Union enters Gemini

Asteroid Union enters the sign of Gemini at the very apex of the ingress chart indicating that collaborations that connect to socializing, communication, travel, learning, neighbors, and siblings will become prominent for all to see. This visible position in the community can highlight the natural desire to engage in a challenge or persons who triumph through being aggressive. For some, it indicates a major turning point in career and personal affairs through new ways for monetary gain, a long overdue advancement, or as a result of carefully laid plans and deliberate actions. This may be for gain in real estate or land development, a change in residence, or a possible inheritance through a parent. This is also an excellent period for putting your affairs in order by updating your will and reviewing insurance policies for adequate coverage.

While the influence provides a flow of opportunities to express your personal power, will, or influence, the tendency is to procrastinate. Over-optimism concerning projects and situations can manifest as excessive talk and a display of a know-it-all attitude or intellectual snobbery that belies the muddled thinking that proves to be a challenge to actually making progress. The advice is to read the fine print and make sure you have the ability to fulfill obligations before signing legal contracts or making verbal agreements. The confusion of this period can indicate misplaced messages or problematic issues concerning communication. As a result, short or long distance travels may not work out as planned so be sure to double check time and dates of all appointments.

Other difficulties can arise through …

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