1st Quarter Moon in Scorpio

July 25, 2023 | 3:06 pm (PST) | Keyword: Penetration

The Moon is cautiously winding its way through the sign of Scorpio highlighting the emotional need for power and control. Deep-rooted survival instincts kick in that can make your approach to relationships obsessive and demanding, drive you to be daring, and at times, rash in action. It’s a cycle where you’ll be making changes that might connect to travel or a move, concerns that focus on the radical transformation of domestic affairs, and issues related to women, especially the mother. Some of your concerns might involve repairs, renovations, or changes in the household or the number of persons residing therein or may involve mortgages, loans, insurance, taxes, or matters surrounding the property of the deceased. In other cases, this period coincides with divorce, surgery, or the need to eliminate bad habits. The events that unfold are likely to include persons with strong Scorpio in the natal chart (sun, moon, or rising sign).

Public attention also centers on crusaders for a religious, educational, philosophic, political, or cultural cause, especially in fund raising and administrative capacities, and the enthusiasm for work can inspire the same in others. These persons may work hard to establish systems or means of employment for others that are mutually beneficial. There can be a draw to the military or a militaristic style to problem solving where considerable vision and foresight combined with Scorpio resourcefulness enables them to effectively prepare for the future. However, ethics can become a blind spot when relentless pursuit of the goal is morally justified no matter the means.

Personally, your ambition to achieve is aroused motivating you to work extremely hard on any project of importance and bring it to completion. You’re especially drawn to projects that require originality or the use of new tools or techniques, and may be working on commission or targeting new clients. You probably realize that you’ll have to work harder to get ahead or stay ahead whether in direct competition with others or with yourself.

Although the emphasis is on communication, you also feel the need to be very private about your feelings or may have difficulty in expression causing you to spend time in solitude or behind the scenes. A sense of isolation is caused by feeling misunderstood, ignored, a lack of solid emotional connections, or the suppression of emotions surrounding the extent of hurt you’ve experienced. Alternatively, you may prefer a more reclusive lifestyle or have a need for privacy to pursue your own interests. Perhaps you’re making important decisions about living alone if in the midst of a divorce or separation and functioning independently while pursuing a course of action.

The nature of certain situations might also require emotional restraint. You may be especially sensitive to those in need while spending time caring for others or because of involvement with someone ill. These situations might bring you into contact with hospitals or rehabilitation institutions because of someone who is dealing with a drug or alcohol problem. Despite the willingness to give of your time and help, this Moon can rouse the tendency to self-sabotage prompting some individuals to work against themselves and the refusal to help facilitate improvement which can lead to inappropriate role-playing of martyr or victim. In other instances, you may be involved in a clandestine romantic relationship that requires discretion due to varying levels of commitment or need for privacy.

However, some of the tension you experience during this cycle can be attributed to a belief system currently under threat. A challenge to your perceptions will cause you to question the validity of any prejudice, intolerance or belief under which you’ve been operating. The reassessment of these beliefs may shed light on how misconceptions you’ve held have contributed to difficulties. The review process may also provide or help you assimilate new information that can assist in solving these issues.

While you may be drawn to activities involving intellect, travel, or communication, these are also problematic areas prone to obstacles and delay. There’s an emphasized interest in self-gratification with a struggle involving the desire for center stage, rebellion, and the need to be different. Alternatively, you may find it difficult to gain notice when restrictive circumstances force you to project a conscious image of conservatism because of the message that the socially unacceptable won’t be tolerated. However, the stifling influence of an interception instigates difference to such a degree where the “normal” veneer eventually breaks erupting in extreme or inappropriate behavior and manifests as the rebel without a cause who rebels simply for rebellion’s sake. Some have difficulty receiving attention because the majority of energy is drained toward providing emotional support for others or the need for independence and freedom is subjugated for security.

Some of the problems may be frustration with your present employer or career responsibilities that bring you into conflict with authority figures. You may be dealing with unreasonable or difficult authority figures who create stressful situations or the burden of an overwhelming workload. On the other hand, parents, employers or government officials may feel it necessary to stop your efforts in various areas if you insist on being a threat. This suggests that unless you have something real at stake, you should try to align your interests with others if the goal is to advance your efforts. However, playing the child as a dependency role in a relationship or situation without seeking respect or authority can subsequently result in physical illness.

Positively, events bring the realization and awareness of your true capabilities through tests that prove practical application in your life. The objective is to broaden yourself intellectually through your engagement with the world at large through education or travel in the search for valid truths, either philosophical or scientific.

The intellectual pursuits and new experiences can also be shaped through an intense learning situation either formally or through self-study. The motivation may be the return to school after summer break, an obsession with a particular topic, or through a newly minted role as teacher that requires you to create or rework lesson plans. If you’ve been teaching for some time, it may be necessary to return to school to reinvigorate your interest or reaffirm your belief in teaching. If you’re a writer, the Sun in the house of publishing and promotion confirms that this may be a good time to approach a publisher.

With Venus also in residence, any travel will be very interesting for you, especially exposure to a lifestyle that is different from your own or different in terms of past experience. Your attraction to foreign places, cultures, or people makes this a good time to travel overseas, and as a result, it’s possible for romantic involvement with a foreigner or business interests that are profitable.

If travel isn’t possible, you’re still likely to have some contact with different ethnic groups or cultures with the goal of stepping outside of your normal experience. This will push the boundaries that open you to new possibilities, and you should engage in activities that challenge your preconceived ideas about culture and beauty.

In fact, a consciousness-expanding experience will bring about personal growth and may cause you to examine your outlook and beliefs about relationships. The concentration is probably toward one difficult relationship in particular where you’ve had unrealistic expectations. You may find yourself reviewing the past and the original connection as you sort through whether the association you have with this person is still a valid relationship. The outcome either reaffirms your commitment or brings the realization that the relationship is falling short of your desires. The catalyst for this review process could be a perceived internal or external threat to the relationship such as the belief that you or your partner are no longer satisfied with each other or are interested in someone else. You may have to address repressions or blockages regarding love, different tastes, and activities that affect leisure time with loved ones or create a sense of distance.

Conservatism is required in financial affairs, especially from the exposure to deception or theft. Situations can create a sense of anxiety about the potential for loss, but your position is one of safety and security when active measures are taken to safeguard what you’ve accrued. In fact, there’s positive indication for financial questions when you avoid risky behavior. However, the focus is on protection against the predatory rather than the amassing of wealth.

The keyword for this cycle is penetration which indicates the need to probe matters through the use of your ability to discern deeply and acutely. In the mundane, the objective may be to successfully sell in a particular market or area or events might highlight concerns of a sexual nature. More broadly, the intent is to shine the light of truth in a world of darkness where it is not enough to secure a few individual minds, but to arouse the masses.

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