Tete-a-Tete| Make a Scene | Jun 27, 2023

Daily Love Advice – Your Guide to Navigating Relationships

Is it time to speak or time to be discreet? It all depends on your intention, ego, or strength of character and the role of perfect timing–yours or the Universe. Scenario one: you’re so afraid of your own shadow you can barely make a decision or stand up for yourself due to fear of failure, recrimination, or that you won’t be liked. The end result is to self-sabotage, sell yourself short, and settle for less. Scenario two: your ego makes you so intent on being center stage you haven’t noticed the lack of supporting cast. As a consequence of the tendency to blame, brazen and bullying behavior, or the inability to rein in your appetite for self-indulgence, you add to problems rather than resolve them. Scenario three: you’re so comfortable in your own skin that you’re not the least bit bothered by others who aren’t, and instinctively know when to take a time out to preserve your peace of mind. For that reason, you maintain personal power over creative projects, sexual connection, emotional well being, and physical vitality. For some, a Leo plays a role (sun, moon, or rising sign).

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Image: The Lion Tamer, Jean-Louis Forain

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