Full Moon in Aquarius

August 1, 2023| 11:31 am (PST) | Keyword: Narrowness

The Moon is quickly gliding through the sign of Aquarius emphasizing group dynamics, but also independence, innovation, or rebellion. Progressive in thought, your expression may be used to compel others to action and you may be quite capable of an immovable determination when dedicated to a goal or ideal. The temperament displayed by self or others is generally pleasing, affable and harmonious unless annoyed or opposed, but cooperation and persuasion rather than verbal aggression is best, particularly with legal issues surrounding relationships and business partnerships.

Career-wise, the period will highlight those involved in the promotion of technological inventions or unusual artistic gifts or talents. Creatively, this might include actors or writers of love stories or those with the tendency to delve into the problems of a sexual relationship. The task may require depth of thought and isolation to research or write on profound subjects.

But forward thinking also extends to personal relationships that can make for difficulty in intimacy because of unorthodox ideas concerning marriage, romance, or sexual culture as well as an eccentric sense of values regarding money and possessions. The events that unfold will include persons with strong Aquarius in the natal chart (sun, moon, or rising sign) and possible corroboration with a Libra.

Changes take place regarding the place of residence or through domestic affairs because of inner emotional shifts currently underway. Extreme sensitivity surrounding home may cause you to feel emotionally more possessive, and if home life is challenging, you may have a strong fear of being alone or alienated. The interest is in creating a comfortable home with the desire for a safe barrier to the distractions of the outside world and to establish a firmer foundation upon which to build. This concept may also influence career choices connected to real estate, dealing in property or land, interior design or decorating.

The need for a solid home base can also be motivated by opportunities related to career and the review of your life as a whole to determine if you’re making the progress necessary to meet your goals. You want to make your mark on the world, particularly through your profession. To that end, you may find yourself receiving greater notice or attention from others and public recognition and social achievement may be the reward of a carefully laid foundation.

However, a lack of preparedness will leave you frustrated with meager, if any, success. You may have difficulty coping with everyday life due to a lack of purpose or direction, problems concentrating, or getting started in work where your heart isn’t in it. The inattention to detail can mean you’re blamed for the loss of important papers or contracts due to mismanagement or misunderstandings in communication. You may be unemployed or leave a job that doesn’t engage your talents and abilities. If you have problems with coworker or employers, the advice is to avoid confrontation with authority figures. Perhaps you become self-employed or seek greater job satisfaction. You may be in a period of transition between jobs; finishing up an old job, or a business or career is moving toward a new professional endeavor. In this case, you’re marking time or existing in limbo until you make the final transition. Difficult decisions will have an impact on career, reputation, and public image.

Despite the dispassionate nature of an Aquarius moon, some are seeking greater intimacy in emotional connections and may attract relationships that require an element of nurturing. You could be collaborating on a project, group activity or working with friends. In these instances, you may be taking on a leadership role and motivating others.

Alternatively, children may be a source of concern requiring greater supervision and time, especially if adjusting to major life changes such as relocation, new school, parents’ divorce or separation, or the birth of a sibling. Your children may have difficulty coping with daily situations and need more guidance and support related to academics, behavioral problems, or goals. Even if your children are adults, they may still need your assistance in some way.

The Moon’s placement at the hearth of this chart also suggests deep emotional needs of your own. Memories and past conditioning play a role in the examination of habits and patterns that have affected your destiny. Perhaps the rules that have governed your life in the past are no longer practical in the present or your needs conflict with societal expectations. If so, you could be questioning whether goals are actually yours or have been thrust upon you. Friends and loved ones may be surprised by your new-found independence with valid cause for concern. You may be making impulsive decisions without consulting others or forming goals without critical information or research. Your lack of cooperation may be considered out of control and threatening, and you may be surprised by your own emotional outbursts and irrational thinking. People and situations can trigger upsetting emotions that provoke you to be unpredictable and erratic. You’ll need to learn to face the complexes and fears that prompt your responses.

Friendships and associations are likely to be casual, as detached, less intimate forms of relating or emphasized. Developing ideas and directions related to future goals may require reevaluation through exchanges with others to determine which goals are actually feasible. Group activities will assist in attaining a common goal, although the retrograde Venus can create delays in building friendships and networks within the community.

However, you may be resentful of the demands of group pressure when you feel that group needs and goals override your personal objectives leaving you feeling compromised. The emphasis on your needs vs. the needs of a group and breaking free from pointless restraint. You have an intense desire for freedom and will defy limitations. You don’t want your goals to be dominated, restricted or controlled by others and will tend to protect your rights to move forward in any personal or professional endeavor. You may not need support from others and will pursue your objectives despite any objections.

The choice may be to withdraw from those who can’t fulfill your needs, but revelations also bring to light the impact, positive or negative, you make on others as well. Most relationships are scrutinized as you gain an intuitive sense that provides insight into discrepancies between what you’re told and what you instinctively feel. Your perceptions regarding the motivations and manipulations of others, as well as yourself, will increase, especially in financial and sexual situations.

Mars is highlighted with strong links to asteroids Lova and Adonis as a source for arguments or conflict or the need to take a stand to confront an issue. This might connect to compromising situations such as an extra-marital affair or the thought of that can occupy your mind, especially if your relationship is strained. You may question your loyalty to one person or feel very restricted by the union to the degree that you’re tempted to have an affair. You’ll face ethical questions related to sexual morality in order to help you to define your own personal moral code, and will examine any sexual encounters, realized or not, in the context of your own ideological beliefs.

If single, you could be playing the field or hold residual fears from past involvements. Limitations that present in your current relationship may include long-distance, May-December romances, extra-marital affairs or relationships that involve a great deal of separation due to practicality. Perhaps you’re dating someone younger and adjusting to pushing certain boundaries. Issues of sexual freedom, techniques, practices, or preference may be important to you or someone close, or you may have a new sexual relationship that’s quite different from any you’ve been involved in before. Negatively, you may have on-again, off-again encounters, brief exchanges or experiences that lack fulfillment.

At worst, you may be denied the relationship you want because the person you’re involved with has previous commitments. For some, the relationship lacks true affection or involves more pain than love. The questions you work through surround your need for and amount of individual freedom related to monogamy or loyalty among friends.

For some, Mars is energy applied toward expansion and promotional interests related to professional, legal, religious or spiritual affairs. Gains may arrive through travel, new enterprises, publications, possible gifts or a successful settlement of a legal action. Foreigners, people of a different background, highly educated, or wealthy persons may be instrumental in your success.

Overall, this cycle signifies stability and protection, but requires patience to produce results. This is not a period to force a situation or get frustrated if things don’t happen as planned. Instead, the advice is to embrace the energy of grounding to plant the seeds of an endeavor by drawing on the wisdom of Source. Matters must proceed according to divine time rather than the dictates of man. Overindulgence or regretful choices invite suffering, and without focus, the rewards are little. It’s discernment and control over a restless nature that brings success.

The keyword for this cycle is narrowness. It can mean the need to narrow your focus to achieve a certain objective or suggest narrowness of thought that limits the ability to expand beyond present circumstances. The advice is to strike away any chains that prevent you from recognizing the beauty that surrounds you.

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