Love Notes: Week Jul 21-28, 2023

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for an expanded perspective. Read your July Astro-Tarotscope here.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: Wealth and abundance takes many forms. This week highlights blessings of affluence, financial security, inherited wealth and knowledge. The dedicated efforts you’ve applied may begin to bear fruit granting you the chance to step back and observe what you’ve built. But the bounty of your good fortune also encourages appreciation for your body and the beauty of this divine, perfectly designed vessel that houses your soul. You are spirit in bodily form experiencing the material world. How you feel about your physicality and the measures you take to invest in its nourishment are reflected through what you choose to consume–food, drink, thoughts, feelings–as well as the relationships you entertain. Inner feelings of self-loathing, rejection, frustration, anger and guilt will manifest in ways that weaken the body. Perhaps its time to relinquish painful, traumatic experiences and self-sabotaging habits that undermine your body’s health.


  • Keeping emotional balance by maintaining distance from a situation
  • Rising above it all; taking a higher perspective to achieve outer/inner alignment
  • Successful juggling–may involve travel plans, dealing with those at a distance, or getting something off the ground
  • Work/life harmony–taking a trip or vacation; holiday
  • Change in the wind indicates a need for healthy balance
  • May need to go the distance with a partner in a difficult situation
  • Consideration of a mask when traveling
  • Change in the wind because matters/project suddenly takes off
  • Attempting not to reveal emotions connected to whirlwind relationship or making the first move (you/other)


  • Illusions, need to take steps (you/others)–something about your interactions brings important issues to light
  • Clarity concerning an attraction (you/other)–gaining greater truth in a relationship
  • Romantic or soft lighting; chandelier
  • Light bulb moment concerning bringing ideas to life
  • Coming to a clear understanding about how to attract what you desire
  • Irresistibly drawn to the light–hidden revealed; clear messaging
  • Influencing others by shedding light on matters


  • Need to seek harmony or peace with the past or memories; end of a struggle (rest in peace)
  • Trying to maintain harmony or friendship by remembering the good times
  • Harmony (or lack of) between memory and reality
  • Things falling into place connected to person/place/pursuit tied to memories
  • Creating memories together (may be with friends); memories of pleasant shared experiences influence relationship
  • Decision made related to nostalgia for the past; decision based in sentimentality
  • Decisions surrounding reappearance of an old love


  • Butterfly sanctuary
  • Need for rest and withdrawal; seeking sanctuary–giving thought in quiet time about making sweeping transformation
  • Rebirth through or after time in solitude; coming out of isolation; re-entering the dating scene; social butterfly
  • Re-energizing–self, revitalization of relationship; relationship may start again in new form
  • Mulling things over–relationship may reawaken desires and feelings you thought were dead
  • Inner listening–making positive personal changes because of relationship; relationship undergoing positive transformation
  • Contemplating second chances
  • Re-energizing your image, approach; changing your appearance
  • Changes that occur at the next quarter moon


  • Not trusting instincts where love is concerned; a need to bring more love into your life
  • Failure to implement pearls of wisdom that support self love
  • Failure to listen to warning or red flags that your intuition delivers surrounding opening the heart and generosity (you/others)
  • Not trusting self when it comes to giving/receiving love
  • A sense that something is wrong about your partner or relationship


  • Renewal of matters, ties, or situations involving children
  • Healing connected to children–physical, emotional, relationship, etc.
  • Healing in matters related to childhood (yours/others)
  • A need to encourage positive mindset–children are impacting the relationship
  • Feeling revitalized–the need to remember childlike exuberance of romance
  • Playful interactions; dating someone younger; sense of renewal–feeling young
  • Revitalization (of a connection)–may be involved with someone from your childhood
  • New beginning–starting something new


  • Intrigued by wisdom or wise individuals; knowledge is sexy
  • Need for spiritual guidance–you find person seductively intriguing
  • Opening to higher self in the face of a temptation
  • Seeking inner peace concerning secret or clandestine relationship; knowledge/truth concerning hidden affair
  • Wisdom of playing the role of seducer/seduced
  • Awareness that seduction is vital part of maintaining passion in relationship
  • Awareness of where situation is leading–sexual innuendos, heavy flirtation


  • A need to recognize your luck and open to love
  • Lucky in love; good fortune through romance; honeymoon phase
  • A fortuitous stroke of luck connects you to a romantic partner; a pleasant unexpected encounter or surprise
  • Exhilaration because of new relationship or moving current relationship to the next level
  • A lucky opportunity brings meeting with someone of interest
  • Wish fulfilled (especially in matters of romance)


  • Need for a time out–round and round about the same issues with out resolution; repetitive behavior
  • Flurry of inner messages–confusion about where relationship is headed; not getting the message (figuratively, literally)
  • Humor that falls flat or doesn’t alleviate situation as intended (your/others)
  • Contemplating a false start–relationship may progress only to suddenly end at closed door
  • Considering the foolishness of others to be a dead end–this relationship is going nowhere; now-win situations involving deception, insincerity, and dishonesty
  • Taking stock of a situation that seemed to be a dead end
  • Weighing options about how to handle matters where progress was blocked; getting advice when there’s no apparent solution


  • Difficulty acknowledging superficial relationship concerned predominantly with looks; excessive preoccupation with appearing happy, financially stable, attractive, interesting, intelligent, capable, successful, etc. as a couple or to attract a partner
  • Illusions about healing or healing a situation
  • Looking in the mirror for signs of healing (figurative, literal)
  • Healing appearance, image–strong concern for how something looks or is viewed
  • Some aspect of self, partner, or situation is not as it appears on the surface (may be concerning healing–physically, emotionally, otherwise)
  • Inner/outer healing (possible mismatch between the two)
  • Time out to address issues–behavior reflected back, projections, etc. (you/other)
  • Preference for illusion–refusal to see the truth (you/others)
  • A need to take a closer look–self love


  • Taking off with paperwork, documents, information, receipts, etc. (you/others)
  • Seeking an exit because of mental record of perceived wrongs or inability to compromise (you/others)
  • Taking off because of drama, rashness, or unreliability (you/others); having to pay a high price for relationship; competition for love and affection
  • Travel tickets, passport, and/or itinerary–starting a journey; comparison shopping for flights or accommodations
  • Paperwork that grants freedom
  • Running away from criticism or red flags
  • Overcoming extreme competition–venture successfully takes off; power plays that work in your favor
  • Keeping score for the win


  • A need to seek direction–complexities that interfere with ease and flow of relationship–i.e. third parties, children/partners from previous relationships, office romance, extra-marital affairs, health challenges, etc.
  • Giving or receiving guidance concerning complicated matters
  • Spirit guides help when you have difficulty finding your way through a situation
  • Opening to inner voice concerning misunderstandings
  • Exploring the psyche–how to overcome problems and/or complexities of the mind

Decks: Romantic Love Oracle, Love is a Garden Affirmation Deck, In Color, The Alchemist Astrologer; The Good Tarot, Collette Baron-Reid; Mystical Healing, Inna Segal

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