1st Quarter Moon in Libra

June 26, 2023 | 0:49 am (PST) | Keyword: Encroachment

The Moon is slowly moving through the sign of Libra prompting an emotional need to seek peace at any cost, and the overwhelming urge to partner can potentially lead to problems with dependency. The response is to allow primary relationships to strongly impact and dominate your moods and actions.

The stimulation of the Moon also highlights skill in mathematics, cooperative business enterprises and corporate affairs, especially by those who exhibit both toughness and tenacity where the approach may be to rule with an iron hand in a velvet glove. Some are good fund raisers, negotiators, public relations people for corporate enterprises, or those working with foreign cultures. Others have a background in the arts and an aptitude for business matters related to arts and crafts and insights on how to make money from these endeavors. Community awareness touches on social and/or environmental issues and an appreciation of the nature and needs of society. On the whole, it’s a time where the brave and reckless can succeed and persons at the center of events will be those with strong Libra placements in the natal chart (sun, moon, or rising sign) and possibly the sign of Pisces.

This is a significant period with every angle of this moon chart in anaretic degree indicating a sense of urgency in matters in which you have very little control. For some, this could denote a change or end of an employment cycle, especially if there’s been a lack of satisfaction. For others, it may be the release from guilt, prison, or a self-imposed exile after feeling mentally overwhelmed or bored. A love of intellect and search for the truth means the chance to achieve happiness and success now involves reaching out to vaster mental and philosophical horizons. This applies to free thinking and independent persons with the need to break with conventional thought. This time frame can also mark the end of a relationship with siblings, cousins or neighbors, and due to the unfortunate influence of the star Scheat, can in the most extreme circumstances indicate an accident, sea-related misfortune, drowning, or a tragedy of suicide or murder.  (This moon phase is precipitated by the implosion of OceanGate’s Titan submersible.) However, it generally suggests problematic conduct as the result of being rash, headstrong, or obstinate.

You can be very private at this time while being drawn to activities that stay behind-the-scenes. But for the masses, with the Part of Secrets sitting atop the midheaven in open view, the general public is likely to become aware of spies, undercover agents, or the reveal of national secrets. (This may be more information coming out concerning the Trump indictment regarding classified documents.) The star, Acumen is also there spurring attacks that may be physical, mental, verbal or spiritual. As a result, one may have the feeling of suffering at the hands of others or being the subject of rumors. Ultimately, what comes to light could bring the realization that old belief systems and philosophies no longer serve a purpose. This recognition can also be gained through a journey of self discovery that ends with internal change and self-improvement.

In the positive, there’s the possibility for a nurturing exchange with a loved one that provides support on a regular basis. Alternatively, with the Moon in the house of partnership, you might meet someone and become romantically involved if the person of interest is willing to reciprocate emotionally or an existing love relationship could feel more loving as intimacy deepens.

But the moon’s influence signals that your alliances will experience a shift in the relational dynamic that emphasizes a distinction in roles. One of you will require more support emotionally, financially or physically and the stronger of the two is tasked with the responsibility for the well-being of the relationship. Inequalities surface in the relationship because a partner possesses more knowledge, expertise, status, power or control, demands top billing where ambitions are concerned, or credits him/herself with “the making” of the partner. The response of the weaker partner is to either acquiesce or defy the influence. In some cases, the disparity in power heightens vulnerability, makes one susceptible to being dominated or manipulated, and compels fear and the subsequent reluctance to leave a relationship heavily burdened with issues of possessiveness.

In a love relationship, partners can be highly sexed, passionate, and sometimes jealous, and circumstances, particularly those that tie to unresolved wounds from former negative relationships, create the conditions for highly emotional conflicts in which parties lack objectivity causing a strained relationship to become even more difficult and draining. One of you may feel that marriage or partnership is destructive to personal growth or well-being, especially if forced to live or act uncharacteristically or one is unable to be the authentic self within the union.

In fact, the relationship axis and the moon are intercepted which indicates problematic situations that cause challenge and delays. Emotional freedom of expression can be blocked instigated by the fear of taking action or asserting until the build up of emotional pressure erupts as a totally inappropriate reaction. It can be a difficult time with confrontations over money in karmic home and family conditions that generate a fated quality underscoring the need to release troubling memories and to focus on the present.

Part of the need is to confront issues related to being seen as a servant, someone always supplying services, or who always has the answers. Conversely, it may be the tendency to force others into the subservient role. However, the need for approval through service and attempts at doing everything perfectly by one’s self actually prevents sharing and reciprocity. Under these circumstances, a balanced or equal relationship becomes difficult to achieve or sustain.

Other contributing factors to the tension are suggested by the Moon’s interplay with asteroid Lilith which brings into focus concerns centering on mother and defensive responses, rejection, favoritism (the favorite child), emotional infidelity, and blame for the perceived lack of protection from criticism, sexual threat, or violence that lead to feeling unlovable or unloved as a constant consideration. This rejection can also extend to food, family ties, ethnic heritage, the mother’s sexual partner, or conditioning tied to negative female stereotypes.

During this week, travel is not recommended and despite the inclination for social engagement, romantic interest, or to form a partnership, energy is better spent focused on business goals and earning wealth due to positive indications of prosperity. Expect the imminent arrival of a positive message or communication regarding money or business. Situations lend the ability to land on one’s feet and may connect to independent, successful pioneers or headstrong individuals. It may be one who seeks solutions for the present problems by looking to the past, using history to justify a decision, or reliance on the family historian. Benefic Jupiter offers of a line of assistance through a self-created opportunity that brings the chance for financial gain through food, home products, and real estate. Money could also be refunded due to an over-payment of a bill connected with property or a decrease in taxes or insurance. Some might receive a gift from someone with strong Taurus or Cancer placements.

You may have strong spiritual or prophetic insights or occult knowledge at your disposal, but while intuition and emotions play a larger role than logic or reason, there’s still some measure of confusion or mystery to circumstances which cautions against making important decisions until all facts are known. In some cases, matters involve deception through others or your own faulty judgment. The keyword for this cycle is encroachment which is the intrusion on territory or rights, possibly through the use of stealth to usurp space, boundaries (literal or figurative), or possessions. (As of this writing, the Wagner group of rebel Russian mercenaries have stopped short of overtaking Moscow.) This Moon accentuates persons who attain influence and power through aggression, forcefulness, and fighting. For those who find glory in getting the wound and the honor it gains, the wounds will be many.

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