New Moon in Cancer

July 17, 2023| 11:31 am (PST) | Keyword: Impressions

The Moon is slowly moving through the sign of Cancer stirring the emotional need for security found through home and family, but signaling that matters will take time to develop. However, this cycle can make you prone to impulsive reactions and provoke volatile behavior, especially in response to emotional memories. Conflict can arise through your relationships with dramatic and intense individuals possibly due to repressed anger and passion. It’s the failure to constructively address anger that contributes to the sense that your personal power is somehow eroded prompting you to experience intense emotional outbursts and repressed desires that are inappropriate to the given moment. The events that unfold are likely to include persons with strong Cancer in the natal chart (sun, moon, rising sign) as well as the sign of Libra.

But anger may be displaced or counterproductive, and you may decide to withdraw from conflict and confrontations, particularly with family members. Instead, the response may be one of extreme anxiety because of the inability to defend yourself in difficult situations where specific people trigger stress. If you’re continually involved in frustrating situations, you may find your energy drained through conflict. The influence of this Moon best serves you in the choice to take decisive action to overcome past conditioning and improve your situation, especially if it doesn’t warrant force or where assertiveness may be useless. You can become immune to negativity through development of psychological understanding whereby the lack of response becomes a conscious choice not to become a victim of your own anger.

With the Moon in the upper sector of the chart, a significant transformation is also likely to occur in your career, professional sphere, your role as parent, or in dealing with authority figures. Pluto has been retrograde for some time over a degree that motivates you toward a major career change if the sense is that your profession leaves much to be desired. The approach may be action rather than words in applying yourself to work hard to find a solution or achieve your dreams. The Part of Real Estate, Part of Land Journeys, and Part of Vocation and Status all sit atop the mid-heaven and matters that connect to these areas may be significant. Public recognition and social achievement are very important to you, and if prepared, this is a cycle when opportunities present giving the ability to reap the rewards. Important changes in your job duties may prove beneficial and it’s a good time to focus on career development. The transition may highlight your image and reputation and provide some spotlight on you great or small. Your heightened presence through a more public role or within a company you work for can make it challenging to maintain privacy or hide certain facts about yourself.

The time is also auspicious for requesting a raise or seeking a promotion, although any salary increase will probably include an increase in responsibilities. Perhaps you’ll take on a managerial role or direct a project that gives you considerable power. The greater benefic, Jupiter is conjoined to both the Part of Success and the Part of Influence boosting the chance for accomplishment even with unpopular or unusual ventures or through unorthodox methods that might include receiving valuable lessons from an unconventional mentor.

The notice you receive makes this an excellent period for public relations work and sales. The North Node (where you should be headed) is coupled with Mirach stimulating a love of money and material goods while perhaps granting the knowledge of how to work with the material world. This can exhibit through creative efforts for those gifted with color and design or stories and media.

However, the nodal axis representing groups and what you wish to achieve on one end and the past, family and what’s inherited on the other end are in anaretic degree sitting in the sectors of values, worth, sexuality, and resources, both personal and shared. This suggests a sense of urgency where matters get ahead of you and move beyond your control. The current North Node signifies personal growth and improvement related to the end of a personal cycle where you may undergo a physical change due to feeling that you have too much or too little of something. The current South Node indicates wrapping up a pressing legal issue, possibly connected to a divorce.

Unfortunately, Jupiter is coupled with the Part of Fatality and changes that occur could just as well threaten job security, your position, or employer conditions. Without a solid foundation that supports success, you’re likely to feel frustrated by the lack of progress. Reevaluation through interchanges with others will help to determine which goals may be practical and those that are unrealistic. Additionally, there are blockages and delays to contend with due to an interception in this chart that can be attributed to issues involving problems with communication and transportation as well as difficulties with education and siblings. Compounding this is the ninth house cusp of travel, belief systems, foreigners (or those of a different background), higher education, and legalities sitting in the Pleiades cluster indicating that these matters present “something to cry about,” but may also tie to abundance.

You’ll want to look at your life as a whole to determine what’s necessary to meet your goals. This assessment will cause you to examine the rules and restrictions that currently govern your life to determine if they’re practical for your present situation. The questioning surrounds your need for and amount of individual freedom. In some cases, your need for individuality may conflict with societal expectations. It’s a retrograde Saturn fueled by a star that’s provoking you to act against the tide of society’s conventions or feel restricted by social norms. Something you receive during this cycle–a message, correspondence or news, may be the catalyst for the reaction to rebel or even place yourself in danger.

As a result, you may question whether your goals are your own or whether you’ve adopted other people’s goals for yourself. This may play out in compromising situations such as an extra-marital affair or as merely a mental exercise in your mind. It’s possible that a continuous internal intellectual debate is running on loop while you develop your own personal code of ethics and sort out issues related to monogamy or loyalty among friends.

If dating, this may be a cycle when you’ve decided to play the field or you’re attracted toward a particular individual who’s not ready to make any kind of commitment at this time. The struggle is between involvement in a traditional relationship versus the need for freedom. As a result, situations highlight issues of monogamy, security, financial risks, travel, and stability versus change.

In an existing relationship, either of you may decide to make changes that aren’t disruptive to your alliance but grants greater freedom and allows for new acquaintances or to socialize due to new interests.

However, if your relationship is strained, you may question your loyalty to one person or feel very restricted by the union. If so, it’s possible for legal complications to arise between you and your partner or to experience differences over the approach to life or philosophy of living/life style. Consequently, you may have difficulty adjusting to a partner’s tendency to “act superior” or react to people and situations with a “guiding” or “enlightening” attitude. Alternatively, you may feel that your partner is prejudiced, insincere, or lacks spontaneity or joy. The desire for freedom can lead to strong attraction to other people and the temptation to have an affair, and although sex may not be part of the excitement or experience you seek, it may evolve as part of a situation.

While this is a good time for group activities or activities with friends, the overarching theme of freedom and pointless restraint also manifests in connection to groups. You may be working independently or behind the scenes focused on a project that requires you to spend a great deal of time alone, but you’ll also participate in group activities that assist you in attaining a common goal. You may join an organized group or regularly attend social functions that allow you to build friendships and networks within your community. Because you favor less intimate relating, associations are likely to be casual, rather than in-depth relationships, but these exchanges can be mutually beneficial and provide opportunities for personal growth or professional advancement. However, in some cases, group needs and goals may supersede personal objectives leaving you feeling compromised and underscoring an emphasis on your needs vs. the needs of a group.

Ultimately, this Moon has a healing influence to dispel sadness and inspire courage. After a bout of depression and despair, the sorrow fades and your sense of power returns. With it is the recovery from illness or injury and positive movement in matters of love and friendship. The keyword for this cycle is impressions which may indicate the receipt of psychic downloads or an impersonation or imitation of a person or thing meant to entertain. During this cycle, the impression you make on others is likely to be important in matters of career, reputation, and relationships. Of significance is the idea or opinion of what something or someone is like where perception is formed without conscious thought or on the basis of very little evidence.

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