Tete-a-Tete| I’ve Got Your Number | May 8, 2023

Daily Love Advice – Your Guide to Navigating Relationships

When you stop to consider matters, you may be dissatisfied with the numbers. Those numbers could represent the score in a competition, credit standing, a bank statement, bid, or important documents. Whatever the nature of this pause for review, you’re re-evaluating situations, taking into account what’s on offer, and reconsidering recent choices that tie to financial and emotional stability. Perhaps you refuse to accept a particular situation as truth, any truthful criticism, or you’ve made the decision to withdraw from others to focus on solving the current problem.

Alternatively, a period of discontent is ending and the proof is in the papers. A number of offers and opportunities are at your disposal that would allow you to outbid an opponent, outmaneuver a rival, or find the best price through comparison. The new turn of events is bound to issues of security, but the outcome ultimately depends on how secure you are with yourself.

Image: Gentleman Reading, George Sloane

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