1st Quarter Moon in Virgo

May 27, 2023 | 8:22 am (PST) | Keyword: Philosophy

The Moon is slow in movement through the punctilious sign of Virgo promoting efforts toward a variety of activities related to communication, transport, relatives, and young people. A myriad of duties, errands, and demands require a no-nonsense approach to accomplish goals, and this influence gives determination and follow through so that tasks are undertaken with thoroughness and precision. Actions are generally planned in advance, but events will tend to unfold at measured pace over this cycle. Those who possess sharp, critical minds have the exceptional ability to penetrate to the heart of any problem to operate with greater efficiency, especially in work. For some, this makes for an excellent researcher, scientific investigator, or grants considerable skill in corporate business affairs. This moon is also indicative of a good psychologist and persons who know how to help those who come to them with problems, but also expect the recipient to help themselves. The insight into the motives and intentions of others can lead to comments and criticism that, while generally accurate, are not always charitable. In fact, the inclination is to be caustic in speech when annoyed. Events are likely to include persons with strong Virgo in the natal chart (sun, moon, or rising sign) and those with strong Cancer as well. (Notation: Presidential candidate, Ron DeSantis, who recently launched his campaign is a Virgo and Cancer represents “the people.”)

This Moon gives a richness of feeling, a desire to bring about social aspirations and improvements, and grants some the ability to influence the masses or the public through an appeal to the feelings. With the emphasis on communication, great emotional intensity is projected in self-expression, possibly with a grand design and the goal to inspire and create a far-reaching influence to as many people as possible. This can produce a noteworthy speech or a fortunate turn of events in your occupation, and the stellium of concentrated energy in the area of groups, counseling, friendship, and career rewards suggests that associations play a considerable role in helping to manifest hopes and dreams, although issues related to monogamy or loyalty among friends may come to the fore. As a result, you’ll be attracted to new kinds of friends and old friendships may fade away. The new associations will tend to allow for support of new endeavors while still lending a sense of belonging.

Because of your efforts, you may become more of a public personality through teaching, writing, or public speaking, and the significance of your presentation could be long-lasting. This influence supports the writer, psychologist, artist, or counselor or any activities that unite the conscious and the unconscious mind. Mercury is promulgating an abundance of thoughts and ideas for which you may wish to receive recognition while Venus assists you to become a gifted orator or spokesperson for the community through enhancing your social skills and charm. Your role may be that of public servant, some benefit to a large organization, or through your devotion to a popular cause.

However, communication is not always factually accurate, and can be manipulative at times due to instincts that tend to compete with rational thought, mixed messages from others, or inner conflict. The Moon is joined with the Part of Passion, and if pushed too far, some may be prone to violent emotional outbursts, and even casual conversations take on a greater intensity in this climate. The star Marfik is stirring the impulse for rash action because of a headstrong attitude, the love of challenge, and the tendency to overestimate personal strength.

The Moon is also sitting atop the Part of Goods and a planetary trigger for opportunity and abundance–money flow, prosperity, fortune, valuables and success–with an emphasis on protecting your savings and investments. As such, emotions run high concerning the use of joint finances, and when dealing in cooperative financial enterprises or things pertaining to family finances. Feelings can overwhelm common sense causing you to inadvertently say things that are better left unsaid or automatic responses may be unduly motivated by past experiences, habits and reactions. Although comments may honestly reflect your feelings, they’re not necessarily in your best interest or the interest of others, and in some cases, innocent people are sacrificed.

The Part of Treachery is attached to what should be advantageous associations where the objective is to maintain harmony by meeting others halfway. However, lies, deception, or betrayal can erupt from a lack of cooperation and the tendency to first look out for one’s own gain. Negatively, disagreements occur over the handling of duties or because of misunderstandings or delays caused by errors, mechanical issues, and problems with the shipment of goods or services. Confused messages suggest you might also have to contend with gossip, rumors, or news circulated by coworkers or meddling interference from close kin, siblings, or neighbors, especially if you reveal a secret to the wrong person. Also, be mindful of pets and problematic situations that could result in police activity.

