Mars enters Virgo

Action, will, and motivation combine with concentrated effort applied toward routine paperwork, sibling relationships, or issues surrounding a vehicle that provoke changes in the regular travel route, learning, or in connection with the start of a study course. Presently, your personal philosophy is a direct approach of action rather than words where confidence and optimism drives you to seek a physical solution to all problems. However, difficulties with communication can present a problem or getting ahead of yourself before properly dealing with the details.

Mars in a Golden Helmet, Ferdinand Bol

During this Mars transit, shifts occur that bring increased sensitivity to new domestic conditions and the need for flexibility in matters involving family members. Seemingly fated events unfold related to something you’re trying to achieve with and through new groups of people. This may be for a humanitarian cause or to be involved in social activities that impact your life. It might be a love of money and material goods and knowing how to work with the material world that drives the action, or creativity used to express a gift with color and design. The central purpose of these associations is to set yourself free from unhealthy energetic attachments by learning how to provide for yourself or to make a name for yourself independently. With the understanding of your own intrinsic value, you’ll choose not to live on someone else’s terms, but instead, to actively pursue the goal of becoming financially self-sufficient.

But an interception indicates blockages and delays concerning what’s been hidden, psychological issues, social systems, karma, illness, and matters pertaining to being alone, confined, or isolated. There’s a tendency to keep quiet about any idea that may be publicly embarrassing, yet the axis of self versus others sits at the Aries Point indicating that matters will come into open view bringing persons heretofore unknown into your affairs.

All sorts of useless information will be gathered with regard to the aforementioned areas of life making it difficult to discern between significant fact and trivialities. Additionally, you may find it challenging to express your opinions with enthusiasm, if at all. Either you have a problem coming up with valid reasons to support what you say or your claims can sound like dogmatic assertions or ultimatums. As a result, very often others choose to ignore your views, and if you’re a leader, your role could be questioned.

While you may be willing to work hard to achieve your dreams and may work longer than usual at intellectual tasks, you’re also likely to meet with strenuous opposition where others place roadblocks in your personal path to success or opportunity for recognition is hindered with frustration and setbacks. This can manifest because of external conditions such as as heavy parental burdens of responsibility that restrict you from adequately performing in your career or an unfavorable period for dealing with authority figures, superiors, or older persons. Perhaps you’re a creative person who needs to rise above the petty jealousies of others.

On the other hand, your own extremes in temperament can be a contributing factor to the lack of progress. Perhaps you desire one thing only to change your mind later. You may jump to conclusions and respond without thinking, especially if you’re angry or responding through unconscious motivation.

It’s possible you’ll need to engage with group contacts linked to counseling, therapy, the court system, group projects, or matters that require working together cooperatively as a team. Certain situations will prompt defensive action and strong protective instincts. These events might involve having to reluctantly move, the need to address a family upset, or take on extra responsibility. In matters of work, the consideration may be that of whistle-blower in regard to coworkers or job conditions. Potential problems are highlighted with work, relations with co-workers and subordinates, services that you can give, subconscious issues that cause self-sabotage, as well as your mental and physical health.

For some, circumstances surround the adoption of a child or working with other people’s children or pets. Additionally, there’s concern for others in response to feelings of loss (perhaps related to a parent, old friend, long-term relationship, or ex) or stemming from arguments over property or issues with institutions. In some cases, you’ll experience disagreements over joint finances, insurance settlements, alimony payments, taxes, or inheritance. Trips and communication could be prompted by the death of a sibling or concern over their health and welfare.

Alternatively, it may be a deep interest in the occult or a business enterprise that is the focus. Positively, you could receive honors or additional revenue through work-related activities, or take effective money-saving measures in business practices. For some, conditions force decisions around travel, study, or encountering people or things that are foreign (or from a different background) possibly due to a trip overseas or some form of higher education.

In all cases, the hero wins the day and you must be able to maintain faith in your skills. To help, someone, particularly a woman, could play a positive, nurturing role in your life. Most matters are open for compromise if you and others are willing to yield stubborn resistance. Depending on circumstance, you’ll either meet someone and form a relationship or ongoing events will break up an existing alliance.

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