Full Moon in Sagittarius

June 3, 2023| 8:41 pm (PST) | Keyword: Knowing

The Moon is blasting through the sign of Sagittarius bringing matters to culmination behind the scenes that may connect to opportunities to make or spend money with the goal of creating a solid family base and home life. For some, strong interest in predicting business and financial trends gives an ability for stock market analysis and prediction. This faculty of foresight regarding future trends can endow unusual skills in money-making endeavors. Matters that unfold are likely to include persons with strong Sagittarius in the natal chart (sun, moon, or rising sign).

You’ll also be inclined to use your mind for pursuing mental activities for their own sake. A pronounced restlessness pushes the urge to travel or explore mentally, and some will be attracted to the import-export business or businesses related to travel or education. An interest in religious art and music, art and musical history, and the art forms of other cultures might also be stimulated. While Sagittarius has rulership over higher mind concepts that include religion, spirituality, and philosophy, this influence emphasizes utilitarian and conservative views on religious, philosophical, and cultural matters where the perspective is that these ideologies are of no use unless they can be applied in a practical way and produce concrete results.

During this cycle, events occur to help you gain depth in understanding of sexual, financial and psychological matters. You can experience dramatic changes in your financial situation through an increase or decrease in income. The caution is against over-confidence where risky investments are concerned. You’ll need to learn to handle money responsibly with careful consideration of your expenses. It’s possible for you to either attract money through your spouse, business partner, or through a bank or other financial institution without any special effort on your part. A lack of emphasis on the financial can indicate that your attitude toward property and material possession changes completely and other values become more important than seeking to gain materially.

Negatively, you may participate in a struggle over power, money, or sex. In personal relationships, money may be used as a tool for control with strings attached, and if you’re financially vulnerable, you may allow yourself to be controlled. If you equate money with self-worth, you may reinforce psychological tendencies toward conditional love. As a result, some form of confrontation can force tremendous change in your life. It could be strong disagreements with a partner concerning the management of jointly held resources or concern over spiraling debts that prompt the need for cost-cutting measures. You may be separated or divorced and disputing alimony or child support through litigation or battling over a contested will or inheritance. Whatever the case, you’ll be forced to re-examine and modify your position.

Yet with the Moon sitting in the hidden recesses of the chart, you may desire privacy. Various scenarios during this cycle compel you to be more emotionally secretive to avoid certain reactions a revelation might cause. Despite intensely emotional feelings, there can be difficulty in expression, especially if you feel misunderstood or ignored. A sense of isolation may be attributed to not having close alliances, or because you’ve recently changed your environment and have not made solid emotional connections to those in your surroundings yet.

Certain situations in particular may warrant restraint of your emotions and the need for discretion. Perhaps you’re involved in a secret affair or an infatuation breaks up an existing relationship. Sudden attractions or on-again, off-again episodes in new or uncommitted relationships may occur. Circumstances surrounding romantic involvement can require you to be alone–a love interest may unreliable or unable to make a greater commitment at this time, may not want to be seen in public, get involved emotionally, or could live in another area. You’ll have a tendency to be drawn to certain individuals for reasons you may not clearly understand. Pairings can also be mismatched, involve an age difference, couple you with someone you wouldn’t normally expect to be with or with someone very different from your choice of partners in the past. Whether you choose someone strait-laced or someone liberated, you tend to draw an extreme personality trait that you’re trying to cope with.

The sexual side of your relationship is also stimulated lending a greater intensity to any love relationship. In response, you may have an increase or decrease in sexual desire and respond accordingly in practice. Your thoughts can revolve around romance and sexual encounters, and the preoccupation or strong infatuation may make it difficult for you to concentrate on work or studies. Negatively, you may find yourself in struggles over sexuality and ethics which causes you spend a great deal of time comparing the negative and positive aspects of your interaction.

In some cases, you may be carefully and consciously reserved in expression of emotions in order to protect someone who ‘s ill or to keep hidden the extent of your own hurt. Situations may cause you to have to deal with the adequacy or inadequacy of your emotions and those of others. Day to day issues make you irritated and stressed and little things bother you and are troublesome. Simple chores and events seem to require complex maneuvering, extra effort, or time. It’s easy to become confused and distracted making it difficult to deal with the mundane and practical aspects of life. Due to the influx of mental activity, you’ll need to be especially conscious in your communication with others in order to avoid confusion and misunderstandings.

When dealing with emotional issues, you may isolate and refuse to discuss your problems which, in your mind, appear to be hopeless. As a result, you can be resentful and critical making communication with others increasingly difficult. If you’re caring for others or those in need, the involvement may be with someone who refuses to help him/herself. In some cases, the problems are related to siblings who have issues that need to be handled and which they must finally face at this time. However, if a sibling refuses to address problems, you may act on his/her behalf or completely withdraw from the situation.

For some, the emphasis is on health and well-being and awareness of the mind-body connection to strengthen it through a review of the functioning of the body, diet, exercise and health practices. At this time, the mind is highly susceptible to influence and medications or drugs should be used with cautionary warning or they may otherwise trigger side effects or result in substance abuse.

The choice for less engagement with others may simply be you don’t feel like socializing and prefer a more reclusive lifestyle. This can be motivated by an increased need for peace and security in your home and innermost life. To support these efforts, you may decide to purchase real estate, a new home, or choose to beautify your living space in order to make it more comfortable. If you’re in the process of separating, you may need to find a home for the future, but depending on age or circumstance, this can be complicated by issues involving retirement, mortgages, refinancing or insurance.

The need for solitude may be to pursue your own interests with a focus on efficiency, organizing daily operations, and the management of life, responsibilities, and duties. The point is to make improvements by looking for new and better ideas on how to do things. This might include the decision to try new methods or techniques in your work or to reorganize office operations for maximum effectiveness.

A strong wish to express may be through something creative or artistic. The desire is to seek a positive way to use your mental abilities to express yourself more fully which can manifest in a multitude of situations that offer you creative license. If you’re working in a creative enterprise you’ll be better than usual at innovating or taking new approaches to your work. You may be involved in a major project that requires concentration, discipline, organization, persistence and numerous hours of hard work.

This is also a good time to focus your attention on the needs of your children. You may become aware of their mental health, educational needs and intellectual functioning in order to make or assist in decisions concerning their future. Children living at home will tend to be more independent, older children may insist on more freedom, and adult children may move out or move away at this time. Your children may be going through stages of growth that continually challenge you to adapt because of behavioral problems, minor illnesses, or unusual learning characteristics that require your consideration. Unpredictable or disruptive behavior can be the response to upsetting situations or issues related to puberty, new schools, or additions to the family.

While you’ll need to make decisions about major choices, it’ll become difficult because of limited information or numerous sources of input and advice that add to your confusion. You may be overwhelmed by your concern to do the right thing with a guaranteed result when none is available or may be forced to make tentative plans in anticipation of information as it becomes available . A lack of conviction may cause you to expect others to make decisions for you.

The keyword for this cycle is knowing which may accentuate the desire or need to acquire information while also highlighting persons with penetrative power and clairvoyant gifts. To achieve success in goals, you must set intentions and strive to meet them by seeking answers to questions and performing tasks that require concentration. If you’ve been hunting for something, the time is auspicious for finding it as long as you put forth energy to reach the targeted objective. This suggests putting aside anger, impulsive action, or the pursuit of sensual fulfillment.

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