Love Notes: Week Aug 4-11, 2023

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: It’s natural to have the desire to move up the ladder of success, but at what cost to self and others? Some effort or endeavor requires due diligence, time, and energy that ties to self-improvement, learning, material security, or investing in a relationship. Maybe you’re not at top game, stuck in a rut, or playing it safe in the comfort zone and seeking the easy way out or up. On the other hand, you may be faced with a “golden opportunity” that doesn’t feel authentic to your goals or values or you realize that even as a master you have more to learn. The motivation for decisions may be to seek self-gratification or could be based in petty grievances, but you’re encouraged to closely examine the “I” of the equation in matters where you may be vulnerable to the influence or criticism of others. Remember that your choices not only affect you in the material sense, but also in a spiritual one and will impact future lives. Now is the time to find new ways to apply what you know in a manner that is of service for all.


  • Time to stop struggling, acceptance of what is–relationship serves only to bring spiritual lessons or evolution
  • Unable to rely solely on faith to achieve or attain something
  • Faith, religion or spirituality unrecognized (yours/others)
  • Inability to attain a certain level of faith
  • Unable to reach or access someone who is highly spiritual
  • Difficulty finding the spiritual connection or someone who shares your core values
  • Time to stop struggling and trust in faith, beliefs, or spirituality
  • Answered prayers that look different that what you asked for


  • Not the best time to start a family OR biological clock is ticking
  • A need to take the initiative concerning family–issues, concerns, celebrations
  • Lack of action, movement, or effort in family matters (you/others)
  • Not the right time for a family celebration or to deal with certain issues or extended family
  • Decision not to get involved in family matters or affairs of family members (may not share the same values)
  • Not following family tradition or none in place


  • Surprise/shock at the level of ego (yours/others)
  • A need to open to new possibilities but may be self righteousness or the refusal to compromise (you/others); relationship hindered by arrogance, selfishness or ego
  • A blast from the past–may be someone with a big ego or involved an ego triggering situation
  • Unexpected encounter that may go awry–someone behaving with big head and small heart (you/others)
  • Shock–pride prevents one from taking action
  • A need to open to new possibilities–relationship needs mending
  • Unexpected news that triggers ego (positive/negative)
  • Surprise brings an ego boost


  • Luxuriating in a beautiful bedroom or intimate space
  • Pampering yourself (rest, beauty treatment, romantic getaway)
  • Splendor of intimacy; honeymoon; intimate connection with someone highly attractive
  • Beautiful inside and out; a need to recognize inner beauty (yours/other)
  • Splendor of connection–relationship deepening in ways that may lead to greater physical and/or emotional intimacy


  • Lack of change–facing the truth about a dead end situation
  • Spiraling moods
  • Waiting in vain for change–round and round about the same issues without resolution; repetitive behavior; no apparent solution
  • An ending–this relationship is going nowhere
  • Dead silence–relationship may progress only to suddenly end at a closed door; confusion about where relationship is headed; false start
  • Ending of no-win situations or where progress was blocked
  • Transformation of what appeared to be a dead end situation


  • Unfinished business–may connect to celebration, travel, something from the past
  • Steeped in the past–a need to let your hair down, relax; just like old times
  • Traveling through a tunnel (literal, figurative)
  • Celebration that includes someone from your past
  • Good news that ties to something from a long time ago
  • Opening the door to the past–dealing with memories; past conditioning affects your relationship
  • Connections from your past have the power to open doors
  • Possible travel–may be related to persons or places from the past
  • May be dealing with an ex or old lover; connection to someone with whom you agreed to continue the love in this incarnation


  • Playing off or making light of rejection (yours/others)
  • Rejecting a time out OR taking a time out to deal with rejection
  • A need for recreation/down time as the means to cope with being hurt or rejected; wrong love choice
  • Letting loose (going too far) results in lack of attraction, disinterest (you/other) when boundaries are pushed
  • Rejecting letting loose (uptight, reserved) may be reason for disconnect–incompatibility, possibility of getting hurt
  • Playfulness or friend-zoning–relationship likely to remain platonic
  • Rejected for not taking matters seriously–one person investing more time and energy without a return (you/other)


  • Need for a time out–sorting out the messages of your intuition
  • Intuition reveals a message about an encounter (may tell you that you’re not taken seriously)
  • Taking stock of people/situations–trust your instincts about whether this relationship feels right or should move forward
  • Weighing options–making intuitive choices
  • Two heads are better than one–not knowing if you can trust your intuition; intuition tells you to seek advice


  • Not wanting any surprises–a greater need for solitude rather than engaging with others
  • News connected to coastal area, house by the sea, or retreat
  • Not surprised by a situation that may tie to the past
  • Expecting to be alone or alone with someone; private world
  • Need to open to new possibilities that may connect to coastal property or community


  • A need to encourage a positive mindset concerning new love
  • Sense of renewal because of a new love–person, place, pursuit
  • Revitalization of relationship–feels like new love; courtship
  • New beginning–new love is in the works or on its way; new relationship on the immediate horizon
  • New love of healing practice; healing in preparation for new love
  • Beginning stage of relationship; meeting a new potential partner (romantic, business, social)


  • Spiritual expression–deep connection with another person where core values align; relationship may bring evolution
  • Faith or belief in what is said (may be spiritual person, teacher); relationship serves to bring spiritual lessons
  • Transformation of expression through spiritual lens
  • Expressing joy in the spiritual; more focused on spiritual growth than being in relationship
  • Belief concerning vitality (physical, emotional, mental)
  • Spiritual alignment–a need to release self-repression; feeling lighter as a result of transformation that may occur through self expression
  • Faith in doing what you love; belief and/or joy in creativity
  • Expressing joy of answered prayers


  • Gaining greater truth or clarity in relationship affects confidence (positive/negative); need for self love and appreciation
  • Recognition for your clarity of thought or expression; recognition for bringing important issues to light
  • Coming to a clear understanding (of matters, situations, or with people)
  • Hidden revelations about those who are successful
  • Riding high on success and recognition as the hidden is revealed
  • Clarity concerning success boosts confidence; light bulb moment on how to achieve success

Decks: Romantic Love Oracle, Love is a Garden Affirmation Deck, In Color, The Alchemist Astrologer; The Good Tarot, Collette Baron-Reid; Mystical Healing, Inna Segal

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