3rd Quarter Moon in Aquarius

May 12, 2023 | 7:28 am (PST) | Keyword: Conserving

The Moon is barreling through sign of Aquarius and the events that are currently in motion are set to quickly reach climax. This transit puts the group dynamic in focus and emotions that inspire you to organize, be part of, or rebel against. Perhaps you’re very good at public relations and greatly interested in psychology and what motivates people. If so, you may have excellent ability in mental organization and the coordination of group, organizational, and political activities. This suggests working with the public or large groups of people or a career or reputation involving protecting or taking care of people. The sectors of home, family and career are likely to bring spiritual trials, evolution, and growth, and during this cycle, you may have to support the demands of others and responsibilities may be especially heavy with regard to family members or those in need of care. In career, you may be asked to take on more responsibility through a promotion or greater workload and this could be a period of a sudden breakthrough or great achievement if you’re well-prepared. Though not strongly emphasized, in some cases, a legal matter or involvement with the legal system will facilitate the need for consultation with a lawyer.

Powerful emotions and genuine sympathy provide the strong inclination to find a life purpose that may be expressed through career or parenthood. Additionally, the strong influence of the mother, the family matriarchy, or help from others, especially women is underscored. It’s possible that objectives can only be fulfilled through pooling of resources or the involvement of several individuals. This is a social period where sharing and understanding are highlighted and it’s possible you’ll be asked to speak or explain your beliefs in public or through teaching and writing. This is the juncture of the moon cycle indicating the harvest is over and it’s now time to use what you’ve created and share what you’ve learned. The events that take place will include persons with strong Aquarius in the natal chart (sun, moon, or rising sign).

Freedom is a theme for Aquarius and stimulates an inner restlessness that gives you the urge to get away from the daily routine. In order to fulfill your goals, you’ll have to fight for freedom and this issue will be crucial in one or more areas of your life. Generally, this will connect to the daily domestic routine, habit patterns, duty and service as well as your social status, career, and activity which brings personal fulfillment.

With the Moon sitting in the house of travel and beliefs, it’s a good time to evaluate your own principles or participate in activities that open you to new perspectives. If the intent is to rid yourself of patterns that work against you, then you must be prepared to evaluate your life with complete (and brutal) honesty. A radical change might occur because of crises in your life that demonstrates the invalidity of your former views. Antagonism toward new ideas indicates you can’t afford to listen and face the consequential erosion of your beliefs. Those beliefs may be directly challenged by someone or something you’re learning.

The decision may be to keep opinions, thoughts and feelings to yourself, but you might also be keeping secrets. The interception in this Moon chart shows blockages due to fear of taking action or asserting making it difficult to form partnerships where both parties are equal. This means that in relationship one will be viewed as the servant, someone always supplying services, one who always has the answers, or one who compels others into the role of servant. Regardless of the scenario, a balanced relationship is difficult to achieve and sustain. As the emotional pressure builds, it frequently explodes manifesting as something totally inappropriate, possibly as a rash or violent act. Problematic areas include romance, children, creativity and fun and issues with friends and friendship, as well as with hopes and wishes.

Perhaps you’re avoiding certain issues and feelings from the past, and as a result, having difficulty in even knowing your own thoughts or how to express them. The choice to suppress communication may be for fear that what you say will be held against you or as an attempt to preserve peace by remaining quiet. Even if caught in a lie, you may not disclose the truth. Others will be unaware as to what’s really going on inside you, and the repressed elements of your mind become a source of upset.

For others, the detached nature of Aquarius can prompt drama as a coping mechanism to keep others at a distance. Shocking or surprising self expression may be used as the mode to instigate action, either positive or negative, or to push others out of complacency or a comfort zone. The self-assertive energy can cause conflict with authority figures or also attract others who try to dominate. If the tendency is to excessively promote self interest, there’s a need to learn the art of compromise.

Alternatively, the conflict you experience between the rational and emotional can be due to inaccurate information you’re receiving and the possibility exists that you’re being lied to or purposely misled. Events take place as the result of past actions; unconscious compulsions and compulsive behavior; upsets and difficulties involving institutions; sudden disclosure of secrets and hidden things; and sudden acts by person who weren’t openly apparent in working against you. In some instances, increase and/or success incites jealousy or envy.

