3rd Quarter Moon in Aries

July 9, 2023 | 6:47 pm (PST) | Keyword: Upraising

The Moon is quickly moving through the cardinal sign of Aries indicating action motivated by personal will, desires, and ambition. Much of the energy will put focus on your residence, domestic affairs, and the inner emotional state. The influence endows you with strong determination and faith in your skills that energizes efforts to see projects through to completion.

But with a need to have it your way, you may not take advice from others which suggests you’ll either accomplish your goals with the assistance of others or in direct competition. In fact, if pride and ruthlessness is present, you can be a relentless fighter for a cause or a dangerous enemy to those who represent opposition. This moon can also highlight the team leader or those who excel in military careers, engineering, police work, or heavy industry and persons skilled in leading large-scale corporate enterprises. Alternatively, it may be sports or action-filled activities that are of interest. The events that unfold this week are likely to include persons with strong Aries in the natal chart (sun, moon, or rising) and possibly Sagittarius.

The concentration on home affairs reflects changes in the home that correlate with changes occurring within yourself. The need is to establish a firmer foundation upon which to build your life and a comfortable sanctuary that shields you from the demands of the outside world. Some of these changes might include a shift in the number of persons living with you, and could signify that children are grown and moving out or heavy responsibilities attributed to the number of children. Children living at home will tend to be more independent, unpredictable, disruptive, or require special attention. For one reason or another, you’re likely to change your residence or something about your home during this cycle. If you decide to renovate, projects are likely to be expensive but minimally disruptive, and tasks are focused on enhancement, rather than repair. Alternatively, this may extend to career choices connected to real estate, dealing in property or land, interior design or decorating.

Some will participate in group encounters that offer intellectual stimulation and the benefit of group effort. If working in a creative enterprise, you’ll be better than usual at innovating or taking new approaches to your work and this is an excellent influence if you’re a writer, researcher, artist or craftsperson. Despite any frustration while making a transition in your creative flow, new skills will progress through organic development, and adjustments will be worth the time you have to wait for development.

Powerful emotional needs drive you to examine habits or past conditioning and the effect on your life in the present. The desire is to bring order and wisdom to finally solve old problems. If you’re not engaged in a fulfilling lifestyle, emotions will tend to be negative. You may be angry or resentful over past situations or current circumstances, but until you master your anger, it’ll be difficult for you to gain control over your destiny.

The tendency is also to place too much value on the material rather than relationships and strengthening bonds that provide emotional fulfillment. The relationship axis is intercepted indicating delays and obstacles before making progress. Extreme sensitivity may cause you to feel emotionally more possessive, both of intimate relationships and things, and if home life is difficult, you may harbor a strong fear of being alone or alienated. Early influence plays a role through the dynamics of mother and father, tension in the early life, and a sense of security versus indifference that manifests as an outward demeanor of calm that is mismatched with the turbulence inside. This can play out for you through the innate sense of being “different” and issues of “normality.”

You’re protective and may attract relationships that require an element of nurturing, but if you perceive a lack of emotional reciprocity, you may decide to withdraw. Your exchanges are scrutinized for discrepancies between what you’re told and what you instinctively feel, and this may cause inner conflict about exactly what to believe. As you seek greater intimacy in your emotional connections, you also discover revelations about the impact you make on others.

Talking and sharing ideas with your partner will also be important. This is a good time to clarify issues and counseling may be necessary to improve or restore your relationship. In the positive, your partner may receive a pay raise or windfall or if you’re dependent, you may request and receive a greater amount of support. Funds can come to you through an inheritance, insurance, settlement, legal action or joint financial venture. Payments may be due to profit sharing, retirement funds, royalties or disability.

Additionally, the sexual side of relationship may be stimulated lending a greater intensity to your connection. In response, you may be dealing with issues concerning sexual needs, attitudes and ethics which may be in a state of transition.  An emphasized interest in self-gratification coupled with Mars in anaretic degree suggests too much or too little sexual desire. With the asteroid Eros in opposition to Mars, decisions involve elements of anger found in a sexual relationship or where sex is used as a release for anger.

This Mars is joined to Venus in the house of sexuality (and shared resources) surrounded by a sexually-oriented trio of other asteroids–Casanova, Lova, and Sirene. But this passionate Venus/Mars duo is facing an opposition to a retrograde Saturn which could bring inhibitions, the inclination to adultery, or a separation in love with ties to finances or self worth.

As a result, you could be drawn to certain individuals for reasons you may not clearly understand with one relationship that’s particularly compelling. Infatuations can break up an existing relationship and sudden attractions or on-again, off-again episodes in new or uncommitted relationships may occur. Any love affair you begin is likely to be unstable and will probably not settle into a regular, daily routine. If you’re attracted to someone very restrictive or conservative, you’ll find it necessary to push the boundaries and rebel. But whether you choose someone strait-laced or someone liberated, you tend to draw an extreme personality trait that you’re trying to cope with. This relationship will most likely give you the opportunity to face your fears, insecurities, and psychological complexes.

Negatively, some encounters may take the form of conflict in order to force you to examine your own position. You may spend a great deal of time in discussions or negotiations which require you to explain or even argue your position. Disputes involving personal or business matters may require lengthy negotiations before an agreement can be reached and may not be easily finalized. This may be due to strong disagreements concerning the management of jointly held resources. If so, this period will be marked by psychological evolution and confrontation. Control issues tend to dominate and either of you may use fear, intimidation, jealousy or manipulation in an attempt to gain money, sex, or power over the other.

In some cases, you may wish to consult or seek the advice of a professional or authority in your field of interest or problem area and this is a good time to do so. In fact, it may be in your best interest to allow this person to handle certain matters for you while you oversee the decisions being made. You may be separated or divorced and disputing alimony or child support through litigation or battling over a disputed will or inheritance. If you’re in the process of separating, finding a home for the future may be a complicated prospect. Depending on age, you may need to contend with retirement, mortgages, refinancing or insurance. This is the time to make changes in your home and financial planning that will ensure stability in your domestic situation presently and in the future.

However, you should avoid becoming dependent on the decision-making ability of others as you can be lied to and information you receive may not be accurate or helpful. Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to evaluate information and make your own decisions.

While much of your growth is taking place through confrontation, this is actually a cycle best used for diffusing anger and resolving conflict. Situations require personal accountability rather than blame toward others. Even in the face of hostility, there’s hope for reconciliation as long as you apply diplomacy and deference to the other person to humbly seek resolution.

The keyword for this cycle is upraising; to elevate and take matters to a higher level. It denotes sympathy as the light that dispels darkness and dissipates fear. Although pain and struggle are involved in reaching an ideal, sacrifice and endeavor brings you closer to your goal.

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