The Domestic Diva | Venus in Cancer

May 7 – June 5, 2023

Venus slid into the sign of Cancer where she stirs deep-seated feelings of love and emotional responses based on the need for security and a loving home. Your nurturing instincts increase causing you to want to mother others or you feel a strong urge to lean on someone. This cycle of Venus will highlight a busy social life, additions to the family, and travel and communication with family members. You could also feel more drawn toward a relationship modeled after traditional roles of the masculine and feminine or become involved with more than one romantic partner.

Venus Caressing Cupid, Pompeo Batoni

Relationship tends to be very intense and you’re extremely sensitive to the reactions of others. While you need to lead, you also have great desire to relate to others which makes you willing to compromise if necessary. This may require that you divide your attention between your own needs and that of others. However, the fear of rejection and a heightened need for reassurance and security can influence you to be non-assertive.

In fact, you may be unwilling to defend your personal rights or stand up for yourself, and others can make excessive demands on your time. The tendency is to seek compromise or avoid conflict altogether, but you may have to learn to protect yourself from the intrusions, disruption, and opinions of others. Even so, unexpected events and unusual circumstances suggest that your plans will have to be altered throughout the whole of this cycle. In some cases, these are situations surrounding fame and recognition.

Additionally, issues of dependency and tension can plague your connections. The Part of Divorce is sitting at the Aries Point bringing persons unknown into matters. With both the Part of Commerce and the Part of Real Estate conjunct the Pleiades, situations have the potential to bring abundance, provoke matters that bring sadness, or connect the two. A confrontation, separation, break up, or other circumstance might place emphasis on being personally independent and financially successful.

You feel the need to have personal power over the choices you make concerning money, and you may be arguing over shared resources, how you earn a living, how you spend money, or what bills you pay or don’t pay as points of contention. If you’re financially dependent, you could argue over how funds are distributed. If unemployed, your partner may not meet expectations and this perceived mismanagement can be an issue between you.

This is instigated by the interception of the financial axis of Taurus/Scorpio indicating blockages, delays, and challenges to overcome in the management of funds. Trouble can erupt through partnership and starting matters that tie to important decisions, fairness, balance, legalities, and forming agreements, but failing to follow things through to completion. The potential problems may involve work, relations with co-workers and subordinates, services you give, and also your health. Some form of self sabotage, self-undoing, and problems within the subconscious are related to receiving the full recognition for efforts later than expected.

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