Secrecy can cause a great deal of anxiety because of preexisting fears worsened by concealment. As a result, thoughts and actions can appear irrational. The response to dilemma is the unconscious mind operating subversively in every action and triggering off consequences you find difficult to understand. Anything you’ve hidden from yourself or others can emerge at this time and demand to be dealt with. In fact, now is the time to clear up old problems so they can be handled once and for all. Taking the time to confront your hidden self will allow your whole self to express more completely.

As you reflect, you’ll become more aware that certain beliefs are useless in helping you with decisions you must make. That’s because these beliefs are no longer consistent with who you are, the present life philosophy, and the practical requirements of real life everyday circumstances. Emotional feedback will provide insight into which beliefs are actually valid on a mundane level, and a test and review process will reveal the life approach that works best for you.

To find your authentic ideology, you may seek out new experiences that enrich your outlook and expose you to revolutionary ideas. You may take a passionate interest in the metaphysical, fine arts, music, dancing, or any other subject. Expansion may arrive through meeting new friends from a foreign country or different background or a decision to return to school, take a course, or teach a subject that has application for real life. In some cases, you’re spending time working behind the scenes or on a project where accomplishments might improve your career and lead to greater recognition in your field. This is a good time to organize and incorporate information in order to present it in a more personally meaningful way. The task will be less difficult if you integrate what you know, rather than trying to absorb new concepts. This is a good placement for a writer, artist, or anyone beginning a long-term project that involves a great deal of contemplation, study or research.

Alternatively, you may retire or leave a career to start a new one causing a break in your professional momentum. Mars working in concert with Procyon can provoke stops and starts, changes to career or life path, or many varied activities or interests. A new position may require you to start over and learn new skills, techniques and concepts. Initially you may feel frustrated, inept, or under-qualified because it takes longer to complete tasks or the tendency for mistakes. If you left your job to become self-employed, it may take time before you can establish and maintain a routine and clientele.

Driven by a strong sense of loyalty, you also expect fair treatment in return, but your compassionate nature can leave you vulnerable to exploitation. You need to be particularly careful about the people you choose as friends and learn discernment to avoid victimization. You may be forced to offer tough love and relate to people as they really are rather than what you’d like them to be. Notice if you’re sensitive to your friend’s needs while your own go unmet or if someone wants something specific from you without much intent of return.

This influence encourages you to examine beliefs about situations, experiences and relationships and how your views tends to attract your expectations, especially if you’ve chosen an unhealthy or abusive situation over self and well being. This Moon is traveling with Eros, and if this transit is angular in your natal, it may very well spark an exciting and titillating sexual encounter. However, Eros also carries the potential to add or detract from pleasure or seriously challenge the will to live or enjoy life.

In partnership with the Moon, Eros can present as difficulty in relationship rooted in not receiving from the mother figure an adequate template for sexual interaction or contribute to the perception of mother as asexual. This might be attributed to a history of divorce, tension within the parental/intimate relationship, and damaging or fateful events that occurred. Alternatively, there can be tension between maternal and emotional responsiveness within intimate exchange or a strong disconnect between love and security provided by the safety and familiarity of home versus the sexual turn-on that is elsewhere (and not at home). It can be the love of the new that compels you to throw away your current lifestyle in search of something more exciting.

But this is a Moon meant to inspire love and beauty and signifies love, marriage, friendship and good will. If seeking love, there’s a high degree of personal attraction, popularity, and positive signs for meeting someone very sensitive, affectionate, and caring. In fact, there are positive answers and benefic responses to requests in general. Despite any delays or hindrances, you create an opportunity (that you may choose to act upon or not) through the use of greater tact, diplomacy, and consideration toward others. As you become receptive to the wants and needs of others, you can attract success and assistance from understanding individuals. For some, this cycle heralds an addition to the family (the possible birth of a sister), healthier lifestyle choices, or improved medical treatment.

This time frame may encourage you to devote yourself to the idea of moderation and/or seeking balance in health physically and mentally. The keyword for this cycle is conserving and the attention may be directed toward conserving your energy, emotions, time, or money to avoid waste with the goal of relinquishing the past without unnecessary disruption or pain.

This period marks the importance of protecting wisdom, knowledge, information or something environmental or cultural from harm or destruction. It may denote those of a literary and scholastic mind to whom the pen is truly “mightier than the sword.” It may be persons who are patrons of literature and inclined to the production of original works while carefully preserving the work of those that have gone before. Unfortunately, it may also highlight a person who finds himself in the midst of conflicting forces and compelled to actions which may cause pain.

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