If you’re teaching, you may experience some frustration while trying to integrate your knowledge into a cohesive body of work or you may need to reassess your abilities given new situations or obstacles. If you’re seeking to continue your education, you may experience a minor impediment or delay. Perhaps the desire is to devote yourself fully to your studies which could mean waiting until you handle outside issues.

Some may review the fine print of contracts or paperwork that relate to a gamut of decisions which might include the loss of a parent or old friend, hospitalization and long term or chronic illness or care, receiving the correct prescription/diagnosis, treatment of depression. They might also include commitments involving foreign travel, transportation, those at a distance, donations; or charitable, religious, or educational institutions; or government social systems. These decisions revolve around the loosening of restrictions, insolvency, lack of responsibility/accountability, or stability/ instability of circumstances and conditions connected to karma and those who are (or were) in authority.

With a retrograde Pluto in the house of partnership and linked with the Part of Secrets, your relationships undergo profound and significant transformation, and the growth mechanism can be love or hate according to choices that mirror your inner psychic impulses. There’s jealousy or envy connected to events that have caused great pain or sorrow, but may also tie to abundance.

With everyday acquaintances and business partnerships, you’ll probably face the issue of power through conflict where one person becomes the trigger for powerlessness. You may be locked in a struggle where each individual is trying to meet certain goals, and as either the instigator or victim of blatant manipulation, much of the struggle may be covertly nonverbal. The aggressor will either knowingly or unconsciously trigger the reaction in the other. In some instances, legal confrontations are possible, and enemies are likely to be particularly nasty in the use of dirty tactics. If so, your opponent will use every underhanded trick in the book to block you; you’ll probably not be successful in reciprocating in kind.

Within your intimate personal or family relationships, conflicts become very apparent and produce subtle insights into psychological complexes involving obsessions, compulsions, addictions, and jealousies. While it’s possible to achieve greater intimacy through strengthened commitment, a marriage or love affair could reach crisis point when manipulation and game-playing are used as the means for control or domination. If a loved one is incapable of providing the emotional support you need, you may seek counseling, end your relationship, or look for other avenues for intimate exchange. If single, you may feel strongly attracted to someone new, a previous acquaintance, or the return of a lost love. Even non-romantic relationships can feel overpowering and brief encounters can have a tremendous effect on your life.

Unfortunately, an interception in this Moon chart holds a number of planets and points hostage and creates hindrances, delays and obstacles in relation to romance, children, creativity and pleasure while causing problems with friends and friendship as well as hopes and wishes. Part of the challenge is difficulty in conveying thoughts through eloquent expression using intellectual capabilities to the fullest extent. This may be due to a language barrier, verbal skills, a speech impediment, or differences in perspective. It may also stem from the company you keep, the lack of awareness about the significance of accepting social graces and parameters, and the propensity for starting things and never finishing or following through.

Examples of negative behaviors that are the source of blockages may be the habit of accumulation, but never getting rid of anything; being very good at starting romances, but unable to sustain relationships; or bringing children into the world, but losing interest in taking care of them. If children are involved, particularly the first born, they may also develop the habit of starting and not completing or could be forced into the role of “parent” and made to assume parental responsibilities.

While this may not be the best period for long-term commitment, the Moon is actually sliding through an area of the sky that emphatically signifies love and erotic union and is auspicious for creative projects and the achievement of a heartfelt desire. Recognizing that desire is an essential component of love, the longing that springs from deprivation of the beloved is the impetus behind the pursuit of beauty and the ideal manifested in the material. During this period, rewards, luck, and opportunities can come from unexpected sources. Despite the challenges, it’s important not to give up, but rather to apply effort to gain the optimum benefits.

The keyword for this cycle is philosophy and indicates that your beliefs will be tested until you come to conclusions that are more consistent with reality. As situations unfold, you’ll become acutely aware of whether others practice the principles and beliefs they espouse to and whether the beliefs of others may differ from your own. You can experience tremendous pressure, especially if you fear what others think or attempt to maintain the old environment while striving for new directions. The process allows you to decipher what is true for your own life path through the realistic reassessment of prejudices, intolerance, and beliefs that are not based on fact. For some, the philosophies of the ancient masters hold the true knowledge of life, and this search for truth is rewarded. It is those who fear doing wrong that have the power of drawing the greatness of right.

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