Solar Tarotscope 2023|Cancer

2023-2024| Happy Birthday, Cancer!

Cancer, (2023-2024) this can be a complicated year where you need to tread carefully concerning intentions–your own as well as that of others. Stealth is the strategy of choice for dealing with sensitive matters or something precious in need of protection, but this approach can easily devolve into subterfuge and duplicity when parties are less than honest. Your plans might include relocation, traveling between homes, or a temporary hiatus elsewhere that requires you to dip into your nest egg. Perhaps you’re involved in negotiations, back-door dealings, or making moves you wish to keep private. If single, you could meet your romantic match through a liaison or get involved in a secret love affair. However, the fact remains that a warning is present for errors in judgment and a possible coup d’etat, take-over, or even outright theft, if only by stealing from yourself wasting time, energy, emotions, or money on non-productive endeavors or relationships. The surprising paradox is that this might also be the year where people come clean, actually tell the truth, or you finally gain access to someone who’s been out of reach. Just make sure you stay in touch–with reality. Your best move is to avoid or remove yourself from situations that appear in any way shifty or shady.

Card Deck: Tarot of Mystical Moments, Catrin Welz-Stein, U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

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