the daily tempo increases, you’re also likely to have more involvement with neighbors, acquaintances, and relatives. Perhaps you have talent in speaking out and exchanges with others are prompted by the goal of sharing emotionally through long discussions about issues or problems. Some of these concerns might center on vehicles, youth, and education.

However, your attachment to others is also likely to vacillate and partnerships will go through profound and significant transformations. You’ll be attracted to new kinds of friends and old friendships may fade. This can be due to a marked decrease in common interests or sudden attractions. In some cases, connections are a source of stress and conflict that create misunderstandings, upsetting situations, or separation. The interception in this chart makes it difficult to confront issues until they get out of hand and eventually reach a climax. Consequently, minor problems that could easily have been resolved can destroy a good friendship or a “friendship” that caused suffering should have ended a long time ago but might have continued for years.

Although the desire is to retain individuality, it’s important to observe social graces, parameters, and boundaries. The message is to be mindful of the company you keep and remain aware of how associates are impacting the life. Problematic factors that contribute are issues of unreliability or interactions with those who feel threatened by your need for independence or vice versa. In some cases, an emphasis on the nature of parenting may be motivational in efforts to obtain independence that includes going off to school, relocating, living on your own, becoming self-employed or self-supporting.

While the ultimate goal is autonomy, in the interim you’re likely to experience anxiety and frequent changes in plans due to unexpected events and the disruption of this cycle is a caution against making commitments to a new project because of an energy of interference. Learning situations may be tedious and involve the memorization of numerous details, but it’s possible that you’ll be continually distracted in such a way that doesn’t allow for anything more than the acquisition of superficial information. Changes will often times be initiated by others where unexpected situations encourage you to change your direction.

Not all the information you receive during this period will be educational. A relationship, activity or professional endeavor you’re currently involved in may specifically contradict what you once thought to be true. In fact, this may be a time of major disclosures and realizations about being lied to concerning information you receive or received in the past that’s false. You’ll need to assess what’s actually truth in these cases as you become acutely aware of whether others practice the principles and beliefs they espouse to. You’re also cognizant of how philosophies and beliefs may differ from yours.

On the other hand, if torn between what you know or hear and what you sense intuitively, the culprit could be negative emotions, obsessions, compulsions, phobias and extreme anger working in defiance of rational control. You may jump to conclusions and respond without thinking, especially if you’re angry or responding through unconscious motivation, or intolerant or critical of the beliefs of others. Alternatively, depression, stress or anxiety can negatively influence your thinking, but it’s important that you try to think clearly in order to function at optimal level. Ultimately, you’ll make a realistic reassessment of prejudices, intolerance and beliefs that are not based on fact.

The interception indicates delays and blockages in general due to karmic home and family conditions. Something is blocked in the areas of romance, children, creativity and pleasure related to problems with friends, hopes and wishes. A significant factor is the tendency to start things without finishing or following through. Perhaps you continuously take up a new sport or start hobbies and quickly lose interest. Maybe you’ve started a family, but have little desire to care for the children. Likewise, formative years might have a bearing on a child who inherits the habit of not seeing things through to completion or was forced to assume responsibilities in the role of parent. If this is the case, resurfacing memories can have major ramifications. Emotional freedom of expression can be blocked underscoring the need to release troubling memories and focus on the present.

If the relationship is romantic in nature, there can be fears surrounding giving up freedom for the demands of a committed relationship. The difficulty in sustaining relationships might mean opting for a series of one-night stands instead. A Venus|Uranus midpoint contact in this chart could bring a demonstration of love in the presence of others, a sudden meeting or contact, or a hasty engagement.

If you’re not in a relationship, perhaps you’re strongly attracted to someone new or previously acquainted with. You may experience a soul-level relationship where a karmic attraction forces you to seriously question all past and present relationships. The desire for a new level of intimacy can cause you to choose someone your conscious self wouldn’t normally choose.

Unfortunately, this moon brings argument, anger, struggle and conflict. But the influence can also be an indication of strength, especially in situations that require restraint rather than resorting to violence, either physical or emotional. It can signify a contest of wills or a lawsuit and countervailing forces that provoke hindrance in reaching goals. The reminder is that without risk there’s no gain and you must apply the greatest effort in order to reap rewards.

The keywords for this cycle are good living and can emphasize comfort, quality, well-being, and luxuries. While the tendency for indulgence is underscored, especially surrounding persons favored by women, a restraining influence gently pulls the reigns to maintain the right course.

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